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"Barry Bonds turns his attention to cycling"

Posted by Estee on 05-06-15 at 01:10 PM
The enthusiasm is flowing through his veins.

The intention, however...


...may not be as bad as you thought.

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"RE: Barry Bonds turns his attention to cycling"
Posted by kingfish on 05-12-15 at 11:10 AM
I like it.

The obvious ironies and opportunities for snark notwithstanding, if he's backing a women's pro cycling team, he has my admiration for that.

It's an altruistic move (I assume), even though it's probably an also an attempt to rehabilitate his reputation, but women's pro sports and especially cycling (I think this is a Tour de France type cycling team?) deserve to be promoted.

Maybe promoting the women's sport will rehabilitate stage racing in general. It sure needs it. I personally have lost interest in the men's sport.

Aside from that, why women aren't more successful in auto-racing puzzles me. There is no reason that I can see why some women can't be competitive in NASA, F-1, INDY, Sports car racing, etc. The best there is is Danica, and she's only a mid-pack racer in NASCAR or Indy. Women do well in NHRA competition so that demonstrates exceptional reflexes and courage, why wouldn't they also do well in a longer race?


"RE: Barry Bonds turns his attention to cycling"
Posted by AyaK on 05-15-15 at 06:43 PM
LAST EDITED ON 05-15-15 AT 06:44 PM (EST)

I have to give Barry Bonds thanks if he's contributing to the survival of Team TWENTY16, which is the team that Mara Abbott rode for in 2010 when she became the first American to ever win the Giro d'Italia Femminile (then called the Giro Donne and now called the Giro Rosa), which is the ONLY women's Grand Tour still remaining. (Abbott won it again in 2013, but she was riding for a different team then.)

Since the USADA went after Lance Armstrong, support for both men's and especially for women's cycling has dried up almost completely. Even Chris Horner, who supposedly always rode clean (which is why he couldn't get onto a major team until Astana (later RadioShack) picked him up in 2008, and he then won the 2013 Vuelta) couldn't get a ride any longer. Women's cycling lost both of the female equivalents of the Tour de France in 2010 (the Grande Boucle Féminine Internationale, which started in 1984 but had folded twice previously) and 2011 (the Tour de l'Aude Cycliste Féminin, which started in 1985 and survived continuously right up to the middle of the Armstrong investigation) respectively, leaving the Giro Rosa all alone. And relief is not on the horizon. So this is Barry Bonds doing a good thing.