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"Apprentice spoiling itself?"

Posted by mrpringle07 on 01-23-07 at 03:04 PM
Is anyone else bothered by the contest for voting who we think should be voted off? The choices given are all on the same team, which gives away which team loses. Another example of how selling out the show is ruining it.

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"RE: Apprentice spoiling itself?"
Posted by Wacko Jacko on 01-23-07 at 05:08 PM
I agree 100%. You know the person going home is one of the people that you get to choose between. Except for this past week....where everyone 'playing' was an option you can pretty much deduce which team loses. I hate it too. ANd it is also stupid how it says who goes to tent city. Well, the losing team does...not the person you vote for. It should be who get's 'fired'. It is NBC trying to market the tents...tents have nothing to do with the voting at all.

"RE: Apprentice spoiling itself?"
Posted by mistyrose52 on 01-24-07 at 08:20 AM
Wow-I'm really out of it! I didn't even realize that the viewers had the option to vote??? Someone fill me in!

"RE: Apprentice spoiling itself?"
Posted by Wacko Jacko on 01-24-07 at 11:17 AM
Keep in mind the Apprentice was filmed some time last year. The voting is you decide who goes to 'tent city'....which really is who should be fired. Early on in the show they give you 5 names (usually) to vote on. On person who text messages in the correct person that gets fired will receive some prize. By giving the 5 names we know that one of those 5 will be fired later on in the show. The original poster says the Apprentice is spoiling itself.....agree. You can use logical deduction to determine who wins the task....and you can determine who is sitting in the final boardroom.

"RE: Apprentice spoiling itself?"
Posted by mrc on 01-25-07 at 11:56 AM
Bear in mind that last week, only one team competed, so, obviously, the other team was not represented. I didn't pay attention to who was given as a choice in the earlier episodes.