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Posted by AyaK on 08-06-03 at 11:17 AM
With another season of Temptation Island starting at the end of the month, we need some summary writers for the episodes. As you can see, the first season of TI had 7 episodes, but the second season had 12 episodes, so it's hard to be certain just how many episodes there will be in TI3 (although I think 7 or 8 is probably the maximum).

If you're interested in writing a summary of this show (which is, frankly, one of the most fun to summarize), please post a reply on this thread.

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"More info"
Posted by AyaK on 08-06-03 at 10:02 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-06-03 AT 10:02 PM (EST)

OK, I guess it's a six-episode run --- but there are only 5 Thursdays listed in the time period, so one of the episodes may be a double or may be on a different night:


A six-episode run of "Temptation Island 3" will begin Thursday, Aug. 28 at 9 p.m. and end Sept. 25, just as the other networks are premiering their new fall series.

So ... we're limited to six writers, and it may only be five once we finally learn the full schedule.

"RE: Summaries"
Posted by Devious Weasel on 08-08-03 at 04:48 PM
I'll volunteer. I'll even do the first.

The things we do for consideration on writing a Survivor summary.

"RE: Summaries"
Posted by true on 08-09-03 at 00:13 AM
I'm not here to sign up, sorry.

I did follow your link to past TI summaries though, and got a good laugh remembering this-

What happened to that show “Love Cruise” that was supposed to be on next that I heard so much about....where they ditch the couples and just have the hot singles go at it...now, that sounds like a show where ##### actually happens, unlike this piece of crap...FOX probably decided that it was actually “too good” and decided to scrap it for all these crappy shows...thanks.

I remember thinking this was an odd statement when I first read this summary. Too funny.

Posted by AyaK on 08-11-03 at 07:34 PM
I think that was the clue that did it for sleeeve too, when he deduced that shakes was a Love Cruise contestant in advance of shakes' big announcement. (BTW, Webby and I already knew, so we couldn't play...)

"RE: Yep!"
Posted by true on 08-12-03 at 11:47 PM
Yeah, I guessed he had something to do with Love Cruise also, mainly because of the clues in his summaries. I'm still waiting for my tee shirt.

(nobody paid attention to newbies back then)

"RE: Summaries"
Posted by Canada Girl on 08-09-03 at 08:45 PM
I'm in if ya still like me. TI has always been my favorite to write summaries for.

"RE: Summaries"
Posted by I_AM_HE on 08-10-03 at 04:44 PM
Oi! well, i guess it's about time i tried my hand at summary writing, so i'll give it a go, just tell me when

"First three episodes"
Posted by AyaK on 08-11-03 at 07:31 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-13-03 AT 10:44 PM (EST)

E1: Devious Weasel
E2: Canada Girl
E4: Lunastarlight (StarryLuna)
E5: ??
E6: ??

I'm going to do one of the ?? episodes, because I love summarizing this trashy show, but we still have at least one vacancy.

"RE: First three episodes"
Posted by Canada Girl on 08-13-03 at 06:45 PM
Great! I'm looking forward to it. TIT is the best to summarize and by then I'll be in fine summary writing form.

"Is there still a vacancy?"
Posted by Coconut on 08-19-03 at 01:05 PM
If there is, I would like to have a spot. Perhaps not the finale, though.


Posted by AyaK on 08-19-03 at 01:33 PM
Supposedly, there are six episodes compressed into 5 weeks. If so, you have episode 5, and I'll do episode 6. For now, though, we'll have to wait until we see the full schedule. OK?

Posted by Coconut on 08-19-03 at 03:45 PM
That sounds fine. Thanks!

waiting with bated breath.

"RE: Summaries"
Posted by StarryLuna on 08-13-03 at 09:35 PM
Oooh, ooh, ooh!!! Please let me re-cap an eppy. I almost fell off my couch tonight when I saw the commercial for TIT, I was THAT excited! You should have seen my fiance's face. I only wrote a re-cap once before, the second to last eppy of TI2 and LOVED doing it. Pick me, pick me!

"so sad..."
Posted by StarryLuna on 08-13-03 at 09:36 PM
I'm so sad that my DAW level is so low...I wish I could remember the password to my old screenname.

"That's OK..."
Posted by AyaK on 08-13-03 at 10:43 PM
I still remember these line from your summary:

Rossi is wearing a dark suit for the funeral of his chances with Catherine. The date selection begins with Catherine who says the person she chose made her feel things she hasn’t felt in a really long time. I guess that means Edmundo’s equipment doesn’t quite compare with Size 14 Brian’s.

You have E4.

I wish I could remember the password to my old screenname

If you still have your old e-mail address, you can ask for the password to be reset and the new password to be sent to your e-mail. If not, let me know.

"RE: That's Okay..."
Posted by StarryLuna on 08-14-03 at 04:50 PM
AyaK, I'm glad to see I made such a lasting impression on you. Thanks for E4! (sounds like a game of battleship... "E4!" "Oh, no, you sunk my battleship. Thank god my breasts can be used as flotation devices." -- Catherine

Anyway, my old screenname was set up with my college email address which, since I've graduated, is no longer active. So I'll just stick with my new name and work on becoming an even bigger DAW then I already was!

Posted by sorgee on 09-04-03 at 08:54 PM
ok kids. i haven't been pulling my weight around here lately so i'm volunteering to do a slummary if i am needed.
(AyaK- please e-mail me if you add me to the slummary list. thanks.)

"Checking in on E2"
Posted by AyaK on 09-09-03 at 10:36 AM
Just checking in to see how CanadaGirl is doing on the E2 summary....

"RE: Checking in on E2"
Posted by Canada Girl on 09-10-03 at 04:45 PM
it's up! wooho. Was like pulling teeth, I tell ya. Hope it turned out ok.

"RE: Summaries"
Posted by AMAI on 09-13-03 at 02:12 PM
AyaK, please consider me a backup - it looks like you have a full lineup, but I'll be happy to fill in at the last minute if anyone runs into difficulty.

I've just begun watching this show, and indeed, it's a very funny show to recap.

"RE: Summaries"
Posted by StarryLuna on 09-22-03 at 08:42 AM
AyaK - Since episodes 5 ad 6 are both two hours long, maybe we should split the episodes so each person only has to re-cap an hour? ;) Of course, this suggestion is really just a pathetic attempt for me to still get to re-cap an eppy! LOL

"RE: Summaries"
Posted by Coconut on 09-22-03 at 09:15 AM

I'm doing ep. 5.. but I don't mind sharing or doing both, whatever is convenient.

Does anyone know offhand when Ep. 5 is? Is it still Thursday after Survivor?

We are the Beaver

"RE: Summaries"
Posted by StarryLuna on 09-22-03 at 11:31 PM
Coconut - episode 5 is two hours long, starting at 8:00 pm this Thursday which means it will be going up against Survivor and Friends...some of us don't have enough VCRs!

"How about ..."
Posted by AyaK on 09-24-03 at 02:06 AM
Since I filled in E4, why doesn't Coconut do the 2-hour E5 and StarryLuna do the 2-hour E6 finale?

"RE: How about ..."
Posted by StarryLuna on 09-24-03 at 08:52 AM
Works for me! Thank you so much for writing the E4 summary, AyaK!

"RE: How about ..."
Posted by Coconut on 09-25-03 at 11:13 AM
Sure, that works for me.

Pregnant Canadian space alien howler monkey. Really.

"Just checking in..."
Posted by AyaK on 10-01-03 at 02:17 PM
Coconut, StarryLuna, I just wanted to know how it was coming in the summary department...

"RE: Just checking in..."
Posted by StarryLuna on 10-01-03 at 04:10 PM
As soon as I finish typing up a quiz for my students and some other notes for my classes, I'm going to snuggle down with my computer, some (preferably alcholic) beverage and the finale of TI to get the summary written. Should be up by Friday.

"RE: Just checking in..."
Posted by Coconut on 10-01-03 at 06:01 PM

Okay. I'll try and get mine done tonight.. halfway there!

Inanely Humorous.

"Sounds good to me..."
Posted by AyaK on 10-01-03 at 06:37 PM

"almost done"
Posted by StarryLuna on 10-01-03 at 10:07 PM
I'm almost finished. All I have left to recap is Kristin and Eric's bonfire (which should take all of two seconds) and Stephanie and Anthony's bonfire (which will take a little longer since I first must learn their language so I can translate what they said.)