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"The boxing episode"

Posted by Jenny68 on 02-10-04 at 03:10 AM
Didn't care much for the whole punching bag thing, not sure what the point was. Do models actually do such things? I have to say, though, I've only watched about three episodes, but I'm HOOKED! Some parts I don't like - like that lame shoot where the girls were all dangling in an old building. One thing about this last episode, I couldn't believe that freaky fashion designer lady actually said SHANDI won the contest! No way! Shandi was totally geeky looking in her walk. I think maybe the fashion lady felt sorry for her or something, because clearly SARA should have been selected for a dinner out in NYC. For my money, Sara has the most class and beauty, and I think she may end up being TOP MODEL. She and Catie are my two favorites, although Catie IS something of a cry baby...but I don't agree with one of the other girls that she's faking it. I think she's just sensitive. If she can be strong she may make it to the final cut.

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"RE: The boxing episode"
Posted by Asrai on 02-10-04 at 03:54 AM
Catie *may* not be faking it, but she has got to start getting ahold of her emotions. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is ever going to take her seriously or hand her an opportunity like this if she keeps acting like a spoiled baby! That, however, is just my .02 on the subject.

Boxing is just another way to stay active and keep fit. Sure, it's not like the workout you get when you starve yourself or binge/purge, but it works! <---joking, hon!

I'm hooked, as well, and can't wait to watch next season's models duke it out!

BTW, welcome to the boards, stick around!!

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