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"Top 6 Rankings"

Posted by csnumber23 on 04-26-12 at 06:01 PM
I turned off the DVR when the 3 stooges stood for Joshua AGAIN, I then went back and started again later only to see them stand AGAIN and I turned it off. Today I was finally able to go back and watch the last couple performances. We may as well just put Joshua in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame right now! They stand for him every time now and it's way beyond ridiculous. Steven stood twice for him but said Skyler was the best of the night but didn't stand for her either time. They have people perform on the performance show every week and they don't stand for them most times but Joshua gets it every week. He is not a bad singer but come on it is ridiculous. Also, last weeks script was pretty funny too, especially when Jennifer and Randy tried to act like they were upset at Colton's departure. It is clear they aren't counting votes and the last two weeks were scripted. I am struggling but trying to make it through the season but without question, I won't be watching next season.


1 - Skylar - To me, clearly the best of the night with her first song. The 2nd was meh

2 - Phillip - I enjoyed the Dave Mathews song better than the first.

3 - Hollie - I liked both songs

4 - Jessica - The 2nd song was good, the first was bad

5 - Joshua - So-so to me and the judges make me like it less

6 - Elise - I didn't like either and her screeching is driving my ears crazy. I think she is regressing.

Should go -

Elise - Gone
Joshua - B2
Jessica - B3

Will go - assuming counts are done - they weren't last week

Elise - Gone
Jessica - B2
Hollie B3

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"RE: Top 6 Rankings"
Posted by zazzy on 04-26-12 at 06:41 PM
I have a hard time ranking them some weeks because the way the show handles them bugs me too much.

This week Hollie got the pimp spot, which was good, but still got a beating from the judges on her first song. Is this some plan to keep her an underdog? Is she there just to be company to Joshua? I hope the pimp spot keeps her safe. Carrie U was robotic her year on AI; and she was older at that time than Hollie is now.

Didn't like the song choice, the Climb, but appreciated the way she sang it. And there are many younger fans of that song. Did not have problems on her first song except the low notes at the beginning. They keep having her sing songs that show that weakness. Other than that, she sang the first one well despite the blather from JLo last night.

I enjoy Joshua and want to see him make it farther. However, I did not like hos first song last night and would have liked it better if he had not changed it up so much. The second song was just lovely.

P2...I see the talent but the cute factor is driving his popularity. I watched twitter last night to see what people were saying and the comments on him were more about his looks than his singing. Obscure DM song choice...was that an "in your face, people," move from P2?

Elise...she had a choice of anything she could sing and that's what she chose to showcase herself? She does not understand the AI game. Sorry Elise, you deserve to go by now for not getting smart about the game.

Skylar...less shouting on the first song....good. Second song....really? Of all the country songs you have at your disposal, that is the one you choose? Pickups and tattoos? If you go tonight, it was song choice.

Jessica...still not connecting. Wish she had waited till she was older. And her enunciation bothers me on nearly every song. Good move to tug at people's heart strings with the Dance with My Father song. I bet that has been planned for weeks for her to do.

Planned because AI is so scripted for the judges. Steve and JLo are repeatedly shown glancing at their notes! They are told whom to be enthusiastic for and whom to be lukewarm on.

The script includes:
Standing O? Joshua
Best performer comment? Skylar
Downer feedback? Hollie song 1 and Elise song 2
Pimp spot? Hollie
Tug at the heartstrings? Jessica w/father in the service
Ryan helps to pimp? Phil by Ryan's bringing Julianne into it--again about Phil's looks and not about his singing

I did like the Queen opening and was glad to see the show shake things up somewhat. Also, we've asked for years to have the contestants not be saddled with themes and the show is doing somewhat better at that.

Notice there is no Broadway night, Country night, Elton John night, etc.?

"RE: Top 6 Rankings"
Posted by Brenda22 on 09-29-19 at 01:02 PM
LAST EDITED ON 09-29-19 AT 01:03 PM (EST)

I have a hard time ranking them some weeks because the way the show handles them bugs me too much.