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Posted by eeler1 on 05-22-05 at 12:37 PM
Just noticed last night that there has been a contender marathon at cnbc, for those of you that have cable. My daughter was visiting, and flipping thru the channels, found it and watched 3 shows in a row. I guess it was also broadcast Friday night, and will be again tonight after the current episode on nbc. People who missed some might be able to catch up before Tuesday.

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"RE: marathon"
Posted by Nyro on 05-22-05 at 03:11 PM
nbc.com would have it listed, no?
do you know when exactly the marathon starts? is it on nbc or cnbc?

"RE: marathon"
Posted by eeler1 on 05-22-05 at 04:36 PM
It wasn't listed in our local tv listings, nor on the cable tv listings. Its on cnbc. The only reason I know its a marathon, is because they had one commercial for it during one of the episodes.