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"Ramsay on Leno"

Posted by Cyndimaus on 03-05-09 at 10:39 AM
Did anyone see Gordon on Leno last night? I don't usually watch Leno but I fell asleep on the couch and my hubby woke me up in time to watch.

It was hilarious. He had Jay trying to cook crepes and then had some comedian guy with freaky hair come over too. (Russel somebody) I love seeing the playful side of Gordon!

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"RE: Ramsay on Leno"
Posted by Silvergirl1 on 03-06-09 at 01:34 AM

Gordon always looks like he is having a ball on Leno. Leno always screws up, and it's always funny.

I've never made good crepes, but that segment has me thinking about it.

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"RE: Ramsay on Leno"
Posted by Seana on 03-06-09 at 03:51 PM
Yeah, that was a good segment. That's is the Gordon Ramsay I know and love. This guy on Hell's Kitchen seems to be yelling because it's expected of him. I'm afraid I almost can't watch anymore. As it is, I mostly had my head down, listening to HK instead of watching. Honestly, it's a bit like when Emeril started going downhill: at first "Bam!" was a little something he said from time to time, then some network person told him to do more of that until it was just a pitiful, meaningless catch phrase. I'm sort of disappointed this season.

But to get back on topic, yes, saw the Ramsay segment - he's been on Leno before and it's always funny.

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