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"TAR 18 Detours - Which would you do?"

Posted by featherfish81 on 03-02-11 at 06:38 PM
Possibly only entertaining to me, but I'll start the thread again anyway.

This episode's detours:

Spirit World - copy a ground mosaic, then dance ON top of it
Natural World - mix natural paint and using your mouth, spit it to create 4 stencils

I would definitely have chosen the Natural World. That looked a lot easier than making a whole mosaic out of stones. I'm surprised no one chose it, although the idea of putting paint in my mouth did sound a little gross.

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"RE: TAR 18 Detours - Which would you do?"
Posted by Belle Book on 03-02-11 at 09:53 PM
Spirit World. Putting paint in my mouth just isn't my thing!

"RE: TAR 18 Detours - Which would you do?"
Posted by Starshine on 03-02-11 at 10:15 PM
Natural World, it seemed a lot quicker and it wouldn't be the worst thing I have put in my mouth

"RE: TAR 18 Detours - Which would you do?"
Posted by emydi on 03-03-11 at 11:10 AM

I would have done natural world too...

"Episode 18.4"
Posted by featherfish81 on 03-17-11 at 01:09 AM
Hammer - pound candy with a hammer until flat, then cut and bag it in pieces
Horn - lead a group of Naxi dancers while carrying the horn

I probably would have gone with Hammer. It didn't look too difficult, and didn't involve trying to find my way around the streets of China.

"Episode 5"
Posted by featherfish81 on 03-21-11 at 05:05 PM
Your choice:

Honor Past - Watch a traditional Tibetan performance and put dolls representing the actors in the proper order
Embrace Future - Carry a solar water heater to the top of a building and assemble it

I think I would have gone with Honor the Past. At first it sounded more difficult, but I think it would have been easier than hauling stuff all the way to the top of the building. And I have a pretty good memory.

"RE: Episode 5"
Posted by kidflash212 on 03-21-11 at 05:11 PM
I think I would have taken Honor the past - assembling something could take awhile.

Capn2patch put me in motion!

"RE: Episode 5"
Posted by Belle Book on 03-21-11 at 05:18 PM
Honor the Past -- I have an awesome memory!

"RE: Episode 5"
Posted by Starshine on 03-21-11 at 05:44 PM
I wasn't sure how many boxes they had to lug upstairs, but I would have gone with Honour the Past as well.

"Episode 6"
Posted by featherfish81 on 04-06-11 at 05:11 PM
Which traditional Indian task would you chose?

Hindu art - paint and decorate a Ganesha statue exactly like the display model
Bengali literature - find a certain bookseller, get 8 bundles, then deliver them to the headmistress at a certain school in a rickshaw school bus.

I probably would have gone with Hindu Art. Trying to find your way around India sounds more difficult.

"RE: Episode 6"
Posted by TARFAN76 on 04-06-11 at 09:38 PM
I am always going to avoid ART carp. The delivery task went pretty good for all and they were lucky to have good directions before their little magic school buses departed. I can't wait for the race this week.

"RE: Episode 6"
Posted by Starshine on 04-07-11 at 09:09 AM
I have to admit I would have done the books, sooner or later the "art" judges are going to be a little bit more demanding which will make that task all but impossible.

Not that the teams did too badly this time round, but I still have flashbacks to the Buddahs of a few seasons ago

"RE: Episode 6"
Posted by Belle Book on 04-07-11 at 04:22 PM
On the one hand, I'm more interested in literature than in art, but finding my way around India would be difficult. I guess I'd do Bengali literature.

"Episode 7"
Posted by featherfish81 on 04-11-11 at 11:04 PM
This week, two tasks that are (allegedly) typical of India:

Feed the fire – make 50 cow patties to dry on a wall, then use a few already dried ones to start a fire and warm some milk
Feed the buffalo – cross the river, get 2 hay bales, cross back over the river and deliver the hay bales to a certain address.

I generally dislike search tasks, but hauling hay would definitely beat working with buffalo manure. Good of them to provide gloves, though.

"RE: Episode 7"
Posted by Starshine on 04-12-11 at 01:28 PM
Travel tasks worry me, although they do seem to have been a lot easier for the past few seasons, so I would probably go with the dung

"Episode 8"
Posted by featherfish81 on 04-18-11 at 11:36 AM
This week from Vienna, Austria:

Long hard walk – deliver a couch from Freud’s house to a museum
Quick easy meal – ride a Ferris wheel and eat a giant plate of Wiener schnitzel and German chocolate cake in 12 minutes

No question on this one - I'd do the walk. Yes, directions would be tougher, but there's no way I would be good at timed eating, and you know (or you should know) that it will be a ton of food.

Also, it would stink to be in the Ferris wheel with an awesome view of the city but have to be paying attention to stuffing your face.

"RE: Episode 8"
Posted by Starshine on 04-18-11 at 11:55 AM
I would have gone for the food (and probably regretted it)

"RE: Episode 8"
Posted by kidflash212 on 04-18-11 at 01:02 PM
I probably would have chosen the food, too. Not sure I could have completed it.

I don't recall a recent detour choice that would have been as impossible as that one. What was the choice if they didn't complete it? Get another full plate of food?

Capn2patch put me in motion!

"RE: Episode 8"
Posted by MaryKat on 04-18-11 at 08:51 PM
I probably would have chosen food, but would not be able to finish it. I thought the two teams that maybe could do it were Jet/Cord and Flight Time/Big Easy, but both chose the couch task.

"RE: Episode 8"
Posted by PsychoKitty on 04-18-11 at 09:53 PM
I think I would have chosen the food too! 12 minutes sounded like a long time to me - I'm a fast eater. But that WAS a lot of fried food . . . and would not have been easy to go down. Now Sacher Torte! Yum!!!

The thought of having to carry a couch a mile would have intimidated me. But as they all did, I would have had to too! ;0

Not that I have an opinion one way or another ;)
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"RE: Episode 8"
Posted by Belle Book on 04-18-11 at 09:55 PM
I'm with you -- Long Hard Walk all the way! I'm pretty good with directions but not so good with eating a ton of food -- or timed eating. I've never been a big eater, so that's the main reason why I would've skipped it.

"RE: Episode 8"
Posted by featherfish81 on 04-19-11 at 00:21 AM
Yeah, I'm pretty good with directions, too. My hesitation in doing those kind of tasks is it's often the luck of the draw finding someone who can give you good directions to the place, and in some countries (though probably not Austria) the signs seem like they can be pretty confusing.

"RE: Episode 8"
Posted by Colonel Zoidberg on 04-19-11 at 09:21 AM
Depends on my partner. If I clone myself, I take the food - I'm a pretty big guy, have a healthy appetite, eat like a caveman, and tend to be a pretty fast eater. Not sure if I could accomplish it, but I would sure as hell try.

If my partner is a skinny person whose idea of a big meal is two cucumber strips and a sip of water, no way am I chancing it.

Truthfully, though, I watch a lot of Man vs. Food. I know how easily food can whip a guy's ass. But that challenge? Looked pretty similar to a food challenge I took six months ago called the Double Dog Dare (in a hot dog place no one's ever heard of here.) Basically, two big hot dogs butterflied and served on a hoagie bun - with four mozzarella sticks, two chicken strips, toppings, and what appeared to be cole slaw, alongside a pound of fries. I polished it off in about 10 1/2 minutes - well within the time limit - and asked for seconds. And it would have been faster if I hadn't dipped half the fries in ranch dressing.

That said, if I do the food challenge, I'd have to be absolutely certain I could finish in 12 minutes - or I'd take one look at the food and say, "The hell with this," and spend my 12 minutes looking at Vienna while discussing the best way to carry a couch. No point in doing that with a bunch of stomach cramps if I don't think I can finish.

"RE: Episode 8"
Posted by MsShel330 on 05-13-11 at 00:53 AM
>Depends on my partner. If I
>clone myself, I take the
>food - I'm a pretty
>big guy, have a healthy
>appetite, eat like a caveman,
>and tend to be a
>pretty fast eater. Not sure
>if I could accomplish it,
>but I would sure as
>hell try.
>If my partner is a skinny
>person whose idea of a
>big meal is two cucumber
>strips and a sip of
>water, no way am I
>chancing it.
>Truthfully, though, I watch a lot
>of Man vs. Food. I
>know how easily food can
>whip a guy's ass. But
>that challenge? Looked pretty similar
>to a food challenge I
>took six months ago called
>the Double Dog Dare (in
>a hot dog place no
>one's ever heard of here.)
>Basically, two big hot dogs
>butterflied and served on a
>hoagie bun - with four
>mozzarella sticks, two chicken strips,
>toppings, and what appeared to
>be cole slaw, alongside a
>pound of fries. I polished
>it off in about 10
>1/2 minutes - well within
>the time limit - and
>asked for seconds. And it
>would have been faster if
>I hadn't dipped half the
>fries in ranch dressing.
>That said, if I do the
>food challenge, I'd have to
>be absolutely certain I could
>finish in 12 minutes -
>or I'd take one look
>at the food and say,
>"The hell with this," and
>spend my 12 minutes looking
>at Vienna while discussing the
>best way to carry a
>couch. No point in doing
>that with a bunch of
>stomach cramps if I don't
>think I can finish.

IMO, it's not just how much you can hold but how fast you eat. I have a HUGE appetite but I'm not the fastest eater so I would have been intrigued by the food challenge but I would have been better off with the couch carrying. Also, I have a pretty good sense of direction.

"Episode 9"
Posted by featherfish81 on 04-27-11 at 08:07 PM
This week, in Lichtenstein

Cheese - Eat a fondue pot of cheese


Wheeze - Deliver 20 bags to at least 5 different hotels in town

Again, no question, I would have done Wheeze. Although at least the food task wasn't timed, so I might have had a chance. The cowboys didn't seem to struggle as much as Zev and Justin did with it, but I'm sure I couldn't have done it.

"RE: Episode 9"
Posted by Starshine on 04-28-11 at 04:50 AM
Having struggled through a really good fondue that I was enjoying in an Alsatian restaurant in the past I may well have gone for Wheeze, it depends how tired we were at the time.

"RE: Episode 9"
Posted by samboohoo on 04-28-11 at 08:43 AM
If Weltek were my partner, the cheese would have been a no-brainer.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Episode 9"
Posted by emydi on 04-28-11 at 10:22 AM

"RE: Episode 9"
Posted by Belle Book on 04-28-11 at 08:48 PM
I agree with you -- Wheeze all the way. Not only am I not a fast eater, I'm a very picky eater as well!

"RE: Episode 9"
Posted by MsShel330 on 05-13-11 at 00:57 AM
Again, I love cheese but I'm lactose intolerant so I would have to go for Wheeze. Actually, even though I'm a runner, I have asthma and the word "wheeze" triggers negative connotations for me, I would pick it for health reasons.

"Episode 10"
Posted by featherfish81 on 05-02-11 at 11:46 AM
Your choices:

Search – use a beacon to find the correct location, dig a hole until you find a body, then get it out
– or –
Rescue – one team member rappels down into a crevasse, guided by the other, then attaches a hook to a stranded person, then they haul him out

This would have been tough. The search part wasn't so hard, since they gave you a beacon, so I might have been tempted to go for that, not realizing how far you would have to dig down. But I have no problem with the rappeling, so hopefully we would have chosen that.

"RE: Episode 10"
Posted by jbug on 05-02-11 at 11:51 AM
search tasks are often killers, but I thought more would have chosen that over the crevasse - that seemed scary & dangerous!

Impossible to tell if the snow was packed harder or frozen harder over some dummies than others.

"RE: Episode 10"
Posted by Starshine on 05-02-11 at 12:18 PM
I would worry about the search task so would probably have gone with the rescue (provided I had a slim partner!)

"RE: Episode 10"
Posted by Belle Book on 05-02-11 at 07:50 PM
Rescue. AFter all, I may have a mild fear of heights but I don't think my fear would be strong enough to prevent me from doing Rescue -- or from going into the crevasse if I had to.

Of course, if Nat & Kat chose that Detour then Kat would've done the rappeling -- Nat's terrified of heights.

"Episode 11"
Posted by featherfish81 on 05-11-11 at 10:55 PM
Two beach-themed tasks:

On the rocks – make 100 Caipirinhas
– or –
on the beach – sell bikinis and have the purchasers change in a portable changing room

No contest on this one. I took bartending classes at one point in time and I hate selling stuff, so On the Rocks for sure. I would especially hate selling stuff on the race, because you're practically begging people to buy junk for a lot of money.

"RE: Episode 11"
Posted by Belle Book on 05-12-11 at 04:26 PM
Probably On the rocks. Although I never took bartending classes, On the rocks looked easier than On the beach.

"RE: Episode 11"
Posted by Starshine on 05-13-11 at 01:00 AM
Definitely On the Rocks, I would suck at a selling task.

Lovely cheese Mooney

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