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"Moving up, moving down"

Posted by PagongRatEater on 08-24-06 at 12:31 PM
Which contestants improved their standing with you this week? Which ones hurt themselves?

Moving UP

Magni +++ - that performance of Fire is the best to date in this series, IMHO.
Toby ++ - sounded great with the band, still needs to be a little bit more interesting as a performer
Lukas + - handled himself very well with the Dilana thing and showed some real class. Perhaps some redemption for his early arrogance.

Staying Flat

Ryan - Just doesn't do it for me. Don't know why except it seems that his angst is fake. Still handled the Dilana think well.
Storm - One of my early faves, I'm still waiting for that WOW performance.

Moving DOWN

Dilana --- You can tell me this is a singing competition all you want, and she has been strong every week. But an attitude like that is not getting my vote. Period.

But, the four of us had a great time.

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"RE: Moving up, moving down"
Posted by Glow on 08-24-06 at 01:00 PM
hmmm... Lukas and Ryan are always moving up for me. Their handling of the press and the Dilana fiasco moved them up even higher. So...

+ infinity - Lukas
+ neverending - Ryan

++++ Toby - wow! He was on fire last night. I'm even more glad that it was him in the bottom three rather than Storm because of his performance.
+++ Magni - He was truly great on "Fire". His sense of humor and his willingness to help people with their song choices keep him pretty high in the likability area for me.

Staying Flat:
Storm. I need her to give us more.

Falling Falling Falling:
Dilana. No explanation necessary.

“Music has been my best friend my whole life, because music doesn’t betray you.” - Lukas Rossi

"RE: Moving up, moving down"
Posted by LisaPles on 08-24-06 at 01:07 PM
I like Magni more and more each week.

Magni needs some votes!

"RE: Moving up, moving down"
Posted by CattyChat on 08-24-06 at 01:11 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-24-06 AT 01:16 PM (EST)

I agree with Glow, except I favored Toby & Lukas early on & Ryan snuck up on me following Losing My Religion. But, Toby started cooling off and I'm happy to see he's back this week!

++++ - Lukas
++++ - Ryan
++++ - Toby

My Final 3!

+++ - Magni - He really surprised me with "Fire". He's always been high on my list, but not phenomenal . . . THAT was phenomenal.

Staying Flat
Storm -- The last couple weeks have not impressed me.

Falling Falling Falling:
Dilana. No explanation necessary, indeed!!

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"RE: Moving up, moving down"
Posted by cycles2k on 08-25-06 at 00:24 AM
This is a thread about moving so the order below does not reflect my overall rankings, just the position relative to last week.

Moving Up
Toby +++++, Performance with SN rocked.
Magni ++, Likable and two strong elim performances in a row.
Patrice + (even though she is gone I thought she did well with her original)

Staying Flat (but still strong)
Ryan, His original was great but I liked him before.
Lukas. Fine job this week, but so were many others.
Storm, She is hot in many ways, but she needs another great performance.

Moving down
Dilana, not because of her Shenanigans but because she is a one trick pony.