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Posted by Agman2 on 05-14-15 at 11:58 PM
Ding Dong, the Idol's dead!!!!

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Posted by Agman2 on 02-26-16 at 04:36 PM
At least that's what they said last year until they brought it back again this year.

Posted by dob88 on 12-09-16 at 01:45 AM
I liked it better before when Paula Abdul,Randy Jackson and Simon where the judges.It was lot funnier then.

Posted by SallieScott on 08-16-19 at 08:20 AM
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>I liked it better before when
>Paula Abdul,Randy Jackson and Simon
>where the judges.It was lot
>funnier then.

I think, it must be anything amazing. Like the new breathe of the fresh air. And it is really great here!

Posted by bobpaul on 11-13-20 at 02:40 AM
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Posted by ArnoldKumar123 on 11-19-21 at 04:51 AM
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Posted by gorado on 07-28-21 at 06:38 AM
>At least that's what they said by restonroof
>last year until they brought
>it back again this year.