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"Paula's Wardrobe...02/21"

Posted by volsfan on 02-21-05 at 08:13 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-21-05 AT 08:19 PM (EST)

WTF is she wearing and how the hell does it all go together. That broach that is holding her shaw together is just gawdy. Also, WTF is that red thing on her left arm?


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"RE: Paula's Wardrobe...02/21"
Posted by Angelfood on 02-21-05 at 09:10 PM
"the world may never know"... (Tootsie Pops Owl)

"RE: Paula's Wardrobe...02/21"
Posted by zombiebaby on 02-21-05 at 09:13 PM
Mrs. Havesham I presume?

Someone needs to contact that show "What Not to Wear" for her.

I am glad she got away from that pony tail on top of the head look she was sportin' in the 80's.

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"RE: Paula's Wardrobe...02/21"
Posted by Breezy on 02-22-05 at 08:17 AM
Is she cutting herself? I know of teens that wear things like those on their arms to hide the cutting.

She looked nasty last night.

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"RE: Paula's Wardrobe...02/21"
Posted by volsfan on 02-22-05 at 09:10 AM
She looked nasty last night.

How long has it been since she hasn't looked nasty? URGH!

"RE: Paula's Wardrobe...02/21"
Posted by badger on 02-22-05 at 10:11 AM
her wardrobe reminded me of the xmas decorations my mom made in 1970 for my parents' first christmas together... bric-a-brac, shiny metallic stuff, and cheap fabric all wrapped around styrofoam balls.


"RE: Paula's Wardrobe...02/21"
Posted by volsfan on 02-22-05 at 10:13 AM
Did you just call Paula's oobies "styrofoam balls"? LMAO!

"RE: Paula's Wardrobe...02/21"
Posted by Pensha26 on 03-02-05 at 03:04 PM
I was thinking the same thing.

"RE: Paula's Wardrobe...02/21"
Posted by Rhiannon on 02-22-05 at 10:32 AM
I think it was supposed to look kind of like a Celtic Warrior. It didn't work she just manages to make herself look silly!

"carpal tunnel syndrome brace?"
Posted by moonbaby on 02-22-05 at 12:34 PM
maybe she's got a repetitive stress injury from hitting Simon. She looks like she's wearing stuff she picks out of a Stevie Nicks castoffs box while blindfolded.

"RE: Paula's Wardrobe...02/21"
Posted by BriarRosie on 02-22-05 at 01:50 PM
Since I'm "Paula", I asked that on the Be the AI thread.
The person portraying Scott said it was a bowling brace.

It could be:
- a gauntlet from a knight's costume in a Ren Faire
- Wonder Woman's bracelet

It's an Accessory From Hell, that's what it is. Total

Paula needs to be arrested by the Fashion Police.

"RE: Paula's Wardrobe...02/21"
Posted by StarryLuna on 02-22-05 at 05:38 PM
Did you notice that all three judges were wearing gray? I thought that was weird.

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"RE: Paula's Wardrobe...02/21"
Posted by Tahj on 02-28-05 at 12:15 PM
I thought it was a brace of some sort. Didn't she hurt her hand somehow last season? I seem to remember her wearing a bandage at some point.

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"RE: Paula's Wardrobe...02/21"
Posted by Ricky on 02-28-05 at 01:10 PM
That brings up a good point. Is she trying to hide an injury from us or is it a fashion statement ? Or both ?

I do vaguely remeber her being injured last season but wasn't that her face not her hand ?

"RE: Paula's Wardrobe...02/21"
Posted by okaychatt on 02-28-05 at 04:44 PM
<Didn't she hurt her hand somehow

I think she had an infection in her finger due to a contaminated manicure tool. Surely that's better by now?!

Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

"RE: Paula's Wardrobe...02/21"
Posted by niteowl on 02-28-05 at 05:37 PM
I thought that was last season! But she's probably a manicure addict, so it's definitely a job hazard!

"RE: Paula's Wardrobe...02/21"
Posted by buckeyefan on 03-01-05 at 06:55 PM
Not only are her outfits bad but her hair too. There have been several occasions that my friends and I thought she was wearing wigs.