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"So WHO WON???"

Posted by tarmaq on 03-03-06 at 03:23 AM
Somehow, didn't get this recorded.

Was it good? Who won?

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"RE: So WHO WON???"
Posted by Breezy on 03-03-06 at 08:47 AM
Loyd and Kristie.

She is as dumb as a box of rocks.


"RE: So WHO WON???"
Posted by Jay1205 on 03-03-06 at 12:45 PM
The finale wasn't particularly entertaining, unfortunately. Each pair did their favourite program from the season, then a kazillion commericials, then they did their second program for marks.

They tried to make it oh-so-suspenseful at the end while revealing the scores, but anyone who could do simple math knew that Lloyd and Kristy were the winners.

Of course, dimwitted Kristy thought the other couple won. Kudos to her for her skating as I thought she did a great job, but man-oh-man, she's not the brightest bulb in the bunch!

Posted by Angelfood on 03-03-06 at 03:03 PM
THe finale happened already??

I thought it was Sunday night. and I haven't seen any promos.


Angelfood, dimmer than Kristy

"RE: WHAT?!?!?!"
Posted by Breezy on 03-03-06 at 03:09 PM
You didn't miss much... and they dragged it out for an hour.

I would love to find some articles with comments from Jillian, she puts out a huge "I hate Kristie" vibe.

"RE: WHAT?!?!?!"
Posted by sharebear18_2000 on 03-03-06 at 06:12 PM
I live in Southern California and you can tell she doesn't like or respect Kristy, at all. She hasn't said or done anything rude, but if you've watched Jillian Barberie for as long as I have, you can tell she isn't fond of the dirty whore. And the fact that Lloyd Eisler left his pregnant wife for some has been actress who doesn't know how to add, well, I guess they deserve eachother.

The fact that Jillian tried the axel was amazing.

I think it ended up being really stupid , LOL , I get the feeling Jillian does too.

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"RE: WHAT?!?!?!"
Posted by Breezy on 03-04-06 at 09:09 AM
You could tell just by the way she acted at the end when Kristie/Loyd won.

As far as Loyd leaving his wife for Kristie, I think Loyd is just a slimey horn dog. He would have left his wife for whomever convient came along. He won't stay with Kristie when he finds someone else he wants to conquer.

"RE: WHAT?!?!?!"
Posted by Hoobie on 03-06-06 at 01:44 PM
Good Day L.A. (Jillian's morning show) is 3 hours -- <well, actually 1 2-hour show and 1 1-hour show>.

The 3 hosts spent almost 45 minutes of NEWS TIME talking about SWC. Jillian had a pretty good attitude about it. The snarkiest thing she said was "I guess the judges weren't judging on the tricks, because we did way more than Kristy and Lloyd". Mark Lund came on and he was very rude about Kristy and said she had lost weight on the show and quickly gained it all back. Chris Wallace was also satellited in, and he made a comment about Kristy's weight - that her partner should have used an oil derrick to lift her. Both comments I thought were in extremely poor taste.

Mark Lund and Jillian both made some eye-rolling comments about Lloyd & Kristy's "chemistry" on & off the ice.

Mark Lund left the show by saying that Kristy wasn't that great, and as the show faded out, Jillian sort of defended Kristy and said that she is in fact, a solid skater.

They kept showing Jillian's fall - and Jillian kept wanting them to show the axel that she DID land in practice.

Did y'all see when Kristy * Lloyd took their victory lap, and during the lift, Kristy's toe pick nearly decapitated John & Jillian? They played that about 30 times, it was funny. Jillian said, not only do you lose the show, but you die as well on Fox.

"RE: So WHO WON???"
Posted by Agman2 on 03-10-15 at 10:33 PM
It was really good and I won!!!!!

"RE: So WHO WON???"
Posted by kidflash212 on 07-10-16 at 04:38 PM