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"Preshow Spoiler?"

Posted by Tinkerbell on 10-16-01 at 08:35 PM
LAST EDITED ON 10-16-01 AT 08:37 PM (EST)

I was just on the FOX site and lo and behold there are three women who are not covered up with the little ship graphic that shows that they've been kicked off the boat...Jeanette, Melissa and LAURA! The men all have the boat thingy except for Mike and Darin...what's up with this?

Can anybody else check and see if I'm not seeing things?

Edited to add...I just went back and now Laura has a boat...Maybe it was just a fluke...sorry!

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"I see it too..."
Posted by IceCat on 10-16-01 at 08:41 PM
You have to be viewing anyone elses profile but Laura's and Laura's pic has no boat on it. If you put your mouse pointer over her pic you do get the boat.

September 11, 2001