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"Holly & her mother need to learn some table manners !"

Posted by goldie1000 on 05-31-09 at 10:18 PM
Holly should lay off of the alcohol.
She made a horrible speech in between all the slurring.
Throwing food at the dinner table IS VERY RUDE.
Yelling across the dinner table is VERY RUDE.
High fiving the waiters is VERY RUDE.
I could go on...
Holly needs to learn some table manners.

I think Holly and her mother
tried their best to make a scene
and ruin the rehersal dinner.
Both of their actions were inappropraite
and they need to learn some manners.
They must think they are at the local grease pit.

They may not agree with Heidi's decision to marry Spencer,
but they could at least make an effort
to make the dinner special for Heidi.

Heidi did not look happy,
and Spencer almost blew his lid.
And that is the first time I have ever stuck up for Spencer,
but he had good reason to be upset with them.

The Wedding went off with a hitch.
Heidi looked happy.
You could cut the tension with a knife in
some of those pews.
Can't wait for next season, should be very entertaining.

Maybe Holly and her mother should watch,
The Girls of Hedsor Hall

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"RE: Holly & her mother need to learn some table manners !"
Posted by Agman2 on 04-13-16 at 12:20 PM
Goldie 999