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"Another ode to Shakesvivor"

Posted by Cherberrie on 05-28-01 at 08:01 AM
Are you dreaming of being a star?
Do you have what it takes?
Will you give all in the boudoir
Just to be with Shakes?

It all seems so confusing to me
Some have called it unfair.
The boards have been in a frenzy
As all discuss the affair.

What’s next for this contrived charade
Will it all end real soon?
Or will we endure a long parade
Of characters in Shakes cartoon?


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    • RE: Another ode to Shakesvivor,Cherberrie, 05:44 AM, 05-29-01

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"RE: Another ode to Shakesvivor"
Posted by George Tirebiter on 05-28-01 at 07:28 PM
Cartoon? hmmmmm. . . which brings up the question--where ARE your fabulous cartoons, spoiling the show? The poetry is good, too, but it's been a while since you graced us with your talents at the drawing board.

(OMG! <click> I AM a cartoon!)hehehehe

"RE: Another ode to Shakesvivor"
Posted by Cherberrie on 05-29-01 at 05:44 AM

...where ARE your fabulous cartoons...

Funny you should ask as I've been thinking of dusting off my drawing board ever since you started posting that new sig -- I think it would be perfect in a comic strip! Right now though, the "odes" are just oozing from my pores so I'm running with those for awhile.