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"Nashville Star 7/7"

Posted by whimsey on 07-07-08 at 07:21 PM
Welcome to tonight's battle for the most desperate pop/country, hybrid wannabe of the season.

Post your criticism of the sad country contestants singing pop, and sad pop contestants struggling with country - I'll be at the bar.

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Posted by whimsey on 07-07-08 at 08:20 PM
LAST EDITED ON 07-07-08 AT 08:22 PM (EST)

Double elimination tonight.

One eliminated right now:

Melissa Lawson come down - Team Rich

Tommy Stanley come down - Team Jewel

One is the top vote getter, one received the fewest amount of votes.

Tommy Stanley leaves tonight.

Jewel says "You came here on your own terms - not quite country, not quite pop - and don't ever change that, be your own man".

"Melissa Lawson - safe"
Posted by whimsey on 07-07-08 at 08:27 PM
Melissa is shown in rehearsal says her family is on board for the competition. They show her working out in the gym, she says she's not going to stop losing weight.

sings: Everything's gonna be alright - Deana Carter (?)

Posted by whimsey on 07-07-08 at 08:42 PM
LAST EDITED ON 07-07-08 AT 11:17 PM (EST)

Rehearsal package: They argue, one leaves, says she doesn't want to sing with the other anymore. Jeffrey tells them to talk it out and figure out whether they really want to be in this or not.

So help me out here America.....you sent home Charlie with his velvet voice, Jason with is dreamy eyes/tight butt, and Tommy - who is fighting for the country......for this crap! I'd rather they cancel this bull$h!t NOW than go one more week with this NBC, tween-centric mess!

They sing - Walkin' After Midnight, badly. Come out smiling and holding hands. Rich says if he were their brother, he'd pack them up and drive them home himself. Jewel simply says they should have gone home before now.

eta - to soften harsh rant.

"Gabe Garcia"
Posted by whimsey on 07-07-08 at 08:50 PM
In rehearsal, Jewel tells him he has to loosen up. Can't keep standing there and singing great. He tries some dancing.

sings: Somebody Like You - Keith Urban

Tries to work the stage, his wardrobe has improved. Great voice, still.

"Shawn Mayer"
Posted by whimsey on 07-07-08 at 08:59 PM
In rehearsal, drama, drama, drama. She cries at the end of her performance. She tells Rich she can't work with him, he doesn't like her and is mean, doesn't know how to talk to people. Rich says "If you don't like how I coach you, fire me!" She does, and goes over to Jeffrey's team. He tells her to channel all the drama into her performance, because she isn't believable now.

sings: First Cut is the Deepest - Linda Ronstadt version.

Dramatic lighting, she's seated wearing a pretty powder blue dress. Makeup and hair look kinda crazy with the lighting.

Seemed heartfelt to me. Judges were "meh". Didn't change them much.

"Ashley Hewitt"
Posted by whimsey on 07-07-08 at 09:04 PM
Rehearsal - Rich tells her to sing "Take the Money and Run" - Steve Miller Band. She says she's not a "come on now, audience!" kind of girl, just a barefoot singer.

Live: sings it barefoot. Seemed uncomfortable to me, lacked believability. Jewel thinks she is the only one that seems like an artist. Rich didn't like it, and I concur.

Posted by whimsey on 07-07-08 at 09:09 PM
Rehearsal - Is told he needs to step it up to go further. Shown jammin' on the harmonica with the bad everyone getting into it.

sings: Proud Mary - am mix of the CCR and Ike and Tina version.

Billy Ray makes some stupid comment about the Ike and Tina Live was his first album. Yeah right, maybe the writers first album. I had to turn up the sound up to really hear him.

Judges think his time is up.

"Pear Heart"
Posted by whimsey on 07-07-08 at 09:13 PM
Rehearsal - Jeffrey asks if the know "Ain't Goin' Down Til the Sun Comes Up" and they do it acappella. Love them!

They do it live. Great harmonies, all play electric guitars. Excellent, they are doomed.

"Bottom Two"
Posted by whimsey on 07-07-08 at 09:16 PM
LAST EDITED ON 07-07-08 AT 09:17 PM (EST)

....are Ashley Hewitt and Pearl Heart.

Going home tonight -

Pearl Heart!

I give up. OK maybe that's not completely true, I gave up when they mover the show to NBC.

"Votred off tonight"
Posted by whimsey on 07-07-08 at 09:18 PM
Tommy Stanley and Pearl Heart.

And there you have it. Peace, all.

"RE: Great jobm Wimsey!!"
Posted by mindy23 on 07-08-08 at 09:14 AM

I was planning on doing a recap this morning, but there is NO WAY I could have done what you just did! I couldn't even remember all the songs that these people did, and there are only, what 5 singing groups/singers left??!!

Anyway, OMGosh-those girls AGAIN! Did you see the rolling of the eyes and the shaking of the head when Jewel told Pearl Heart that they should be there instead? One of the 2 of the duet looked possessed! I hope they just get angry enough to walk out and hit the high road. Not only are they really REALLY BAD singers, they're just not good to watch, either...

Felt really bad for Pearl Heart. But I always felt this wasn't a competition for groups. I know this is the first year for that, and it could've started a statement, but at this point, it's looking like Gabe or Melissa are going to take the trophy.

And I felt the judges were way fair tonight.

The only thing that really bothered me, that you probably didn't notice or forgot to mention: Tommy Stanley didn't get that whole 'You're Gonna Miss This' Good-Bye ordeal!! I felt that was wrong, but oh well. What do I know?? They have the most boring host EVER, so what can you expect??

Thanks again, Wimsey-keep up the good work. Looks like they're gonna wrap this up pretty quickly with double eliminations in the future weeks, too.

"RE: Great jobm Wimsey!!"
Posted by JessicaRN on 07-08-08 at 06:22 PM
The one thing that I do like is that the judges give pretty spot on critiques for the most part. I couldn't believe that the one girl had the guts to "fire" John Rich. This is the first year that I have watched this and I hate Billy Ray Cyrus. I can't have the sound on anytime that he is on screen or speaking. I like Jeffrey Steele.