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"July 26th - Episode 2"

Posted by tjdmlhw on 07-27-09 at 10:03 AM
The Kitchen Episode was a disaster (as usual) and once again Clive had to announce that they had sent in a team of experts to clean up the mess the contestants made. It was obvious from the reaction when Toshica walked into the room, that everyone felt she should have been the one going home.

I still haven't picked a favorite out of this group, but I would have to say that Antonio appears to have the strongest skill set. But his attitude turns me off, I don't think I could ever watch a show that he hosted.

Then you have Nathan and Jason who couldn't install a microwave, why don't they read the instructions.

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"RE: July 26th - Episode 2"
Posted by mindy23 on 07-27-09 at 10:44 AM
I was shocked that Toschica wasn't sent home after two disasters in a row! All I can figure is that they blamed the project manager for poor management, which led to the inability of Toshicha's finishing up her project? Since her part in the project was to put the finishing touches on, I suppose she really couldn't if everyone was behind?

I don't know, but I really think they sent the wrong person home, but that's nothing new. They've done that many times, just for the drama. Toschica is an accident waiting to happen!

I can't figure out who I think will bring this home, either. I like Dan, but he really wimped on this one. Of course, he was the only man on the project, too, and could only do so much. We'll have to wait and see. Next week should be better when they have to do their own rooms from scratch. I usually get a better feeling as to their talents and asthetics after that show.

"RE: July 26th - Episode 2"
Posted by jbug on 07-27-09 at 11:50 AM
Have you ever watched Design Star before? No one e.v.e.r finishes tile! e.v.e.r! LOL

It was interesting that even tho the one team did finish their project and the homeowners were happy, they still brought the team leader and the color expert back into the elimination room - maybe to put a little fear in them and get them to up their game!
The red & blue on the kitchen ceiling reminded me of a house I saw once (my sister's neighbor) back in the early 70's. The couple had painted every room a different bright primary color! It was perfect for the 70's but not so much now.

Tonisha is hanging by a thread (LOL that's what I expected them to tell her! oops; wrong show). They need a good catch line for the almost eliminated.

Agman 2009

"RE: July 26th - Episode 2"
Posted by riverrocker on 07-27-09 at 03:29 PM
Could NOT believe that they eliminated Amy and kept Teshica! What a deal! And what's up with Jason! OMG! The "design" touch that he added through his accessories was beyond the pale. Oh for the return of Sparkle Josh, who at least had some style and taste, even when over the top!

We don't really have a favorite yet, either. The white room changeover ought to help clarify. I'm leaning toward Dan 'cause he's easy on the eyes, but Antonio, attitude and all, seems to be someone I'd watch some. DH just thinks the whole group is a train wreck waiting to happen and can't wait until it does.

"RE: July 26th - Episode 2"
Posted by jbug on 07-27-09 at 04:24 PM
Was Jason the guy who picked out the accessories for the Italian - Moroccan theme?
Did I see a Buddha statue on the window sill?

"RE: July 26th - Episode 2"
Posted by riverrocker on 07-27-09 at 11:04 PM
Yes, Jason selected all the accessories for that kitchen. Nathan merely "assisted" him. And yes, there was a Buddha there, but it was in the homeowner's kitchen or dining area originally. When they moved it out, we noticed it.

"RE: July 26th - Episode 2"
Posted by Sunny_Bunny on 08-01-09 at 05:47 PM
Hee Hee, I often wonder why someone would even offer their kitchen up for this show - it very rarely goes well and they almost always have to send in a team to actually make the room usable.

I understand why they took out the team leader, but it was rather surprising since every team member wanted to take out Toshica.

I haven't picked out a favorite yet, I think the white room challenge will help me decide.

"RE: July 26th - Episode 2"
Posted by mindy23 on 08-03-09 at 11:04 AM
Well, even if it goes bad, which it almost always does, these people STILL get a newly renovated kitchen, right? They may have to wait a bit longer, but thanks to HGTV, they get the mistakes taken care of, and eventually, a professional team fixes up everything and makes it ok. That's MY guess why they would offer up their kitchen.....I know I would!

I think they even get to stay in a hotel for a few days, courtesy of HGTV.