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Posted by geekboy on 02-22-05 at 12:03 PM
Hey all -

Granted, Mario has a great voice, but there is something about him that just rubs me the wrong way.

There is a huge difference between confidence and cockiness. To put it another way, its one thing to know you can sing and to go out and do your best. Its another to think that everyone in the audience loves you to death and will vote for you.

its the differnece between 'earning the votes' and thinking you already have them wrapped up before you sing.

To me, Mario exudes the latter.

Agree? Disagree?


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"RE: Mario"
Posted by Breezy on 02-22-05 at 12:19 PM
He was cheesy and acted like Justin.

By the way, this should be in the individual forum not the general.

"RE: Mario"
Posted by Coconut on 02-22-05 at 01:07 PM
I totally agree. (Geekboy, are you in my brain? That's twice you've posted things I was going to post.)

Mario is a slightly upmarket Justin, which is why Paula is panting after him like a Swiffer in heat. I cannot stand him.

"These are not wholesome young role models. These are hideously emaciated trollops with good genes." --TeamJoisey

"RE: Mario"
Posted by geekboy on 02-22-05 at 01:30 PM
Yeah, i'm in your brain! Its so nice, warm and cozy in here, and i love what you've done with the decorating!

Great minds DO think alike.


"RE: Mario"
Posted by Coconut on 03-02-05 at 12:56 PM
Do you think the orange shag is too much?

And to reiterate, I cannot stand Mario. He is not growing on me. His voice is fine, but he is just so smooth and cheezy that I cannot cope. Bleh.

"These are not wholesome young role models. These are hideously emaciated trollops with good genes." --TeamJoisey

"RE: Mario"
Posted by geekboy on 03-03-05 at 08:15 AM
One can never have too much shag, especially in orange. I find it works extremely well as kitchen carpeting.

Anyway, i am also extremely tired of Mario, especially tired of the shout-outs to the crowd to "get up and clap your hands", or "C'mon people, lets do this!"

Can you say 'lounge singer in the making'?


"Why yes."
Posted by Coconut on 03-03-05 at 12:51 PM
Lounge singer in the making.

Ugh, kitchen carpeting. What's wrong with nice tile?

Posted by Breezy on 02-22-05 at 01:54 PM
Paula panted after Justin, too.

Posted by Bebo on 02-22-05 at 12:55 PM
...to Individual Contestant Forum.

Folks, please make a note of which forum you're in before you start threads. We're moderators, not a moving company - no heavy lifting, please.

"RE: Mario"
Posted by batts on 02-22-05 at 01:24 PM
Well good grief...... I LOVED MARIO! The way he sang Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' really moved me. He sang it with so much passion. Have you ever heard that song sung with so much intense compelling emotion as he did last week? I will definately buy his CD when it comes out.

And cockiness..... I think Scott Savol has that arena covered with his "I'm gonna blaze it" comments. If you ask me Scott is the one who is coming across really cocky. JMHO

Posted by PhoenixMons on 02-22-05 at 01:33 PM
He has a fantastic voice (not showcased last night at all, even though I still loved him for snapping me out of the snooze fest), which he's proved both in the initial audition and in Hollywood. He's got a great Michael Jackson pre-Bad vibe going on. I wouldn't consider him cocky so much as highly confident. Trust me, I HATE cockiness (it's one of my top five most annoying characteristics), but I don't get that from Mario at all. I wouldn't call Scott cocky either. I'd call him confident in spite of people telling him he sucks. I'm very glad he's in the top 24 and hope he makes it to the top 12 where he belongs. His voice is fantastic.

Cocky is a label better suited for Constantine, methinks.

Got blog?

"RE: Disagree"
Posted by geekboy on 02-22-05 at 01:43 PM
Hey Phoenix -

We agree, and disagree, how about that?!

The thing i like about Scott - in addition to the voice - is that he IS confident without being cocky.

Asia had the cockiness-meter pinned at 10 and shooting steam out ready to blow.

I do get a cocky vibe from Mario, the difference is that he hasn't really openly displayed it. Its just the vibe i get. Like he knows (and loves) the fact that Paula and alot of America thinks he's "da bomb".

I'm definately not saying he's no good, he's got a great voice and i agree wiht the early Michael Jackson comparison. I just wished he would show a bit more appreciation for hte chance he's been given. Its still a 24-way competition and i feel he's acting as if he has it locked up already.

Thats all.


"RE: Disagree"
Posted by uberspoon on 02-23-05 at 01:55 PM
i've come to notice that i tend to agree with most everything you post in these forums. we've def. got a wavelength thing goin' on.

anyway..i'm not getting the cocky-vibe from Mario just yet, either...and it is a total turn-off for me, without a doubt. i'd already be rooting for his ouster if i got that from him.

but i am the first to admit that the boy is a fine, fine man. so perhaps i'm blinded by hormones. time will tell if my opinion of him changes.

"RE: Mario"
Posted by badger on 02-22-05 at 01:53 PM
i'm not crazy about mario, but i do think he'll go pretty far in the competition, barring any terrible performance or fashion faux-pas.

(well, i guess fashion faux-pases have never held paula back)

i think the singers who excel in this competition are versatile -- able to perform well no matter the "theme" of the evening.

"RE: Mario"
Posted by steppingrazor42 on 03-02-05 at 12:51 PM
He's one dimensional! He's a pretty face that can sing and that's all I've seen of him so far. What I love in an AI contestant is heart and depth of character. This guiys like a walking poster of himself.(if that makes any sense).

"RE: Mario"
Posted by seahorse on 03-02-05 at 11:58 PM
It appears Mario was in the bottom four tonight. Not good for someone Simon thinks has a very good shot at being the next American Idol. I don't think he is that good, but he may make it to the final five or six.

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"RE: Mario"
Posted by geekboy on 03-03-05 at 08:14 AM
Can we assume the last 4 Ryan brought up were truly the bottom four, or was Mario and Travis brought up for the 'drama'?

I think you're making a big assumption since nothing was said.


"RE: Mario"
Posted by true on 03-03-05 at 08:43 AM
I also think it's a wrong assumption. Even when they put 2 people up, and one gets eliminated, the other one isn't the second lowest vote getter. Otherwise, the boot order would be completly predictable.

I think the decoys are contestants that the producers want to drum up more voting for, and for contestants who might have had an off week that week. It's all about the drama.

"RE: Mario"
Posted by okaychatt on 03-03-05 at 10:07 AM
<It's all about the drama

On AI?!!! You honestly think the producers would stoop to such a level?!! That they might try to manipulate the voters?!!!

Well, I'm shocked. Totally flabbergasted. Who'd have thought it?

Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

"RE: Mario"
Posted by shedevil on 03-10-05 at 10:13 PM
I don't care for Mario either, I think he sings okay and looks okay and he has no originality.

Posted by Cathy the Canadian on 03-12-05 at 10:51 PM
I LOVE Mario! When the girls against guys thing started, I said "there's your winner", and I still think so. He reminds me more of Justin Timberlake than Justin Guarini.

Mark my words, Mario will win this competition!

"RE: what?"
Posted by dragonflies on 03-14-05 at 11:26 AM
Guess not...

"RE: what?"
Posted by geekboy on 03-14-05 at 12:10 PM
Its an interesting turn of events, that's for sure. I wonder when and if we'll actually find out why he dropped out.

what kind of agreements do these kids have to sign when they get into the finals, re: non-compete agreements? The conspiracy side of me immediately wondered, "did he get called for a broadway gig, or get promised some immediate deal?" or does he actually have some serious "family issue"?