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"Tie vote "

Posted by nsynclover on 08-17-00 at 08:12 PM
Sorry about one of my other posts where I said that the tie vote will happen on The 16th. My head wasn't working.. So here goes a much better post!

1st tribal council with final 4. Might Happen

4 votes (obviously)

It will be 2-2

Kelly and Sue MIGHT vote for Rich
while Rudy and Fat @$$ MIGHT vote for Sue. But how are they ever going to break this alliance
You have to vote for Sue or Fat A$$. But I guess no one will break this vote for Sue of Rich

The final 3 w/o Rich. (my opinion though)

A tie vote. Kelly has immunity(my opinion)
So you can either vote Sue or Rudy. I don't see a tie vote here. It has to be a 2-1 vote. Whoever has immunity can really decide who goes. Rudy or Sue or whoever.
It might go like this.
Kelly votes for Rudy
Sue votes for Rudy
and Rudy votes for Sue
Kelly votes for Sue
Rudy Votes for Sue
Sue votes for Rudy

I also heard on ET (entertainment tonight)
that MB said it would be really close for the last TC, probably 4-3 huh?
Kelly gets 3 and Rudy or Sue gets 4. But there is another possibility, That is YOU CAN NEVER TRUST MB!!!

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