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Posted by frostypo on 02-27-05 at 00:09 AM
Ok, that does it. This was the only reality show I've watched, and it ends here. That stupid Heather is the one that should have been booted out. She was obviously jealous of Darlene. When she stated that she'd never watch Darlene's show, I wanted to smack her. I thought sure that Tom would come through for Darlene.

Well, enjoy you guys. I will watch no more.

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Posted by RickStacy on 02-27-05 at 00:26 AM
Oh, for the love of God! How lame can it get? They end up with no viable candidates except Mitch (who won't make it) and Darlene, so what do they do? Change the rules!

Posted by frostypo on 02-27-05 at 00:34 AM
I thought about that, too, but Heather would have had the only vote if they'd gone the usual way, and she would have voted Darlene out. She was so obviously pissed when Darlene was getting all the praise. It's obvious everyone else was jealous of her except for Denise, who I wish could have been brought back. I'm really disappointed with Tom. He knows he should have voted to keep Darlene.

I'm serious; I shall no longer watch this show. But I'll certainly watch Darlene's. And I know she'll have one someday. She was the one who came through the most for that team, and only Denise had the decency to appreciate her.

Posted by okaychatt on 02-27-05 at 11:43 AM
<She was the one who came through the most for that team

Yep. Darlene pulled the team out of a total disaster by creating the simple meditation area. She knows how to pull up her sleeves, put her thinking cap on, and get to work.

Heather, on the other hand, has grandiose ideas that she cannot deliver. I think viewers will remember that if she wins this competition.

I'd rather have something like this decided by the judges than team members, if it should be based on merit. If it's just another game, then all is well. I don't like the Survivor aspect to this game.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

Posted by okaychatt on 02-27-05 at 11:39 AM
<jealous of Darlene

Yes, both Heather and Tom are jealous of Darlene. She was Heather's biggest threat, so that vote was a given.

Heather is such a blah person, let alone a blah creative diva.

This certainly clears the field for Mitch, doesn't it? Ick!

Of course, merit plays no role. I wonder whom the judges would have chosen had the vote gone to a tie.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

Posted by mchannah on 02-27-05 at 01:09 PM
How does that no talent Heather keep slipping under the radar?? She can't cook, can't organize, can't lead, and only lucked out with her only creative thing yet... her boring topiary. And Amy "I can handle it, but I don't want the leadership role". Please!! She's such a wimp! Mitch is truly the only one left worthy of a show. He's a jerk sometimes (okay, most of the time), but he's the only creative person left and the only one who has any leadership ability. Kimberly is a self-important hag, and the other one... what's her name, oh yeah, Dawn, she couldn't stand on her own 2 feet without Kimberly there. Those 2 make me sick!! What, did Darlene vote Denise out, because I surely do not believe she thinks Amy has more talent. My favorite thing Darlene did, and there are many, was stand up to that immature, hopping and clapping, Tom. Oh my gosh, how embarassing would that temper tantrum have been??

Posted by frostypo on 02-27-05 at 10:02 PM
>What, did Darlene vote Denise out, because I surely do not believe she thinks Amy has more talent.

Didn't quite understand that as Darlene didn't vote Denise out at any time, and Denise was the only one who voted to keep Darlene and oust Amy.

One thing I find kinda suspicious: Heather came up with bad idea that didn't work, then walked away from it. Never came up with any other idea or help. She then did a HIDEOUS job on the sod, and plants were not even planted. It's almost as though she was trying to get her team to lose. Didn't the others see how Darlene came through and Heather almost sank them? Then they all sat there in that kitchen and bad mouthed Darlene without mentioning a single thing that Amy did that would justify keeping her. Why were they all so with Heather, who took credit for helping with everything (quote) Oh, what didn't I do? (unquote) They all gave disgusted looks when Heather said that, Tom commented earlier on how Darlene came through for the group, and then they all (except for Denise) sank her.

As a side note, I wish Denise could have come back instead of Kimberly.

Posted by mchannah on 02-28-05 at 09:34 AM
frostypo, I wish the CBS site had a tally of the contestant's past votes showing with team mates they voted out, but I'm sure, out of the 4 who voted, that Michael was the only one who voted to keep Darlene on the last episode. I can't remember who all voted to kick Denise out when she was voted off the game, but after giving it some thought, I think that Darlene had been moved to Mitch's team by then.

I would have liked to see Denise come back, too, because she was the only one I thought worthy of reentering the game at that time.

Posted by frostypo on 02-28-05 at 10:37 AM
Well, the voting was written up on another site, and you were absolutely right, and I was totally wrong: Mychael voted to keep Darlene, and Denise voted to keep Amy.

Kimberly and Dawn had voted Denise out.

Posted by rjg2 on 02-27-05 at 02:48 PM
Here is what I sent to the CBS.com website feedback. Let them know what you think as well...

Regarding Wickedly Perfect: All I can say is you screwed up and how unfair! You lost the most talented and versatile contestant in Darlene. She was hands down the shining star in each episode. And she had the personality and on-air charisma necessary to have her own show. Besides Mitch, whose contributions have been hit and miss, I don't see any of the remaining contestants with that same on-air presence necessary to carry a show. They are just no-talent wannabees. Week by week Darlene carried her teams in each category. Even though her team lost this week, it was not because of what Darlene built, but that of the people previously voted off. In fact the judges commented on how Darlene's work continues to amaze them(the table & meditation space). And to have the bitter ex-contestants decide the fate of the winner? The voting process this week was not consistent with that of previous weeks, and was just plain and simple UNFAIR. Had the vote gone to the real judges of this show, you and I both know Darlene would still be in the running. I thought this show was supposed to decide the next authority on at-home-living? Good luck trying to find one in the remaining contestants! I'm not interested in viewing the final episodes now that the real at-home authority has been eliminated. I'll be looking for Darlene on her own show regardless of who you declare the winner.

Posted by mchannah on 02-27-05 at 03:22 PM
Good job rjg2, where do you go to post info to the CBS site? Oh yeah, I just remembered, wasn't it Amy who was whining about Darlene's 50's theme, and chaise lounge being bad ideas... just the 2 things the judges liked best to make them vote the Crafty Beavers the winners of that challenge?? Ugghhh, I can't stand it! Out of the remaining contestants, I would only watch a show by Mitch. The others are just to pathetic!

Posted by Reality432423 on 02-27-05 at 10:30 PM
Wow, I"m glad so many agree, I thought I was the only one. This recent episode was like getting hit with 2 punches. First Kimberly came back and Darlene left. Aside from Mitch I don't even know the other people names. They all look and talk the same. Nothing stands out for any of them. Mitch is a jerk, but he's clearly talented and has a vivid personality. Kimberly (or whatever her name is) she's total crap. This show is about who can be the most fake and the biggest hyocrite.

This show completly blows now. Mitch is clearly gone now, with 4 chicks gunning for him. He has no chance. In the end a non memorable face will win.

This show started promising, but it just died now. RIP

Posted by rjg2 on 02-27-05 at 10:59 PM
Go to www.CBS.com. Down at the bottom of the page you should see a link for feedback. I just clicked on that and sent them a message.

Posted by frostypo on 02-27-05 at 11:28 PM
Thank you so much. I have sent them my feedback and let them know I will no longer be watching this show. Hope Darlene gets her own show soon.

Posted by Elaine0 on 02-28-05 at 08:12 AM
This week was horrible. I never would have bet Kimberley would be the one to come back. What were the chances of that?

Then to have Darlene go was too much.

If one of the women win what a joke their show will be. Who would watch it? I'm sure nobody here will. We all know they have limited talent.

They will all be gunning for Mitch because they know he's better than them. The only hope for this show is that the judges take over from here.

Did they say 3 will be eliminated next week? It looked like the eliminations were based on the TV appearance. But just because you look good on TV doesn't mean you have talent.

Darlene got frazzeled at times, but that was part of her charm. I'd watch her. She's honest. She'll tell you if she doesn't know how to do something and find a way to figure it out. Where the other women would BS their way through and screw it up.

Posted by mhdallas on 02-28-05 at 10:42 AM
Yes, yes, yes Darlene!!!!

I'm sorry, but I just couldn't remain silent anymore. Darlene was one of the most obnoxious people I have ever seen and, while true enough, she did an incredible job with the picnic table, that was not enough to vindicate her whininess and often way-too-perky personality. The world already has a blond Katie Couric - we don't need a redhead too.

True, last night, Heather was definitely the one who should've been booted, but still...Darlene's time was coming. A few good ideas here and there do not mean that a person is qualified to host a tv show. Of course, none of the remaining contestants are qualified, either - with the exception of Mitch. He may be arrogant and bitchy (which makes for great tv, by the way), but he is also multi-talented and knows how to present himself before the judges,not making lame excuses when something doesn't turn out right.

I am absolutely appalled that Kimberly was brought back, but have no doubts that she will NOT win. It's fairly obvious that Mitch will win, despite all the ladies 'gunning for him'. Listening to the judges week after week, it's clear that he has made the best impression.

I'm sorry if I've offended any of you die-hard Darlene fans (and to be honest, I have to admit that I liked her more last night than I ever have), but I just couldn't help myself. We Mitch fans have to speak up, too!

Posted by frostypo on 02-28-05 at 11:00 AM
Well, I think all of us who liked Darlene have admitted that she and Mitch are the best choices. I did not find her whiny, and as far as Mitch not giving lame excuses, no, he sure didn't. he just made up lies.

I do agree that of those, left Mitch is the best choice, but I definitely do not feel Darlene should have been bumped off. She had more than a few good ideas here and there. Also, I think her personality would have been better over the long run.

Posted by Elaine0 on 02-28-05 at 12:32 PM
I couldn't stand Darlene at the beginning and wasn't a big supporter until she switched teams. After that she seemed to work like a dog doing everything she could for the team projects.

But just because some of us like Darlene doesn't mean we don't like Mitch. I've liked Mitch from the beginning. Unlike the remaining women, he backs up what he says every week.

The outcome of the show will depend on who is doing the cutting. If the contestants pick, I think Mitch is gone. But if the judges pick, I feel Mitch will win.

I'd be satisfied with a Mitch or Darlene win, but wouldn't watch a show with any of the others.

Posted by frostypo on 02-28-05 at 01:24 PM
I think Darlene worked hard for the team from the beginning, but they kept rejecting her ideas. In fact, when she tried to save Michelle's lobster, Michelle lied and said no flour was left, so Denise was unable to make a roux for cream sauce.

Darlene had the idea for the outside bathroom, and also did a great job on landscaping during the 3rd ep. Then she made the costumes for the living art thing, and as I remember, came up with the storyline.

By episode 5, Darlene had been chosen for the other team, and they were much more receptive to her ideas and talents. Until this last one, when Heather seemed determined to make her team lose. How she managed not to be chosen over Mychael and Tim is a mystery to me. If people had been dropped based on actual abilty and teamwork, she would have been out long before.

Just MHO!

Posted by RickStacy on 02-28-05 at 12:40 PM
>He may be arrogant and
>bitchy (which makes for great
>tv, by the way), but
>he is also multi-talented and
>knows how to present himself
>before the judges,not making lame
>excuses when something doesn't turn
>out right.

No, he doesn't make lame excuses. He looks them in the eye and lies.

Posted by toddE on 02-28-05 at 01:00 PM
I agree that initially I didn't like Darlene at all, but she eventually proved herself to be the best of the contenders.

I don't care for Mitch, would never watch a show he hosted. I think I MIGHT watch a show with Amy, but she hasn't had enough presence to be sure. Heather and Dawn are both just the worst, and I was amazed that Heather somehow prevailed again, since she has never done anything good that I can think of. At least Amy and Kimberly have done a few good things.

Posted by okaychatt on 02-28-05 at 04:10 PM
<not making lame excuses when something doesn't turn out right.

His, "Oh - we liked the appearance of that wrought iron table just the way it is, so we did nothing to it" excuse was pure, unadulterated BS, and the judges knew it.

He's done his fair share of blather when something did not turn out right.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

Posted by missygirl3 on 02-28-05 at 04:15 PM
Amen to that!!! I was so glad to see Darlene gone. So happy that I am not the only Mitch fan out there. by the way...Amy who???

"On Darlene and annoyance"
Posted by kgelner on 03-02-05 at 04:46 PM
I agree that at first, Darlene was terribly annoying. But I think that was because of some serious personality clashes and a lot of pressure on her - and indeed you could see some resurgance of that as Tom rejoined her team.

But over time she has gotten MUCH better to the point where I find any remaining personailty flaws far less annoying than other contetstants. I agree Mitch has some talent but it's back by an over-large Ego - I though Darlene has a reasonable amount of ego in comparison.

I am not sure who is best in all-around tasks between Mitch and Darlene, but I can say that's a battle I would have relished and given props to the winner whichever way it fell. As it stands now though the remaining contest is a sham.

One last note is that even though Mitch has some good talents, his personaility is such that I don't think I could watch a show with him, where I was feeling like possibly I could have watched a show with Darlene if she turned down the perkyness just a notch. But you need the kind of energy she had I feel to run a TV show.

Us Darlene supprters realize she has her flaws, but are mostly angry she was backstabbed. And the real travesty is that the show does not get enough viewership to probably mean anything will come of the injustice, I just hope what Darlene has done so far opens up some doors for her somewhere.

Posted by buckeyegirl on 02-28-05 at 01:30 PM
I just got done watching Saturday's episode of Wickedly Perfect, and quite frankly am just as upset as everyone else is that Darlene got voted out. Imho she and Mitch were the only two who I thought could pull off hosting their own shows. The rest are well, boring....and Kimberly coming back is sooo lame. I was totally cheering on Denise. They totally ruined a good show.

BEG's Summaries

Posted by ginger on 02-28-05 at 04:04 PM
I cannot believe they eliminated her, either. Still hoping for some joker to come out of the deck -- after all, we have *yawn* Kimberly, our Lady of the Funerial Flowers, returning...surely the network realizes that they have no valid host for the show they're supposed to launch?

When an Ornate Seamstress picks up a saw for the first time and knocks out a picnic bench like that, she deserves the prize.

I actually think Darlene and Mitch, as co-stars, would make an interesting half hour.

Very puzzled how they'll pull this turkey out of the oven now.

Posted by okaychatt on 02-28-05 at 04:12 PM
<how they'll pull this turkey out of the oven now

Hopefully they realized their mistake and changed the rules up again so that Darlene could return.

Other than that miracle, I don't see much hope for the style show.

Mitch could handle it, but I find his superior attitude more than a little annoying.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

"Agree, I'm out too."
Posted by kgelner on 03-02-05 at 04:35 PM
I was furious at the end of that show. How so many could vote Darlene off - and for Tom to do so, after complementing her, was just ridiculous.

Why even watch anymore? It's obvious Mitch will win now, and equally obvious it's Darlene that should have won. I can't bring myself to watch this train wreck any longer... next weeks show would have been fun with Darlene on it, now it will just be infuriating.

"Will have to watch anyway..."
Posted by justcindy on 03-02-05 at 05:13 PM
I so agree...please e-mail CBS and let them know ! This is ridiculous and I really like that show...but it's not right! I wonder if there will be any more twists or if they just end up giving that show contract and the book deal to someone who's unworthy...

"One more thing - what should have happened"
Posted by kgelner on 03-02-05 at 04:37 PM
I think the judges should have had a secret veto power, to override such an obvious travesty of justice. I'm sure they were not too pleased to see her go either.

"RE: One more thing - what should have happened"
Posted by mchannah on 03-02-05 at 05:58 PM
If only Darlene would have stood her ground when it came to picking Tom for their team! She tried to say no. Tom said good things about Darlene, but no doubt was carrying a grudge.

Posted by New Couples on 03-15-05 at 09:07 PM
I thought I would fall out in the floor, when Darlene was voted off. That just goes to show you when two losers sceame their way as so called friends, to get together and vote against the best of the three women left. This show was interesting to watch, but not fair to the best of the bunch. For Darlene to be voted off and bring back a loser ruined the show for me. The final two on the show should have definitely been DARLENE and MITCH!I am lucky to know MITCH personally and he was ROBBED from being the REAL winner.

Posted by kidflash212 on 07-10-16 at 02:48 PM
Someone should send Martha Stewart to jail!