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"A true 'First' for me this season"

Posted by geekboy on 05-13-10 at 12:07 PM
It hasn't happened in the past eight seasons yet. This is a first.

I'd be happy with any of these three taking the title.

In all the past eight seasons i've had one or two of the top three that I simply did NOT want to win. Not this year. I'm very happy with this final three.


"I think what Randy Travis was trying to say was 'What the hell was that?!'" - S. Cowell

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Posted by Estee on 05-13-10 at 12:18 PM
This year's final three.

'Hi! I have no personality plus a complete inability to connect with an audience!'

'Hi! I also have no personality, but I can wink at the camera while flubbing my vocal notes, and some people think I'm hot!'

'Hi! I have so much personality that the producers of this thing are secretly afraid no one who lives more than two hundred miles from a coastline will ever buy anything I make!'

"RE: Disagree."
Posted by geekboy on 05-13-10 at 12:39 PM

"I think what Randy Travis was trying to say was 'What the hell was that?!'" - S. Cowell

"Once again:"
Posted by Estee on 05-13-10 at 01:24 PM
Hi. I'm Estee.

But that's the way I currently see this F3. Lee is the Gertrude Stein vision of Oakland: there's no there there. Pour water into his mouth, pull out the little plug in his heel to empty. There are some performers (professionals very much included) who have yet to display an unscripted reaction in front of a camera. Lee hasn't even shown himself capable of reading a script. He had the perfect pre-show job, because trying to get a human response out of him is about as useful and exciting as watching paint dry. He'd better make fans off his music, because he won't do it on charisma -- and his music isn't exactly enthralling. Call him The Dementor Of Rock, because he's svcked the soul out of just about every song he's kissed.

In contrast, Casey could be said to have personality -- but the whole of it seems wrapped up in his appearance. Want to know who Casey is? Look at his face and soma. Want to know what else Casey is? Settle in, because you may be waiting for a while. You can say metrosexual if you want to, but the vibe he gives off (aided and abetted by Kara) sometimes comes perilously close to himbo. We know almost nothing about Casey: he's a cardboard cutout propped in a vaguely interesting fashion. Autotune can temporarily cure his goat vibrato issues and old-fashioned playover will take care of him on stage, but what's going to save him when he has to have a public thought? Absolutely nothing. By the way, have we found out what's in the box yet?

We know who Crystal is. I think most of the AI powers are very worried about who Crystal is. Call her an earth mother if you wish, or a later-day hippie, definitely a street artist, a slightly odd duck in a pond originally built to attract honking geese -- and no matter what you call her, call her potentially ostracized. Because in the increasingly-balkanized society that the United States has become, she will have a lot of areas where her act, music, and hairstyle will not be allowed to play. By law. She's not safe: the one and only selling quality of Archie. We've seen what comes out when she's mostly contract-muzzled: can you imagine what's going to happen when the clamps come open? The heartland doesn't want to. Some of those areas still have anti-hippie laws on the book -- and their lack of votes may cost her the win in the end.

I think Lee may take this because of the three, he's the safest.

Harrison Bergeron lives.

"RE: Once again:"
Posted by mtb002 on 05-13-10 at 01:37 PM
First off, let me say I'm diggin' all the Am Lit references.

I'll agree on Lee and Crystal.

Casey, I can't tell yet. Using an extremely broad generalization, there seems to be 2 kinds of Texans. There's the Seinfield persona with the 10 gal hat, jovial, yucking it up, calling everyone a "sumbitch" extrovert. Then there's the "Speak softly and carry a big stick." Texan. I think Casey may be the latter, just lets his guitar playing do the talking. But it's so hard to tell from his editing.

"RE: Once again:"
Posted by Estee on 05-13-10 at 01:47 PM
I'm diggin' all the Am Lit references.

I felt a sudden need to make up for my apparent lack of law degree.

"RE: Once again:"
Posted by emydi on 05-13-10 at 01:42 PM
By the way, have we found out what's in the box yet?

I've been wondering that too since top 10

I'm sure Lee will win then he can go on tour with Nickelsuck and Daughtry

"RE: Once again:"
Posted by Estee on 05-13-10 at 01:46 PM
Do you think Lee will self-title his band just because he doesn't have the imagination to come up with anything else?

"RE: Once again:"
Posted by csnumber23 on 05-14-10 at 01:19 AM
What is your problem with Nickelback that you rip them every week? Just don't like them or something more personal?

I like Nickelback, Daughtry and Lee. In fact I hope Lee ends up heading a rock band. Rock bands are my favorite music though so I am biased with my opinion.

"RE: Once again:"
Posted by grit on 05-14-10 at 08:58 AM
I have to side with csnumber on this one. I also like Nickelback, Daughtry and Lee. I tend to listen to alternative rock.

It's funny how each person's musical tastes will shade their perception of each contestant.

Has Lee been a little pitchy? Yeah, there were a couple of times over the span of all these weeks. But I like his voice, I like what he's done with the songs he's been given, and I'd probably buy his CD.

Is Crystal a good singer? Yes, but I find her boring. I don't care for her musical style. I won't be buying her music. I also found Mike to be very boring. Nice voice but boooorrring. Just like Reuben Studdard.

Does Casey deserve to be in the top 3 based on his singing alone? No, but he's a really good guitarist and some of the stuff that he's done with the guitar has made him more interesting to the voters, hence his place in the top 3.


"RE: Once again:"
Posted by Tummy on 05-14-10 at 11:02 AM
I'm going with "more personal".

Emy - didn't you have their love child, or something?

"RE: Once again:"
Posted by frodis on 05-13-10 at 01:47 PM
I love a good Harrison Bergeron reference. I read that when I was 11 and it's stuck with me ever since. It's so appropriate, so often.

I actually find Lee and Crystal to be very similar. I don't think either of them is as interested in cultivating a performance personality as they are in just singing. The difference is that Crystal already has an inherent personality that is identifiable to a certain extent - the look, the sound, the street folk busker chick, the glimpses into her personality which we've been given through her Coke stool interviews and snippets of judge backtalk - which is what she is. Lee has that midwestern generic guy with the generic hair and generic clothes thing going - which is probably who he is, too. I'm not sure he's devoid of personality as it is that he is devoid of a personality that departs from "plain old dude you'd run into on the train and not think twice about unless he dripped coffee on your shoe." He just doesn't register, where Crystal does.

Casey, on the other hand, has his cheesy "I'm singing now, watch me have fun!" smile and his sway and head shake so his hair settles just-so thing going. As for who Casey is - I have to say I'm not sure. I think he's a guy who likes to play guitar and likes to sing but given a choice of whether he'd want to be Bono or The Edge, he'd go with The Edge.

"RE: Once again:"
Posted by zazzy on 05-13-10 at 02:20 PM
First of all, I have to look up himbo because it does not compute.

Second of all, when it comes to Crystal, really? Or in SNL terms, Really?

Do you really think that there are "a lot of areas where her act, music, and hairstyle will not be allowed to play". Where might that be?

I've lived in Texas, the south, and the midwest. I've family in the east and on the west coast. I'm still trying to figure out where it is in the US that you believe would completely reject Crystal. Not that I think she'd be everyone's cup of tea...but a wholesale areas of the country rejection? That also does not compute.

"RE: Once again:"
Posted by zazzy on 05-13-10 at 02:27 PM
OK, I checked Urban Dictionary for himbo. Disagree that Casey is unintelligent. Rather, I think he's played the game fairly well, especially with song choice and dampening the effect of the band and back up singers on Tuesday night.

I expect to hear them overpower him some next Tuesday, though, with the judge's choice. I'm guessing Kara picks for Casey, Simon for Crystal and Randy for Lee.

Will the contestants sing something new of their own choice on Tuesday or will they reprise something they've already performed?


What does Casey have in the box? I'm still guessing knitting needles and some partially knit item like a hat or a scarf.

"RE: Once again:"
Posted by Estee on 05-13-10 at 02:35 PM
LAST EDITED ON 05-13-10 AT 02:36 PM (EST)



Major parts of states.

Arizona, unless she carries her birth certificate with her at all times.

They're out there. And they want you to stay out.

ETA: I can't take this much further into detail without carrying the topic to another part of the board or PM, because it's as much political as cultural. But the two are intertwined -- and Rejection Nation very much exists.

"RE: Once again:"
Posted by zazzy on 05-13-10 at 02:41 PM
LAST EDITED ON 05-13-10 AT 02:44 PM (EST)

PM me, please. I'd like to be educated on this, thanks.

P.S. I am interested to read what you have to say on the subject. One of the first appearances the AI winner has is at the Walmart annual meeting in Arkansas.

Am I getting warm?

"RE: Disagree."
Posted by mtb002 on 05-13-10 at 01:22 PM
I can't believe I even have to ask this, but which one is Casey and which one is Lee?

"RE: Disagree."
Posted by Estee on 05-13-10 at 01:47 PM
Second is Casey, first is Lee.

"RE: Disagree."
Posted by zazzy on 05-13-10 at 02:12 PM
Casey is the blonde who sounds like Bob Seger at times and plays a mean guitar. Also captured in the Antique Shoppe series.

Lee is the usually pitchy, aw shucks, "if only I had confidence" guy who brought a bagpipe player to one of his performances which added nothing but sideshow. Entertaining sideshow, but what about the singing? Oh, that's right, I mentioned pitchy.

"RE: Disagree."
Posted by mtb002 on 05-13-10 at 02:14 PM
And don't call me Shirley.

"RE: Disagree."
Posted by Estee on 05-13-10 at 02:37 PM

Out of tune!

"RE: Disagree."
Posted by zazzy on 05-13-10 at 02:43 PM
Yes, better said, out of tune!

I ask you all, which of the final 3 would you like to represent AI singing the national anthem at some big NBA game, Super Bowl, World Series, NASCAR race, wherever it is that they book the AI winners?

Out of tune Lee? Crystal for the win!

"RE: Disagree."
Posted by mtb002 on 05-14-10 at 08:55 AM
I think NASCAR fans would prefer Casey or Lee.

"RE: A true 'First' for me this season"
Posted by zazzy on 05-13-10 at 02:09 PM










I like Casey and at times I have liked Lee, but they are just not in the league with the previous 8; only Crystal imo is.

"RE: A true 'First' for me this season"
Posted by Snidget on 05-13-10 at 02:51 PM
I kind of agree but more from a different angle.

I'm bored enough with each of the final three to really not care which one wins.

Crystal is consistent in a good way, and plenty of artists survive a long time in the industry because all their songs sound the same. But I find myself bored. I want a moment, a special moment, and I'm not really seeing getting any new moments that aren't the same as the old moments.

Lee. Boring midwestern psuedo-rockers that people think they can get to sleep with them. At least the ones in the past did something, anything to make enough of a splash I cared enough to either want them on the show or off the show.

Casey. Well the goat jokes are a bit amusing, but it is nothing new on the idol stage. I do like his guitar playing, but this isn't the search for the next lead guitarist. I really do hope some band snatches him up. He's they guy they want to sleep with, but will doink Lee because they can get him while pretending since they were on the same stage it is close enough.

So the good news is, I don't hate any of them, so I wouldn't be all upset if any of them won, but I don't really care which one does, or if they just call it a three way tie over the weekend and end the show now.

If there is anything the nonconformist hates worse than a conformist, it's another nonconformist who doesn't conform to the prevailing standard of nonconformity. - Bill Vaughan

"Another country heard from."
Posted by Estee on 05-13-10 at 03:28 PM
'Lee is Tiger Woods before the affairs came out, Casey is Woods after the media got him, and Crystal is the one woman in the club who knew not to sleep with him.'

"RE: A true 'First' for me this season"
Posted by csnumber23 on 05-14-10 at 01:15 AM
I agree completely they are 3 of my top 5 favorites from the beginning. My first choice would be Lee but I'm fine with any of the 3

"RE: A true 'First' for me this season"
Posted by Tummy on 05-14-10 at 11:05 AM
This is the first year I don't care who wins. But not for the same reason.

I think this Final Three are kind of boring. I like them, I just don't lurve any of them.

"RE: A true 'First' for me this season"
Posted by frodis on 05-14-10 at 11:21 AM
I'm with you, Tummy.

I kind of hope Casey wins, because that would be the stunning victory. Well, it would stun me.

If (when?) it comes down to Lee vs. Crystal, I'm not sure how you ramp up excitement for that. There's no underdog there. Although, with no underdog, maybe you finally get a vote that's actually about voting for someone instead of voting against the other guy.

I haven't had a real rooting interest all season, so kind of like Snidget said, if they just called it a draw now I'd shrug and say, okay.