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"odd BMB update"

Posted by jeffred on 09-07-03 at 11:34 PM
Well, tonight I learned something new. Everyone was called back to do a reunion show. This is from mate Jason. He was a guest bartender at a neighborhood bar of mine. While I didn't get a load of details, apparently because of some bad blood, they did a reunion show. It will supposedly be this coming Tuesday. I'll definitely setting the timer, and heading back to the bar Tuesday night. I'll do a bit of follow-up as I learn more.

Now, granted, I was doing a bit of beer-goggling, Jason was a super nice guy. The more times I run into him the better I like him.


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"RE: odd BMB update"
Posted by smiley on 09-08-03 at 12:29 PM
I've been on various BMB boards and this is the first I have heard about a reunion show tomorrow night.....hmmmm interesting

"RE: odd BMB update"
Posted by jeffred on 09-10-03 at 00:54 AM
Well, said to say, tonight was a bust. There was no Reunion show, just the "Reality of Reality". Hopefully, there will be a reunion show, and Bravo will advertise the heck out of it. Sorry to get everyone's hopes up.