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"Real Spoilers?????"

Posted by Wacko Jacko on 06-06-06 at 11:57 AM
Hard to believe there are not more spoilers out there for this show. I kinda searched the spoilers here and it is unbelieavable that no one knows who the final two and the fired order of every candidate.

There were events infront of many people. This is not like Survivor where the contestents are alone with camera folks on a remote island. Here the show is filmed in New York City.

You can not tell me that not one person at the Rutgers football game would of leaked the final 6 candidates. Just about every task takes place in front of 'normal' us citizens. Like the task where they were trying to get text messages in Times Square in Bathrobes or in the Hair Salon....I could go on and on.....no one see the final five in Walmart?????

All seems weird to me. Why are there tons of spoilers on the Survivor pages, but none for the Apprentice?

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"RE: Real Spoilers?????"
Posted by lindan on 06-06-06 at 01:02 PM
Maybe one of the reasons why you're not finding any spoilers here is because so many people are so fed up with Donald and this show that even when they know any spoilers, they won't bother posting them here?