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"Week 12, Nov 27"

Posted by trigirl on 11-28-07 at 00:35 AM
What happened to Nicole? It is like she became good looking in a week. Plus, what a good sport. Toothless and cute....do I feel a positive edit coming on? Gotta have someone to root for I guess now that Kae is gone.

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"RE: Week 12, Nov 27"
Posted by Breezy on 11-28-07 at 08:36 AM
I agree! What the heck? Where did this Nicole come from?

I'm still rooting for Bill. I like him, but I wish he had voted off Julie. I mean really, how much of a threat really is Bryan? What the hell was he thinking marinating in soy sauce? I thought they were taught how to read labels? What a maroon. I wish him the best of luck at continuing his weight loss, but I don't have much faith in him.

So now what happens to poor Kim?

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"RE: Week 12, Nov 27"
Posted by YankeeDixieDoodle on 11-29-07 at 03:27 PM
I thought Kim was the "bigger" moron. I think she let Bryan fend too much for himself nutritionally.
Why did it take her three months to "discover" that the 4400 milligrams of sodium from his 1/2 cup soy sauce "marinades" was causing him to retain huge amounts of water?
I think that's what put him below the "yellow line" this week. And, made him "ripe" for elimination. How much time remained until the weigh-in when they had their conversation about his soy sauce's sodium content? Too little to spare him, apparently.
As for reading labels? How would Bryan know, unless Kim taught him? Apparently, she didn't. I suspect that she taught him very little about nutrition. Workouts don't mean "spit" when heavy sodium consumption causes water retention.
Kim also catered too much to his "dislike" of fish and vegetables. Losing weight, and keeping it off, requires new eating habits. It doesn't matter how much we "like" unhealthy foods. Or, even "love" them. And, dislike nutritious foods. Catering to our "likes" will keep us fat.
There are healthy, non-fattening ways to make healthy food more palatable. Kim should've been teaching him how to do this. She was too busy being his "pal" to be the trainer he really needed to have a good "shot" at winning.

"RE: Week 12, Nov 27"
Posted by Breezy on 11-29-07 at 04:20 PM
He was taught, he knew he was in the wrong. He was told to write down everything he ate or added to his food in his food journal. He didn't write down the marinating. Why? Cause he knew Kim would yell at him and that it was wrong.

"RE: Week 12, Nov 27"
Posted by ZnittyK on 11-30-07 at 11:50 PM
Although I am not down with the huge sodium content in the Soy Sauce what I can never understand is that if someone doesn't eat something, then they just don't eat it. Many people don't like veggies. Just like I don't drink milk. Yes I don't drink milk. people act like I am supposed to drink milk. If you think something taste nasty why torture yourself to eat or drink it? Someone once asked me, then how are you getting your calcium? There are other ways to get calcium besides milk. I refuse to torture myself to drink something I don't like, and I don't condone people eating foods that make them gag because it taste nasty to them. I'm not lactose-tolerant either. People have asked me that too, because they think everyone is supposed to drink milk. What does that have to do with Bryan? Plenty. He doesn't like veggies, period. He can still get in shape without eating veggies. Eating unhealthy is what got him there in the first place, but there are still other healthier choices out there to fit your lifestyle. I think that is the key to longevity. No one wants to eat disgusting foods (according to their taste) for the rest of their lives. You design a eating lifestyle that you can stick with.

"Water weight..."
Posted by udg on 12-04-07 at 06:57 PM
What I don't get is... He'd been doing the soy sauce thing for 3 months. Even if he was retaining water, he should still be losing fat, right? If he stopped the soy sauce, he'd lose that water weight and have a good number that week, but the next week, he'd be right back to his same ol' average number from not losing enough fat. So, while the soy sauce may not have been the healthiest choice for a marinade, it was really just another excuse for why Kim wasn't as effective as the other coaches.

"RE: Week 12, Nov 27"
Posted by samboohoo on 11-28-07 at 08:50 AM
Yay Nicole!! Although I did call her a bonehead for diving into that pool. She is lucky it was only her teeth.

I feel bad for Kim. Yes, I was sick of hearing her say, "B is my only hope," but I feel bad for her. She seems to have a tough time with the girls, but the guys seem to like her. I saw genuine appreciation from B for her.

I thought Bill made a mistake not voting for Hollie. Those three girls are gonna stick together. Bill and Neil had better keep their arases above that line. And Nicole.

Also, I think it has to be said. . .

Did I hear correctly when I heard Jillian say that with Amy gone, she has no more tricks up her sleeve. Wow. Interesting. I hope Amy heard that as well. Looks like Jillian would have sold her out as well. In order to keep her black team together, of course. Which is fine. But Kim was trying to do the same. I thought that was very interesting.

Woo Hoo! I love me some Arkie!

"RE: Week 12, Nov 27"
Posted by Breezy on 11-28-07 at 09:02 AM
Hollie, yeah Hollie, that's who I meant up there. *points* Bill has to think about his own end game now, no more team. Those three girls are going to vote him out as soon as they can. Heck! They couldn't even root for him to win that challenge. I thought that was in pretty bad taste.

Yep, Jillian said "Now with Amy gone I can pull some other tricks out of my sleeve." I think she was referring to the fact that she could concentrate on using new techniques on her team, instead of babysitting the whiner.

Save a horse, ride a cowboy.

"Isabeau Rant"
Posted by Breezy on 11-28-07 at 11:22 AM
What the heck is her problem? I could not believe her complaining about Bill. "why is he even here, he's skinny!" Umm hello! Mcfly! While you and your other beyotches have been running around whining and beyotching, he's been working his aras off.

I do NOT want any of the black team women to win this.

"RE: Isabeau Rant"
Posted by Cyndimaus on 11-28-07 at 11:49 AM
I think she's "forgotten" that Bill was quite large when he first started. He's lost 118 pounds. That's impressive. Why isn't she complaining about Julie? Julie started out lower than some others and is getting down into a pretty low range too. Everyone's getting skinnier. So complaining about someone being skinny after 3 months is kind of silly.

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"RE: Isabeau Rant"
Posted by samboohoo on 11-28-07 at 05:09 PM
Agree. And at the weigh-in, it was almost like she gave an "it figures" look to Hollie and Julie when Bill popped up that 6.

Woo Hoo! I love me some Arkie!

"RE: Week 12, Nov 27"
Posted by newsomewayne on 11-28-07 at 09:07 AM
Nicole? Really? Are you talking physical attractiveness or good looking because of personality and spirit? Personally, I don't feel she's gotten anymore physically attractive as she's lost weight. She seems rather plain Jane. I didn't see her makeover, so I don't know if that helped or not. She does seem in good spirits, though, and that is great!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Yeah, little people do all the work and a fat, bald guy takes all the credit.
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"RE: Week 12, Nov 27"
Posted by Cyndimaus on 11-28-07 at 02:50 PM
In that same vein, Hollie looks much older when she is wearing her glasses.

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"RE: Week 12, Nov 27"
Posted by MKitty on 11-28-07 at 06:17 PM
Speaking of HOllie (whom I detest) my DH and I both agree that she can look really cute..and then in another shot look awful. She is such a whiney sucky-baby...I wish she had gone. At least B was nice to be around!

Go Bill! He rocks. He deserves everything he wins as he works hard, stays out of the crap and gets the job done.

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"RE: Week 12, Nov 27"
Posted by YankeeDixieDoodle on 11-29-07 at 02:37 PM
Compared to most of last season's Red Team, especially Heather; how can anyone call Hollie a whiner?
I was sickeningly reminded of Heather's whininess by the replay of last season's escalator challenge. If you didn't watch regularly last season, she whined like that throughout the series.
This week's whiny sucky-babies? Kim and Bryan! Did you catch their four minute sob-fest the day after the weigh-in? And, him toting her across the campus? Barfo-city!

"RE: Week 12, Nov 27"
Posted by YankeeDixieDoodle on 11-29-07 at 02:23 PM
>Nicole? Really? Are you
>talking physical attractiveness or good
>looking because of personality and
>spirit? Personally, I don't
>feel she's gotten anymore physically
>attractive as she's lost weight.

She's yet to lose enough weight to be physically attractive. She's still awfully bottom-heavy. She was a good sport about the chipped teeth, though. And, made up for the time lost at the dentist's by putting in an extra hard workout.

"RE: Week 12, Nov 27"
Posted by newsomewayne on 12-04-07 at 05:04 PM
She's yet to lose enough weight to be physically attractive. She's still awfully bottom-heavy.

Even still, most people as they lose weight become a lot more attractive in the face because it, too, starts to thin out and have a more attractive look to it. You don't have to be at the ideal weight to be attractive.

I wasn't just referring to an attractive body, but to a nice looking face as well, which I don't think Nicole has. I don't think she's ugly, just plain.

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Posted by Breezy on 12-05-07 at 08:24 AM
I think Nicole proved last night that she was a pretty girl under the fat. Yay Nicole!!!

"RE: Week 12, Nov 27"
Posted by Cyndimaus on 11-28-07 at 11:54 AM
I was really hoping that their challenge would be a tougher one. Is that mean of me?

I liked seeing how much healthier everyone is getting. Good for them!

Yeah, Bryan probably should have stuck around instead of little miss attitude. But I won't miss not-Jillian whining about him being her last hope.

Nicole is so lucky that all she did was lose some teeth. She could have died. I'm glad she kept a good attitude about it, though.

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"RE: Week 12, Nov 27"
Posted by YankeeDixieDoodle on 11-29-07 at 02:51 PM
LAST EDITED ON 11-29-07 AT 02:52 PM (EST)

>Yeah, Bryan probably should have stuck
>around instead of little miss
>attitude. But I won't miss
>not-Jillian whining about him being
>her last hope.

If you watched last season, dominated by the whole Red Team's whiny "I've got to take a break" quitter mentality and Heather's cut-throat, b1tchiness, I suspect you'd be less inclined to think that Hollie has an attitude problem. I think Amy had the worst attitude this season. But, it still pales in comparison to Heather's.
I was glad to see Bryan go. More because of Kim than anything else. So I wouldn't have to hear any more of her "Bryan's my last hope" crap. Their four minute sob-fest after the elimination was disgusting. But, at least it's over with. If he'd been eliminated next week, we'd have to go through it then.

"RE: Week 12, Nov 27"
Posted by Breezy on 11-29-07 at 04:22 PM
I watched last year, as did most of the posters here. Yes we know Heather whined last year. We get it. We remember. This year we get to complain about the new people there. Hollie, and the other women, are big whiners.

"RE: Week 12, Nov 27"
Posted by jbug on 11-28-07 at 12:15 PM
I really want Bill to win. He is working so hard.
And I hate the other's attitude toward his winning the challenges! No applause for him; no encouragement. That was really poor sports from all of them - especially Holly & Julie - course the others may have made comments that we didn't hear.
Why am I rooting against Julie? For some reason I have been against her from the beginning.

I didn't like the pole hanging challenge anyway. Would rather have seen something more physical - like the escalator.

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"RE: Week 12, Nov 27"
Posted by aquariaqueen on 11-28-07 at 09:00 PM
First things first, I couldn't stop giggling at people's comments about Nicole's teeth!!! They were a riot!

Hollie, if I could blame your attitude on grief, I would say you're justified in your actions, but I think you're just a pouty spoiled soul.

Neil, I detest that you watered up, but loved the fact that you didn't give in on your workout!!!

"Blonde chicks"-(because I can't keep you two separated)...why do you have such a mean streak?

Bill, you're my hero...I thought it was so childish that people couldn't be just a little happy for your efforts.

And I am still chuckling about the comments about Nicole's teeth. Shoot, even B took a picture!!!

"KIm dropped the ball."
Posted by YankeeDixieDoodle on 11-29-07 at 03:44 PM
Kim seemed to be a better trainer last season. While Bob's team was reduced to just Eric, she had three left. After the final weigh-in. But, with two weigh-ins to go, she's "lost" her whole team. I think she really dropped the ball this season
Especially with Bryan. She should've known, by the second week, that he was a heavy sodium consumer. Shouldn't the trainers assess their players' eating habits during the first week? Bryan's 1/2 cup "lite" soy sauce "marinades" had 4400 milligrams of sodium.
And, it took 12 weeks for Kim to "discover" this? Their conversation suggests that he'd been marinating his meat in soy sauce several times a week. Three times a week, for three months? About 159,000 milligrams of sodium. That's a lot of retained water weight!

Posted by Breezy on 11-29-07 at 04:24 PM
I disagree. First they can only teach these people healthy habits, that can't MAKE them follow them. Second, he was lying in his food journal. So how exactly was Kim to find out? I'd bet that when Kim was around while he was cooking or eating, he didn't use the soy sauce.

"RE: How?"
Posted by YankeeDixieDoodle on 12-01-07 at 11:05 AM
I stand by my post.
There are for too many foods Bryan "won't eat" for him reach a healthy weight. A low weight, maybe, if he lays off the sodium rich foods, but not a healthy one. He's depriving his body of the essential nutrients found in all the fish and vegetables he won't eat. Kim needs to address this issue.
Another that ought to concern her? He seems to be eating an awful lot of red meat. And, little, if any, chicken. Lean red meat is okay in moderation, but eating it all the time can be bad for the heart.
And, the issue that could lead to weight gain, once this season's competition is finally over? What's left to eat when Bryan has cut everything he shouldn't from his diet? And, still won't eat fish and vegetables? So damn little variety that he's bound to get bored. Boredom is behind many failed diets.
Kim acted more like an indulgent mother to a spoiled child than a trainer trying to teach him healthy eating habits.

"Bryan dropped the ball"
Posted by Breezy on 12-01-07 at 03:09 PM
Kim can't MAKE him like vegetables and fish. She did her job, she told him how to eat healthy. It's HIS responbility to find a way that will work for him.

"RE: How?"
Posted by flmfrk on 12-02-07 at 11:25 PM
Bryan must have been doing something right because he lost 83 pounds while he was on campus. As for the fish, they said he was allergic to fish, so he wouldn't have been able to eat it even if he had wanted. That being said, the idea that any one food is healthier than others is really not true. Fish probably has some nutritional value, but if a person never ate fish, it wouldn't mean they couldn't be healthy. Especially when you can take fish cover it in flour and corn meal and fry it, and it loses it's "nutritional value". As for vegetables being the only way to get nutrients, with all the chemicals and pesticides they grow the food with, can we say vegetables are really that nutritional? Not to mention that most people get their nutrients from a combination of eat fruit, dairy and vitimans.

To say Brian can't reach his goal weight because he won't eat fish and a variety of vegetables is just not true. All he needs to do is find a few vegetables or fruits he likes to eat and he'll be fine. Losing weight is not about, nutrients, it's about learning to feed you're body the proper amount of fuel, nothing more nothing less.

Neither sodium or red meat has ever been shown to hinder a person's weight loss. The reason Kim was concerned about the sodium was simply because it would effect his weight on the scale.

The truth is, most people fail at dieting because they create a plan that is so unrealistic it makes it impossible for them to stick to. If Bryan is going to be successful, he needs to find something that works for him and stick to it.

Posted by Breezy on 12-03-07 at 09:10 AM
It's up to Bryan to find a healthy diet that suits him.

"RE: Exactly"
Posted by YankeeDixieDoodle on 12-03-07 at 02:20 PM
There are vegetables grown without pesticides and other chemicals. So, red meat isn't necessarily safer. Especially if the cattle have been raise on antibiotics and growth hormones. Organic, minimally processed foods have fewer of these additives.
BTW, did Kim even encourage Bryan at least try eating some vegetables? By educating him about value in meeting the body's nutritional needs? Or, did she just throw up her hands in "surrender" too soon?
Eating too much red meat can stall weight loss. It's still high in fat and calories. Especially the "prime" cuts. Which are also high in saturated fat. Too much of it can raise cholesterol levels, raise blood pressure, and lead to heart trouble.
High sodium intake can also affect blood pressure, heart health and weight, from water retention. The scale can't differentiate between fat. Or, retained water. But, it will determine the winner.

"RE: Exactly"
Posted by Breezy on 12-04-07 at 09:45 AM
You do realize that they don't show us everything that goes on right?

I'm willing to give Kim the benefit of doubt that she did lecture Bryan. (and I don't even like her)

"RE: Exactly"
Posted by ohmyheck on 12-04-07 at 10:18 AM
Good thing she's not on season 5.

"RE: Exactly"
Posted by Breezy on 12-04-07 at 11:07 AM

"RE: Exactly"
Posted by udg on 12-04-07 at 07:00 PM
They did show her lecturing him on the veggie thing in one of the first episodes.

"RE: How?"
Posted by YankeeDixieDoodle on 12-07-07 at 04:53 PM
I still think Kim left the Red Team too much to their own devices. At the Bahamian resort, while Bob and Jillian forbade drinking, Kim didn't. Said they were "adults" and left the choice up to them. Did she even bother explaining how drinking could retard their weight loss? Before she left them to fend for themselves? Could this be why she "lost" her whole team?

"RE: KIm dropped the ball."
Posted by ZnittyK on 11-30-07 at 11:52 PM
You don't remember last year when she was talking junk about Bob only having one person left on his team? Karma is a real bytch!! Now she and the red team is extinct. Kim also only had one team as competition last season. Now she has two teams to compete against.

The thing with Bob is that his team being reduced to Eric paid off. His last team member became the biggest loser (and then gained some of the weight back very, very quickly after the finale).

"This week's "voting""
Posted by YankeeDixieDoodle on 11-29-07 at 03:58 PM
LAST EDITED ON 11-30-07 AT 02:51 PM (EST)

I think, despite the lengthy "spin" everyone put on it, this week's vote was motivated by team, and gender, loyalty. Only Neil, a "blue" male, voted to eliminate Hollie. Gender loyalty. "Black" male Bill's vote to "keep" Hollie? Team loyalty. Julie and Isabeau's? Both. "Blue" Nicole's? The vote Ms Sweeney didn't need? Purely gender. Because, I'll bet Bryan's name was on her plate.

"Sodium comsumption this season"
Posted by YankeeDixieDoodle on 11-29-07 at 04:09 PM
While Bryan appears to be this season's heaviest sodium consumer, his soy sauce wasn't the only source of sodium I noticed. There was quite a lot of Subway "product placement" this season. The processed meats, even in the "low-fat" subs, are high enough in sodium to cause water retention. It's one thing to air commercials paid for by Subway. But to further "sell out" by the trainer's "recommending" Subway to the contestants? It would be better to suggest healthier, home-made versions, lower in sodium and other questionable additives.

Posted by Breezy on 11-29-07 at 04:27 PM
What is your beef with Subway? You seem to complain about them every single week. As was stated before, Subway is a healthier choice then most other fast food places. Is it perfect? No, but it's a healthier choice then they had been making.

"RE: Question?"
Posted by YankeeDixieDoodle on 11-30-07 at 02:45 PM
Other than that the two Subways in town, across from the post office and at Wal-Mart, don't serve unsweet tea, make their mini-subs an inch shorter than every other Subway I've seen, and charge 50 cents more for their mini-sub combo, I've got no beef.
I< i>do eat at Subway when it's the healthiest choice available. But, I get roasted chicken because it seems less processed than the sliced meats. And, bring my own drink, usually bottled water or unsweet tea.
My beef is with product placement. Especially when these products substitute for healthy home-prepared food. And, I'm not the only one with this beef. The discussion about this season's product placement began long before I joined it.

"RE: Question?"
Posted by Cyndimaus on 12-03-07 at 10:46 AM
As I've said elsewhere, they've always had product placement. It's one of those necessary evils of reality tv. Also, Subway is a good alternative to those wanting to eat out while on a diet. Eating out can be a very dangerous thing and Subway is one of the better options. (much better then most of the other fast food places with fried foods and such) Eating at home where you have complete control is obviously the best option. But in real life people do eat out so it's good to know you can still eat healthy while you're out.

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"RE: Question?"
Posted by YankeeDixieDoodle on 12-03-07 at 01:47 PM
Maybe I don't watch enough "reality TV" to judge, but TBL seems to be going overboard with the product placement this season. It's even a subject in the current TV Guide's "Is it Just Me" column. For instance, trainers encouraging contestants to eat at Subway. The camera zooming in on the Wrigley logo as Kim suggests chewing gum to combat cravings.
Anyway, Subway's "healthy" choices are limited. Some of their items so outrageously fattening that they're are no better, and even worse, than some fast food burgers and chicken. But, even the six inch subs have more calories than I'd want, in a sandwich.
And, the two local Subways' mini-subs are a rip-off. I've been to enough others to know. The others' mini-subs are four inches. They cut a 12 inch roll in thirds. The locals cut a six inch roll in half. Everywhere else, the combo is $3.99. The locals charge $4.49. When I pointed this out, at the local Subway, the cashier gave me a stupid "caught in the headlights" look.

"RE: Sodium comsumption this season"
Posted by flmfrk on 12-03-07 at 04:48 PM
I have to agree with you about all the sodium in subway sandwiches. I remember the blue team losing the weigh in after they ate at subway (the week Patty was eliminated), and Julie having a zero after she came back from visiting home where she ate lunch at Subway. Coinsidence? I don't think so.

"RE: Sodium comsumption this season"
Posted by YankeeDixieDoodle on 12-07-07 at 04:42 PM
Because of the sodium content, I've begun shying away from highly processed luncheon meats. For home use, I buy minimally processed ham and turkey. And, if Subway is the only alternative to extreme hunger or bagged junk food, I eat a roast chicken sub.