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"The Final Four"

Posted by grit on 04-17-09 at 07:50 AM
Last time on HK:

Gordon tells all the misfits that they svck and he's shutting down Hell's Kitchen.

*huge gasp* from the contestants and uninitiated viewers

Psyche! He's shutting down so that Robert, Andrea, Paula, Danny & Ben can fly to Atlantic City and check out the Borgata.

C'mon, those of us in the 9th circle of Hell knew that HK was not going to be shut down. Personally, I can't believe any hyped-up twist they throw at us. I usually sit tight and wait for them to reveal the "shocking moment" that isn't so shocking.

I felt bad for Robert but I was not surprised. He was a heart attack waiting to happen. I'd like to see how he turns his life around after this medical scare.

The only thing that shocked me last night was I thought for sure Gordon was going to recind the safety for Andrea and toss her out. She was horrible.

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"RE: The Final Four"
Posted by jbug on 04-17-09 at 08:56 AM
I knew when Gordan gave the immunity win to Andrea that he was making a mistake. But he had it all planned out.
After Robert left on medical reasons, he knew he's not be burning anyone after that service. If he had given immunity to any other, he'd almost had to have thrown Andrea out. As it was, he got to keep 4 to fight another night in HK.
Shouldn't next week be when each gets a turn at "running" the kitchen? calling out the orders?

I had to laugh at Ben; as soon as he was saved, he went right back to running off his mouth about how great he is! Man he's almost as full of himself as coach is!

So, do you think next time Chef has to ask something of Ben, he'll tell him to reply in 20 words or less?

I'm looking for Robert on TBL in the future.
Didn't Chef let someone keep their chef jacket before when they had to leave for medical? I thought maybe he'd let Robert keep his. It would be nice if Chef followed up on Robert to see if he was getting the help he needed to lose weight.

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"RE: The Final Four"
Posted by Loree on 04-17-09 at 09:36 AM
Yes, I believe Chef deliberately gave Andrea immunity so he could use it for drama. Robert was already gone and he didn't want to send anyone else home yet. He knew she would fall apart and be the worst during dinner service.

Ben looks so much older than his age. He probably ages while he stands around explaining things for hours on end.

Paula and Danny have been the obvious final 2 for quite awhile. Andrea and Ben don't have a chance no matter how often Ben tries to include himself with the talented elite.

"RE: The Final Four"
Posted by geekboy on 04-17-09 at 11:46 AM
Its obvious that Paula and Danny are the final two. The question i have is this.

What has been puzzling me so far is the edits of these two people. Danny has been editted to be an egomaniac. "I know i'm better than all of you." "Why don't i ever win a competition when i'm so damn good?"

Paula, on teh other hand, has had VERY LITTLE screentime compared to everyone else. The only edit i can remember is "Don't get me angry, you won't like me when i'm angry." toward Giovanni. Also, Paula has received hte most compliments from Ramsey if my memory serves me.

Paula and Ramsey have had more interaction, but could this be a dliberate edit for a surprise Danny win?


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"RE: The Final Four"
Posted by grit on 04-17-09 at 01:31 PM
LAST EDITED ON 04-17-09 AT 01:33 PM (EST)

Danny's edit has been interesting. He's been almost invisible. That's why I suspected early on he might win (or at least make final 2). You almost never see him during the dinner service - good or bad. In fact the only time you saw him during dinner service last night was when Andrea needed help with the fish.

And I'm surprised he made that comment, "Why don't I win when I'm so good?". Danny's dishes have won 3 challenges for the Blue team. He's been consistently good.

I've seen some clips on the Internet of both Paula and Danny making appearances since they were on HK. Danny cut off that long hair. Paula seems happier than Danny. Could it be Paula wins this?

If you can kill it, I can grill it.

"RE: The Final Four"
Posted by Belle Book on 04-17-09 at 04:21 PM
I'm sad that Robert left, but I'm not too surprised. He was obviously so overweight that he more or less had to go!

It's obvious that Danny and Paula will make the Final 2. Although I don't hate Danny, I think Paula's just a little better and I'd like to see her win.

"RE: The Final Four"
Posted by Seana on 04-17-09 at 12:18 PM
I've been expecting Ben to go since he won last week's challenge. I think that's the kiss of death, though I can't prove it at the moment.

They also still have to do the challenge where they serve a group - pregnant moms, high school students, construction workers.