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"song on the finale"

Posted by hunny on 08-11-06 at 01:01 AM
what is the name of the song thats played when lauren is driving to jason's new beach condo thingy? some of the lyrics are...
"i dont know what tomorrow brings but im not going to wait and let it break me.. all that i know is that i cant..(something goes in here).. so i go where the wind decides to take me.."
please help me )

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"RE: song on the finale"
Posted by Agman2 on 04-13-16 at 12:46 PM

It's called;
Sugar da da da da da da,
Aw hunny hunny....

"RE: song on the finale"
Posted by kidflash212 on 07-10-16 at 04:25 PM
Summerfling by kd lang. Well it might be anyway.