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"Kimberly's Early Show Appearance"

Posted by djandy on 03-07-05 at 02:11 PM
Kimberly's first Early Show appearance was today, March 7th. She demonstrated invitations on card stock paper, diapers, onesies, aprons, etc. Surprise, Surprise, she used one of her ribbon flowers as a napkin ring on a napkin invitation. She looked overly chipper and fake. I may have to boycott the Early Show from now on to avoid accidentally watching her again.

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"RE: Kimberly's Early Show Appearance"
Posted by ginger on 03-07-05 at 03:11 PM
Be thankful she did not demonstrate how to make those damn flowers OUT of the diapers. Ick.

SOOOOOOOOOO disappointed with this ending.

"i liked kimberly"
Posted by sorgee on 03-07-05 at 03:29 PM
and yes, i realize that i might be the only one on this site that does. i admit that at first i didn't like her, but kimberly and her love of the "domestic arts" has grown on me. i hate that i missed her this morning.

yesterday i went to wal-mart (aka the evil empire) and bought some of that wire ribbon stuff and *I* made ribbon roses. i decorated a couple of pillows i have, made 2 curtain tie backs and decorated them with the ribbon roses and my daughter and i decorated her closet door with some really brightly colored ones. i'm thinking about making some napkin rings tonight.

i think candice hit the nail on the head when she told kim that the presentation she did made her (candice) feel like it was something that she could actually do.

in the end i found mitch to be a little to smug and prima donna for my tastes and i found kim to be much more like a person that i would want to live next to, visit in her home or even vacation with. i think that stylemaking should go beyond the surface and extend into lifestyle. mitch had nothing to offer me. he was simply as good as he is ever going to get. kim, however, showed growth during the show and i think she will grow as her audience grows.

(those of you that know me well on this board KNOW that i am so NOT crafty it is scary. for me to successfully make a stupid little ribbon flower was such a HUGE thing. it became addicting. i couldn't stop making them!!!!!)

"RE: i liked kimberly"
Posted by ginger on 03-07-05 at 04:51 PM
Hi, Sorgee!

New item for the Crap Baskets?

"RE: i liked kimberly"
Posted by sorgee on 03-08-05 at 07:30 AM
*waves furiously* HI!!!!!

yep, ribbon roses are exactly what the crap basket needs. "i mean, who doesn't like ribbon roses?"

"RE: i liked kimberly sorta"
Posted by Sheila on 03-07-05 at 06:45 PM
You are exactly why Kimberly won. She appealed to a larger market of people who weren't threatened by her craftiness.

I didn't dislike Kimberly at all but I'm beyond disappointed that she won the whole shebang after she had been eliminated from the game.

Kimberly may succeed for a bit and enjoy her 15 minutes but Mitch would have taken (and probably will) take his success much further. He has a certain drive within him that I never saw Kimberly exhibit.

"RE: i liked kimberly"
Posted by homeceo1 on 03-08-05 at 08:58 AM
I really liked her, too... You made some great points. I think that the early show should bring back every contestant for a spot to highlight something "do-able" I liked Mitch's candle holder..but he didn't get to explain clearly enough how to do it...