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"Prayers for Buggy"

Posted by Sagebrush Dan on 08-19-18 at 11:48 PM
Buggy's sister just posted this on Facebook.

To family and friends of my sister Erica Schiek Reynolds, she was admitted to hospital with a mass in her lung friday. Waiting on biopsy monday or tuesday but they are fairly certain it is cancer. They need to know what kind with a biopsy so the can start a treatment plan. A brain scan showed some spots in her brain but oncologist says these are easily targeted by radiation.
Erica is resting, very tired and feeling bad which is to be expected. She is unable to talk very well right now and is too tired for visitors. Katie has been great and by her side.
Me, im trying to set the emotional stuff aside but the fear and tears come.
Love and healing thoughts can always be helpful so please, keep Erica in your thought.
I dont like using FaceBook for news like this but its helpful to be able to get info out to family and friends all at once so please forgive me if it seems cold to do this on FB. Doing it to be practical.

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"RE: Prayers for Buggy"
Posted by kingfish on 08-20-18 at 10:59 AM
Terribly scary news. Glad the prognosis has some optimism. Hoping for the best.

Glad you posted here, Although I get sucked in too often for my taste, I do my best to stay off FB.

"RE: Prayers for Buggy"
Posted by jbug on 08-20-18 at 11:20 AM
Our lives can change in an instant.
Prayers for Buggy

"RE: Prayers for Buggy"
Posted by foonermints on 08-21-18 at 05:08 PM
foonermints loves Buggy!

Baby you can Drive My Car!

"RE: Prayers for Buggy"
Posted by cahaya on 08-22-18 at 01:30 PM
Thoughts of healing and care for Erica, wishing her and her family and friends a future of good health and good spirits.


"RE: Prayers for Buggy"
Posted by taffnic on 08-24-18 at 05:21 PM
Prayers for Erica.

"RE: Prayers for Buggy"
Posted by foonermints on 10-06-19 at 09:11 AM