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"Ryan's woman friends"

Posted by esquire on 02-26-03 at 05:34 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-26-03 AT 05:37 PM (EST)

I found an interview of Ryan on Survivornews.net that I haven't seen discussed elsewhere. It had one very interesting Q & A.

Which four women would you have liked to have in your tribe if it wasn't split by gender?

Ryan: Joanna, Christy, Janet, and Shawna... Jenna would be too much of a distraction.

There has been much discussion of which members don't make the merge. Shawna, Joanna and Janet are the 3 woman you usually here won't make the merge. The above answer by Ryan in the interview sounds like the friend question we used to get and confirms those theories. It sounds like these are the people that Ryan bonded with in the Loser Lodge and therefore he wants them as the people in his tribe.

It also is a piece of evidence that Christy might not make it far if Ryan is putting her with the other woman that don't make the merge

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"SMTW posted this elsewhere"
Posted by forehead on 02-26-03 at 05:43 PM
ShowMeTheWinner posted this interview here

Some discussion is also underway on that thread.

Agree that this is a possible "friends" list of interest.

Posted by Cathy the Canadian on 03-05-03 at 07:47 PM
Do you think anyone who gets to know crazy, Jesus loving Joanna would pick her to be on their tribe?

And do you think he would only pick women he met at loser lodge? Too obvious.

This is enough to make me think Joanna stays a little longer than we thought.

"Locking as a Duplicate thread..."
Posted by IceCat on 03-05-03 at 08:22 PM