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"Next Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars."

Posted by Estee on 07-13-12 at 12:00 PM
Or in other words, all the drama queens and kings from the last few years put together in a single fission bomb of a contestant pool.

It's never too early to evacuate.

Worst. Cast. Scenario.

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"Cast revealed."
Posted by Estee on 10-12-12 at 01:49 PM
I think I've figured out the season's casting priorities. Donald still wants the drama, but he wants the women to hold together better than usual and watch the males self-destruct for a change. This doesn't necessarily mean he wants a female winner, not with his current political belief system -- but the women shouldn't be the screamfest of prior seasons.

Most notably, with the exception of bringing The Hag in to serve as an adviser on how to painfully suicide rather than listen to anything she says, the beyotches stayed home. Some of them may have seen their ultimate edits and decided nothing was worth trusting Donald twice, and others just couldn't get around that contract clause forbidding them from killing him. The majority of the women are the lower-key personalities, and yes, I can say that for a cast which deliberately included Voldy.

(I'm very probably wrong about this, but I expect her to be quiet. She just lost her husband: she is potentially not an emotional place where she's going to be disrupting for the sake of camera time. Her priorities may have shifted.)

So. The women are:

Marilu Henner
Omarosa Voldemort
Claudia Jordan
Brande Roderick
LaToya Jackson
Lisa Rhina

Right. Not only a lot of more passive (or at least less bitchy) people, but a couple of 'Why?' entries based on their prior performances. A couple of solid performers, but for the most part, All-Stars these ain't.

The men? They have numerical majority (although I expect an early switch). And they also have problems. Lots and lots of problems.

Trace Adkins
Stephen Baldwin
Dennis Rodman
Bret Michaels
Gary Busey
Lil Jon
Dee Snider
Penn Jillette

You know, of all people, Penn should know better than to keep playing a rigged game...

Count the problems. You don't bring Dennis back unless you want to find out just how much it takes to make him self-destruct this time around, and you don't put Gary in a room without intending to film the resulting fire. Asking them to be on the same team is begging for either a battle royale or a marathon drunk, possibly with one followed by the other. Stephen -- well, he had credible moments in his first run, but that was before we found out just how bad his finances were. Don't let him count the money. Or hold the money. Or baptize you, but that's more general advice applicable in any situation. The men are in trouble until their problem children are gone, and what does Donald do with problem children? Pat them on the head and ask for more of the same.

So who does the script say won? Not Bret: I think Donald resents having to assign a sentimental win. I suspect our liar-in-chief wants to correct a mistake he will never admit to making and give this to Trace, because Trace is America and the rest of us can leave. If it's a woman, Marilu -- but I can't see a female ever winning again.

Remember the formula:


Everything else is just filling out the episode count.

"RE: Cast revealed."
Posted by kingfish on 10-12-12 at 10:17 PM
I think, with that lineup, I can finally kick this show to the curb.

I never thought I'd ever do this, but I think I'll follow Nene's example.

"RE: Cast revealed."
Posted by Estee on 10-14-12 at 04:11 PM
It was the return of Bathrobe Busey, wasn't it?

Y'know a fun way to look at this kind of Not All Stars edition? 'We couldn't get any new people to fall for our crap.'

"RE: Cast revealed."
Posted by kingfish on 10-23-12 at 09:58 PM
LAST EDITED ON 10-23-12 AT 09:59 PM (EST)


"RE: Cast revealed."
Posted by Nuume on 10-15-12 at 00:36 AM
Lol I think I must be weird, but as soon as I saw this cast I wanted to watch this season . I've only watched parts of the last couple, but Stephen Baldwin was one of my favs to be on the show, and I really liked Bret Michaels too (it really irritated me how they made it seem like he only won because of his sickness even though I thought he deserved it regardless). Penn is always fun to watch, and the rest of the cast should make for an interesting season imo (admittedly not for the Apprentice purist, but if you like at least some of the drama ).

"RE: Cast revealed."
Posted by toad8098 on 10-25-12 at 05:46 PM
I do think part of the reason this is a so-called All-Stars is there's nobody left that wants to do the show. and based on who's been brought back, it seems like Mr. Trump had to dig to the bottom of his barrell to get people to do this show again. I only see Adkins, Jillette, Lil Jon & Henner as potential winners. no way Trump lets Michaels win again.

"RE: Next Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars."
Posted by susang on 11-07-12 at 02:14 PM
Fortunately, Aubrey O'Day is not a cast member

"RE: Next Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars."
Posted by kingfish on 03-11-13 at 02:54 PM
For my money, Dee Snyder just won the season.

"RE: Next Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars."
Posted by jbug on 03-11-13 at 03:59 PM
I haven't watched all of it yet, but I sure hope this means what I hope this means

"RE: Next Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars."
Posted by kingfish on 03-12-13 at 08:50 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-12-13 AT 08:52 AM (EST)

I ran out of prerecorded stuff and turned over to the CA and caught the last part of the board room segment.

Dee was required to take two others (Baldwin and Busey) to the board room with him. Then he said the other two didn't deserve to go, and that as lead guy on whatever inane project they had performed that lost the competition, he was responsible for the loss.

While doing so he called Trump on some of his nonsense in a non-provacative matter-of-fact way.

In short, he voiced the opinion of many in the TV audience, and didn't yell, scream, point his finger, or try to pass the blame.

Class act. Twisted Sister indeed!

So Trump fired him. Can't have any of that honest opinion nonsense, I guess.

"RE: Next Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars."
Posted by jbug on 03-12-13 at 09:27 AM
What I was hoping of course was that he won over Omorosa and that she was sent packing

Really tho who else could Trump have fired? Possibly Baldwin because he really didn't contribute, but since Dee didn't place any blame on him, there was no reason.
And we all know Busey will be kept as long as possible for the drama.

Wish someone on that team could have come up with a better idea; Dee did get it right tho; once everyone heard Penn's idea, no one else thought they could match it.

But I agree; class act all the way.

"RE: Next Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars."
Posted by Estee on 03-12-13 at 10:31 AM
I did see in our site's episode summary that Stephen "My bankruptcy is more religious than your bankruptcy" Baldwin was accused of -- withholding -- some of the money.

Do you think he qualifies as his own charity?

"RE: Next Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars."
Posted by kingfish on 03-12-13 at 04:18 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-12-13 AT 04:21 PM (EST)

It was pretty funny to see both Baldwin’s and Busey’s faces, all tight and grimaced, ready to trade accusations and blame with Snyder, taken aback when he failed to give them their foil.

Snyder managed to kick the chair (figuratively) out from under all of them, Trump included.

Baldwin definitely gets the 'His Holiness, the Snide Hypocrite Bastard ' Award. He was, of course, the first to hug Snyder and call him his brother as they exited, quite a contrast to what he was wound up for when they entered the room.

Also very funny was Busey trying to describe his expert proficiency with a computer. Poor guy, he should be in a carney's side show.

"RE: Next Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars."
Posted by Agman2 on 01-13-16 at 06:57 PM

"RE: Next Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars."
Posted by Estee on 03-18-13 at 12:13 PM
It takes a lot to make me remotely consider the possibility of maybe feeling a tiny degree of sympathy for Voldy. But from what I've been reading? Last night might have been it.

Voldy: 'I have to deal with media fallout from my husband's death. I've got to go.'

Practically Everyone Else: '...manipulative bitch.'

It's her reputation and she's worked hard to craft and enhance it at every opportunity. Looks like it went a little too far.

"RE: Next Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars."
Posted by udg on 03-19-13 at 01:30 AM
And then there's the Streisand effect.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!
The fact that something bad was happening to her doesn't change the fact that she's a manipulative #####.

"RE: Next Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars."
Posted by Estee on 03-19-13 at 05:16 AM
LaToya's about to receive an object lesson on Why You Don't Piss Off Dark Lords.


Which should also be a refresher for Why You Don't Speak In Confessional On A Mark Burnett Series.

"RE: Next Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars."
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 03-20-13 at 12:40 PM
I particularly like this comment:

“As her counsel, we have been directed to pursue these defamatory statements to the fullest extent of the law with La Toya Jackson and any other participating publications or media outlets who repeat or repost these statements.”

Okay, let's see if I got it correctly...

The lawyer is threatening the media in general if they should ever reprint/repost that statement. And he opened his comments by repeating those statements in the first paragraph. So could he kindly sue himself for repeating the statement? That must be Voldemort's strategy all along to get her lawyer to do something for her and not actually have to pay for it if he's busy suing himself!

And another beaut that highlights the incredible power of Voldy:
“Rev. Manigault has been heralded as a life saver for her actions on the evening that her fiancé suffered a life-ending heart attack. It is because of her bravery that Mr. Duncan — the love of Rev. Manigault’s life — was able to live for months beyond that tragic night. Mr. Duncan passed away from natural causes.

She's so good that Michael died and then she kept him functioning for a few months after that!

"RE: Next Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars."
Posted by JessicaRN on 03-21-13 at 02:36 PM
LaToya was on What What Happens Live the next night and basically continued to bad mouth Omarosa. I actually have a bit of respect for Latoya now. She doesn't seem to be backing down.

"Why can't we have a "sell some feed or hay" task?"
Posted by jbug on 04-09-13 at 03:49 PM
Trace has to be asking himself why oh why he allowed himself to be talked into returning. LOL

I wish they had said whether or not Dennis might have won IF he had not misspelled the wifey's name (I'm not attempting it )

With Omorosa and Dennis gone, now maybe that team can put something together.

But with Trace's luck and Trump's love of drama, Gary might get moved to that team. Poor Trace.

"RE: Why can't we have a "sell some feed or hay" task?"
Posted by Estee on 04-10-13 at 12:19 PM
Trace was talked into returning because he was guaranteed the win. Which admittedly isn't much of a motivation given what he has to put up with to get there, but at least he's pushing on.

I'd like to think Dennis won a permanent vacation in North Korea.

And I agree with your prediction: Gary will be placed wherever he can do the most damage.

"RE: Why can't we have a "sell some feed or hay" task?"
Posted by udg on 04-10-13 at 12:55 PM
The preview for this week showed the new teams. Hint: Gary doesn't switch.

Thanks to tribephyl for the sigpic!

"RE: Why can't we have a "sell some feed or hay" task?"
Posted by Estee on 04-16-13 at 01:39 PM
But he did wind up where he could do the most damage: on the show for another episode. The Drama Preservation Society is alive and well.

"RE: Why can't we have a "sell some feed or hay" task?"
Posted by Twitchistalking on 11-07-13 at 02:56 AM
I just want Gary to have his own show. I love how crazy he is.

Ian Reents
Executive producer for the new reality series The Last Girl Standing.

"RE: Why can't we have a "sell some feed or hay" task?"
Posted by Agman2 on 11-17-14 at 06:53 PM
not gonna happen dude.

"RE: Next Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars."
Posted by Agman2 on 02-26-16 at 02:30 PM
I'm evacuating now!