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"ApprenticeNews.Net - new website"

Posted by thetick on 04-24-04 at 03:30 PM
I stumbled on this recently. Those of you who also spend time in Survivor Spoilers will be familiar with Snewser, his website SurvivorNews.Net, his almost always accurate sourced bootsheet, and his webgame. He has now turned his attention to the Apprentice and has set up this site which is almost a carbon copy of his Survivor one.

It is a nice clearinghouse for news articles, links to radio interviews, and such. Check it out at this link: http://apprenticenews.net/index.php

Hopefully in the future, either he or SB will run webgames for Apprentice2. It also makes me wonder if this is an indication that his source for Survivor info is within MB productions so that he launched the Apprentice site in anticipation of spoiling that show as well. He really is the DAW of DAW's.

Hope this isn't too close to advertisement for another site, but since there are several threads in Survivor Spoiling that reference He Who Must Not Be Named, I thought it might be ok.

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"RE: ApprenticeNews.Net - new website"
Posted by subman on 04-24-04 at 03:46 PM
Tick, Subman owes you bigtime. What a great link. Just when I thought I would have to give up my Apprentice addiction, I've been given new insight into some of the behind the scenes action that I have been trying to find out. Thanks.

"RE: ApprenticeNews.Net - new website"
Posted by thetick on 04-25-04 at 02:03 AM
de nada

thetick thinks subman is hysterical in his own right and thetick is happy to help him out. thetick would offer subman a doughnut, but wouldn't want to start anything.

"RE: ApprenticeNews.Net - new website"
Posted by subman on 04-25-04 at 01:13 PM
Yeah, Subman say better not to go there.