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"I am miffed cause my couple is gone!"

Posted by Moother on 06-29-05 at 11:03 PM
Just wanted to complain and see if it makes me feel better.
Bad news and Good news:
The bad news is that I really loved Joey and his partner and now they are gone. They didn't really have a chance with both male judges never giving them decent numbers until the very last and even then they were low. I thought they brought a lot of life and enjoyment to it. The live audience appeared to realy like them too.
The good news is that since I no longer really care who wins I can just relax and watch it happen.

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"RE: I am miffed cause my couple is gone!"
Posted by Sazzyazzy on 07-06-05 at 07:34 PM
I am in complete agreement with you. The Judges and the tv audience is nuts! They were so much better than the soap girl and her partner!