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"Dancing with the Stars"

Posted by feedup on 10-31-07 at 12:35 PM
I am outraged with Sabrina being voted off last night....as soon as that happen I turned the channel and probably will not watch the rest of this season....to allow the viewers who can not see who can dance and who can not dance have a say is crazy...Marie and Jane should both be off the show long before Sabrina or Mel B....The viewers should be totally ashamed of themselves hope you enjoy the rest of the season with all the old boring dancers...whatch out Mel you are probably next.

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"RE: Dancing with the Stars"
Posted by Wacko Jacko on 10-31-07 at 12:58 PM
Your outrage should be that they even allowed her to complete in the first place. She is a professional dancer…just like Mel B, Lachey, Joey MacIntyre, and Joey Fatone. It is unfair in the first place to have people that dance for a living competing in this contest. I would not vote for Sabrina and am glad she went home. I think many others feel the same. What is great about this is Billy Ray Cyrus made it farther. Look this should be a contest for amateurs where all the contestants are on an even field. Also many others probably felt the same. Keep in mind all voting shows are also popularity contests. Go back to even American idol when Ruben Stoodard beat Clay Aiken. What has Ruben done since? These things are expected. And I personally think America was right here….she did not belong.

"Locking - duplicate"
Posted by Bebo on 10-31-07 at 01:13 PM
Welcome to the forums. Please take a moment to read our community guidelines - there's a link at the top of the page. Since we are a threaded community, we ask posters to join existing discussions where possible instead of starting duplicate topics. Since there is already an open discussion about Sabrina's departure at the top of page 1, I'm locking this as a duplicate and encourage you to join the existing discussion.