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"Eva Longoria back on the market?"

Posted by byoffer on 11-17-10 at 03:15 PM
*combs hair*
*svcks in gut*
*sprays on Axe body spray*

Ya, I know, still not enough.

Eva Longoria Files for Divorce from Tony Parker

Sounds like Tony cheated. This reminds me of the Tiger Woods thing. Is it the athlete ego at work again??

Maybe on the plus side (?), cheating doesn't seem to depend on the relative looks of those involved. Even beauties like Elin and Eva are exposed.

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"RE: Eva Longoria back on the market?"
Posted by samboohoo on 11-18-10 at 10:46 AM
I'd switch for Eva.

I heard some talk on this this morning - about the long distance, long separations, etc. I never really understood the Tiger/Elin thing. I never really saw any chemistry between those two. This one is more surprising to me.

Strike 2 for her on marriage. She reminds me of Halley Berry, who also can't seem to find lasting happiness.

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