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"HK #5 Episode #4 East Coast Spoiler Thread"

Posted by Estee on 02-26-09 at 04:26 PM
Please keep all sigpic-free discussion of Seth's Exciting Adventures In Sabotage on this thread until he realizes that:

A. it's evident
B. it's obvious
C. it's Gordon

Or just until 1 a.m. Friday, since we're talking about Seth and he may never realize any of the above. (The man thinks he can cook. 'Delusional' is too weak a word.)

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"RE: HK #5 Episode #4 East Coast Spoiler Thread"
Posted by bystander on 02-26-09 at 09:11 PM
How difficult is it to make Scrambled Eggs and Pancakes? Amazing how inept these guys are.

"First segment."
Posted by Estee on 02-26-09 at 09:11 PM
Now that we've finished this week's public humiliation of VFTW, let's get to some people who deserve it -- like, say, Lacey & Seth.

Last week -- I already wrote that up, thank you. I'm sure you can find the thread if you really want to.

And now, the continuation of our collective nightmare.

Seth doesn't care if his staying around upset people. Giovanni is very upset and tells Seth he isn't respected. Seth replies with 'I'm here to play a game'. He's sure not here to cook. Giovanni won't hang out with him on the weekends? What a pity. And the fight continues into the night.

Robert demonstrates a very bad Gordon imitation. No blurred cursing is involved, he's very soft-spoken, and Andrea finds it funny. Well, we knew she had no sense of taste...

The chefs actually get some sleep, and we check in on the challenge the next morning. Strongest cook on the red? Paula or Andrea (with Paula asked). Strongest on the blue? Ben nominates himself.

Today's challenge is about teamwork. The restaurant will be open for breakfast in thirty minutes. The chefs start panicking: most of them don't have experience with this particular meal. Seth thinks he's golden because he knows one of Gordon's egg recipes. Not a lot of prep time to work with here.

In run -- about a hundred total preteen cheerleaders and football players from the Pacific Coast league. Red cooks for the cheerleaders, blue for the football players. First team to feed all their kids wins the challenge. Well, at least they don't have to worry about serving too much alcohol.

Pancakes, scrambled eggs, omelets -- not complicated.

Colleen stops cooking and starts cheering along with the crowd. This increases the efficiency of the red kitchen by forty percent.

The men pull ahead: breakfasts are moving quickly. Gordon calls up Robert and screams at him about plating style still being important: don't be sloppy because you're cooking for kids. Robert blames Ben. The women blame Coi, because her pancakes look like they've been on the receiving end of Seth's cooking skills. Meanwhile, Seth's cooking skills are not up to handling -- scrambled eggs. His brain may be scrambled, but like is not calling to like, and the women use the opportunity to catch up. Both kitchens have served forty of their fifty kids.

A race to the finish. More bacon! More bacon! Somebody save their bacon! Somebody cut to commercial!

"Opening Challenge"
Posted by vince3 on 02-26-09 at 09:11 PM
Everybody must work together this morning because Hell's Kitchen is open for breakfast!

Customers are a team of middle school football players and their cheerleaders. 50 each.

Red for the cheerleaders, Blue for the footballers.

Allison is too busy cheeleading....

Seth volunteered to cook the scrambled eggs and he started to slow down near the end.

Ramsay yelled about bad presentation but the one he was yelling at didn't put the hash browns on the plate that was causing the issue.........

Posted by Snidget on 02-26-09 at 09:15 PM

"RE: V-C-I-T-O-R-Y"
Posted by bystander on 02-26-09 at 09:18 PM
Picks Snidget up off the floor after she trips.

Glad you shaved your legs.

"*head desk*"
Posted by vince3 on 02-26-09 at 09:19 PM

"Second segment."
Posted by Estee on 02-26-09 at 09:19 PM
Who wins this? Certainly not Nick. FOX hates Nick and all his voters stand for. So he loses this competition too. (They had to digitally edit him in. It was still very sad.)

The women win. Because Seth's head shell is still cracked.

It's the first victory for the women, and they get treated to a victory cheer from their customers. Seth goes into his own personal cheer: pass the blame, because we lose as a team and nothing can possibly be my fault! And why is he leaking yolk?

(One kid asks Gordon if he's the best cook in the world. Guess the answer.)

The men have to clean the tables after the kid assault, then both kitchens, and then prep both kitchens for service tonight. (Oooh... there's the sabotage opportunity. Kill the red kitchen's prep and watch Gordon explode.) The women will be going out to an outdoor pampering session and spend the day being treated like human beings, an experience they've nearly forgotten.

The men play more Pass The Blame. Danny scares JSlice into the ground with excessive discussion of pancakes. Ben starts to seriously lose it when Danny then speaks about his own cooking skills, screaming that Danny is not capable of cooking Ben's biological refuse, which oddly would taste like most of Ben's cooking anyway.

Commercials while we all think about why Danny would even want to.

"Third segment."
Posted by Estee on 02-26-09 at 09:34 PM
It's the Running Of The Brides tomorrow! Ooooh, blood...

Ben walks out so he won't hit Danny, then winds up slamming something downstairs. The women can hear all of this and are appropriately amused.

Reward/punishment segment. Lacey is begged by the men not to wear a bikini. Lacey displays her favorite thong finger. The women go to the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons hotel. Pampering happens.

Robert is confessional disappointed in Ben and Danny -- mostly Ben, for putting down a teammate. Cleaning continues without much in the way of talking -- until Robert starts pulling people aside and suggesting they consider nominating Ben at the next possible chance, because he's tearing the team apart.

The women return and are delighted to see the men doing their prep work. The women have not thought this all the way through. Insulting the men on their way past the prep work in their kitchen may not be the best idea...

Carol feels the women have the advantage because they're rested. She's forgetting about Lacey and Colleen.

The women walk into their kitchen and ask what's been done. As it turns out, not much: a lot of their prep isn't finished yet, and they have to scramble to fill in the pieces.

Gordon confronts both teams. Did the men bond? Yes, the men lie. And HK opens for the night. (Back to a standard menu.)

Giovanni fails to boil water. Seriously. The appetizer is stalled out because he didn't turn the heat on early enough.

Coi's making Ben's mistake from last night, only not as extreme: she's cooking pasta pre-order, which Gordon does not want. Every item must be as fresh as possible. Gordon screams at her, then tells her to put in more, which is a test. Coi fails. Surprise.

Seth makes rubber scallops. Gordon forces him to eat them. Seth is glad for the food.

Lack of prep in the red kitchen! No sauce available, which sends Andrea into the blues to see where it is. Oops, we forgot... Gordon smells sabotage, and the men scramble to get it ready.

Meanwhile, Coi is destroying more pasta. But now she's doing it on schedule!

One hour into the service, and food is not leaving either kitchen. Ben just finished the women's sauce. Gordon asks if it was sabotaged. Ben says no. Andrea tastes it, and it's horrible. Ben claims he just forgot to taste it. Danny takes over on the sauce composition.

The women start to pull together on appetizers: half of them are out. Dan delivers the sauce, and this time it's workable. Dan takes this far too much to heart.

The blue kitchen is sending food out, but it's coming back -- and with good reason. There's Interesting Stuff in it. Stuff that winds up on the floor when Gordon smashes the plate in front of the men. Dan somehow fails to see this as a good sign for himself. Ben somehow fails to hit him for it.

Not an encouraging night so far, is it?

Posted by vince3 on 02-26-09 at 09:44 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-26-09 AT 09:48 PM (EST)

The guys didn't make the tomato butter sauce for the girls, and were behind on other preparations as well.

Their own spaghetti pot wasn't boiling at the start of service, nor was it seasoned nor oiled.

Ceasar salad preparation also sucked as well, because the stem of a head of lettuce was served out to a table, and Gordon's majorly ticked about it...... in fact he spikes the plate on the ground shaterring it......

Uh oh. Raw lamb chops....... this after the rubbery scallops in the blue kitchen......... and the garnish station is refusing to answer.

Red team's meat station team is in argument mode 25 as well..... In fact, they don't cut off the ends of the beef wellington..... and then they bring 4 wellingtons instead of 3 to Gordon which sends him off again.

Gorodn's about ready to explode...... Red just got 2 Lobster spaghetti's sent back both undercooked and lacking lobster in one of them.....


Nobody's won this challenge. Gordon rails on everybody's faults of the night. Both teams must select two members for the firing squad.

"Fourth segment."
Posted by Estee on 02-26-09 at 09:44 PM
I leave for AC in less than twenty-four hours. I will not be stopping by the Borgata to see if I can get clues as to who won. I might find out it was Lacey and go right for her smug face.

The fault turns out to be Jay's: a horror-show lettuce chunk that he let get past him. He takes the blame, which is a first for the night.

On to entrees, and Ben is on the meat station. Here comes the lamb! Ben is a beast on lamb! Which probably means he molests it regularly, because the dishes he's sending to the pass are oversliced and potentially undercooked.

L.A. is trying to figure out how she can work with Colleen in the kitchen. They're both on the meat station, and Collen, as it turns out, doesn't like people talking to her at work. She just asks other people questions. Constantly. So she can't take orders and won't listen to suggestions. L.A. is seriously considering giving men another chance.

The men have their chicken up to the pass, but the garnishes aren't arriving. Danny's on that station, and things are not progressing. Danny fails to take that as a good sign. Gordon starts to think about kicking Danny out. Danny takes that as good aim.

L.A. cannot get Colleen to move on the Wellingtons. Colleen's ability to lose count kicks in again. Three or four? Who can tell? Colleen's brain may be breaking down. (Again, who can tell?) The customers are becoming impatient. Running now might be a good idea.

Seth is now pulling a Colleen and losing track of the orders as Gordon calls them out. He cannot apply glue to his shell. Maybe Coi's pasta would do the trick. Seth wipes his face with a cloth, then tries to clean a pan with that same cloth. Gordon catches him and points out the consequences of doing it at any other time: death, minimum.

Food comes back. Customers complain. Nothing works. Both teams are gathered in front of Gordon, who loses it to their faces. No more. No mas. No winner tonight, because both teams will nominate two people for elimination. Gordon would like to kill them all and strongly suggests they leave before he or the customers try. Both teams scramble out. Seth finally masters one form of scrambling.

If we had a taxi, we might get four people in it.

"Fifth segment."
Posted by Estee on 02-26-09 at 09:51 PM
I may not be here for next week's episode. It will probably be a mercy. Possibly even for me. (I've likely got a movie, Vince: thou art on thy own.)

This is a first: four nominees. Will Gordon send two people home? Four? Everyone? Hey, how about bringing back the rejectees from prior seasons?

Lacey did not totally svck tonight: her team congratulates her. But what if she'd been on another station? Maybe she should go up because of potential worseness! (It's starting to look like Colleen and Coi.)

Men's debates -- sounds like Danny or Seth against Ben. Guess who isn't taking that well? Ben thinks he's pushing the team forward. He wants to push them into putting Jay up for that bad salad. As long as it's not Ben.

Into the dining room. Gordon's still annoyed. The lettuce butt is weighing on his mind. Jay is now the butthead.

The men nominate Seth (expected) and Ben (knife sharpening as we go into commercial).

"RE: Fifth segment."
Posted by vince3 on 02-26-09 at 10:02 PM
Lacey and Colleen were the ladie's nominees.

Seth gets sent home.

Lacey gets sent to the men's team.

Next week all hell breaks loose during dinner service, after there is an unidentifiable entry in the reward challenge. Lacey moans that she's going home, but the men try to rally her.

Robert gets chastised by Gordon again, and he confessional's that Gordon can kiss his rear. He might also tell him something in the kitchen as well.......

Pray for me.

"Sixth segment."
Posted by Estee on 02-26-09 at 10:00 PM
On Sunday, The Rock will take over FOX. And kill someone on 24. Because someone had to do it.

Back in the dining roonm, Ben isn't taking this well. (Did you expect him to?) Reason given: failure to perform, which Gordon agrees with.

For the women, with Lacey giving the nominations: Colleen on overall weak line performance. Second is -- herself. Gordon is shocked and asks her if anyone was worse than she was. Lacey, with odd timidness, says Coi. Coi agrees, and Gordon thanks her for the honesty -- but doesn't change the nominations.

Why stay?

Lacey: I'm learning a lot.
Colleen: I admire what you're teaching me.
Seth: I have the most passion and a double yolk.
Ben: I give this everything I have because I'm a motivator.

Gordon goes after Ben, telling him he charges more than taking a charge: a rhino.

Gordon's decision is -- to send Ben back in line. Three left.

The person leaving is -- Seth. Because two yolks do not equal one brain.

Seth feels his skills lagged behind his passion and promises to compete against Gordon in NYC with his own restaurant.

In order to even things out, Lacey is switched to the men's team. Robert makes a very misplaced weight joke. The women confessional celebrate. Lacey knows they're celebrating and vows revenge. Ben knows there are knives at his back.

Next week: someone considers quitting. Someone else has no sense of taste. Robert is in trouble. Andrea falls apart. Robert drops trou. And we go off the air, possibly forever.

It might be a mercy.

"RE: Sixth segment."
Posted by FOXmePUHLEEZ on 03-04-09 at 12:21 PM
I honestly, truly, REALLY did try to forget that happened. I REALLY tried to forget that Seth said he would be Ramsey's competition. I mean, TRULY. Must we just go ahead and clone Gorden and Simon Cowell? How much denial can there possibly be? GR has restaurants in UK, NY, FL, ... and where the smack else? And SETHH is going to be his competition?????

Quite frankly.. people like Lydia Bastianich with just one (1) or Ming Sy with just one (1) near any location is competition. But SETH??? without a mere garnish????