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"Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "

Posted by singer on 06-06-06 at 06:49 AM
Lee does not look like an Apprentice. He looks like a schoolboy. Sean, on the other hand, dresses for success and exudes the confidence of a businessperson on the move. He is ready for the next level of training.

The Donald must have taken this into account when he hired Sean.



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"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by jackandjill on 06-06-06 at 09:47 AM
Lee just looks young - not like a school boy. Lee acts more professional. Sean looks professional but acts like he just had his first wet dream.

"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by Reality_Tv_fan_90 on 06-06-06 at 10:00 AM
That is exactly what i thought of Sean. He really does not act professional. I think there was better choices for the apprentice than either Lee or Sean. Overall i think Lee was better.

"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by RonReports on 06-07-06 at 02:41 PM
>That is exactly what i thought
>of Sean. He really does
>not act professional. I think
>there was better choices for
>the apprentice than either Lee
>or Sean. Overall i think
>Lee was better.

I agree. The collection of Apprenti from all seasons, including Sean, is a really odd bunch. My guess is that the last season of The Apprentice will be an All Stars Edition, with only past winners of The Apprentice competing. They would all compete to see which one of them will continue to work for Trump for one more year.

"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by MsDeeVeeAns on 06-09-06 at 08:42 AM
Jack and jill, great observation and well said!

"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by geg6 on 06-06-06 at 10:48 AM
How they looked had nothing to do with it. Though I find Sean to be the much handsomer man who dresses more to my taste, they both looked professional. It was their actions that set them apart.

Sean acted like a professional. He had a plan, he made sure the small touches were covered, he found his mistakes before they were fatal, he chose the best team and inspired them, he made sure the right people were given the right tasks, and he kept his customers/performers up to date with what was happening/going to happen. Lee's inexperience was glaringly apparent in that he did not.

Give Lee some years of experience and he will look like a winner, too.

Goddess of the Steeler Nation

"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by Wacko Jacko on 06-06-06 at 10:57 AM
The choice was clear. At this point and time Sean is the best choice for the Apprentice. Lee has a lot of potential and I think he would've made a good hire also, but he will make mistakes early on.....in a few years Lee will probably be better than Sean.....but based of what we seen on the show Sean was clearly the right choice. I thought for a minute Trump would offer them both positions.

If it were me.....give me the Hawaii spot any day.

"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by prosecutor on 06-06-06 at 12:17 PM
If there was anytime for apprentii this was it
Trumps eyes and ears ( Ivanka, Junior, & George)
gave Trump permission to hire them both and he
didn't. I think Caroline wanted Sean for the hire.
Why does Trump select young 20 somethings for the
show if he always calls them young kids etc etc.
why select them and make them think they have a chance then.
Also how come even Sean got a car? Randall
seems to be the only one who didn't get a car.
At the end of the show when Lee and Trump were shown
talking I read Trump's lips and he distinctly said
to Lee "call me next week".

"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by reealiteefan on 06-06-06 at 12:49 PM
I saw that "call me next week" too!! OK, so Sean is "The Apprentice." It still doesn't mean Trump doesn't see the value of offering Lee a position somewhere in the Trump organization. Reality show aside, I still think Lee won't be hurting for job offers.

"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by reealiteefan on 06-06-06 at 12:47 PM
You find Sean to be handsomer? Well, it's not as if this group of men provided much in terms of looks, anyway.

Sean was merely overly enthusiastic and locquacious. He seems to operate under the principle that if he just opens his mouth and begins to babble non-stop then he will somehow hit upon the right combination of words. If you recall, when the breakfast cereal challenge, Sean babbled and got completely lost in the message he was trying to relate.

Sean is merely louder than Lee; no harm in being quiet yet competent.

"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by iltarion on 06-07-06 at 03:06 AM
I guess a bunch of you didn't watch the final task, in which Lee was one step removed from completely inept. Professional? Being professional is telling people you don't know? Being professional is saying the meetings don't matter as long you pull the task off? Lee's choices of Lenny and Pepi were horrendous, and he was equally discombobulated during the task. Fortunately for Lee, the celebrities pretty much took care of themselves, without complaint or much direction, and THEY pulled the task off. They didn't even complain about their equipment, a good bunch of guys. The only one who complained at all was Jamie Pressley, who clearly didn't know her role and needed more direction than she got. Lee couldn't even show up on time to greet Trump. Professional??
Sean was 100% professional during his task. He handled every sponsor, band member, and Trump with complete professionalism and aplomb. People are ripping Sean because of his confessionals. The confessionals are NOT the time to act professional. They are the time to be yourself and show some personality, which Sean never failed to do.
Lee is a 22 year old KID. Would any large corporation hire a CEO fresh out of college with no experience? No. Lee saying he was equal to Sean right now was LUDICROUS, and saying that Lee will be better than Sean in 11 years is a stretch as well. Who knows? Only someone with NO experience would ask why experience matters. When Lee is 33, he'll know what experience means.

"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by geg6 on 06-07-06 at 09:35 AM
Yes, I found Sean to be handsome and charming. I also thought Tarek was. There were a couple others that were quite telegenic. But that's irrelevant to the whole point as to why Sean won.

Sean was quite enthusiastic and loquacious. He was also quick on his feet, as he made quite obvious during that final live boardroom. He pretty much spanked Lee live on national TV, without having to do anything other than point out his accomplishments in response to Lee's. That impressed me as much as anything he did in the final task. He was able to not only show how his experience was a plus, but that his academic accomplishments (which was all Lee really had to brag about) were equal or superior to Lee's. Quick thinking on his part.

As for the breakfast cereal challenge, I pointed out in another thread that the final two shows were all I had seen since the first three or four shows of the season. So I went into this with no real opinion or ties to either candidate. I judged them only on their performance on the final task. And, based on that and that only, Lee definitely was quiet, but it was not the type of quiet that telegraphs competence. It was the quiet of someone who was baffled, disorganized, and had no idea as to how to successfully proceed. This was truly the biggest mismatch ever on this show.

Goddess of the Steeler Nation

"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by singer on 06-07-06 at 01:23 PM
I think the Randal-Rebecca mismatch was greater.

My position has to do with editing manipulation by producers and the completely unbelievable tall tale that had Randal punting and giving Rebecca the chance to get a win as PM, instead of stepping up to the plate himself. I think this was coached/coerced by the producers, just as I think that Marshawn's decision NOT to give a presentation was also coached/coerced. In the first instance, the situation helped Rebecca look better than she actually was. In the second situation, the scenario helped The Donald get rid of a competitor who also could have done very well in the finals against anyone--including Rebecca.

The bottom line for me is that Rebecca did not deserve to be in the finals, and no amount of editing can convince me that she had the gravitas to go head-to-head against a Rhodes Scholar with a stellar academic and business record. She had plenty of help from The Donald and from the producers in getting to the finals and in the images that they created to make viewers think that she was a true winner--in spite of Randal's mistakes in the final task.

Rebecca was also more arrogant and rude about her loss than poor Lee, stating that she was better as a businessperson at 23 or 24 than Randal, who already owned a multi-million dollar business, and that she would be even better than him 10 years going-forward. This idiotic point is salient, because it goes to the fact of Rebecca's poor breeding and lack of grace and lack of ability when it comes to analysing the variables that create successful business outcomes. It also highlights Randal's excellence, especially since he was already a business owner when he won the Apprentice. Sean was not.


"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by Wacko Jacko on 06-07-06 at 05:13 PM
I disagree with you big time on that...and we have had arguments about it. Randal did not kill Rebecca on the last task that is for sure. It was fairly close. Also, Donald was so impressed with Rebecca he also REALLY wanted to hire her. he knew Randal was the winner...so he picked Randal initially over her.....but not in my eyes or not in Donalds eyes was this as big of a win as Sean had over Lee.

Posted by singer on 06-08-06 at 08:30 AM
I am referring to where the candidates were (performance-wise and professional training/experience-wise) at the beginning of the final competition.

There is no way that Rebecca's academic, business, and games performance compared remotely to Randal's. Her academic background was not as good as Randal's. Her business experience background was not as good as Randal's. Her performance in the Apprentice game itself was not as good as Randal's. He had to give her a chance at PM, just to create the fiction that she deserved to be in the finals.

This is what I mean about a mismatch.

This is also why I think that ability-wise, the Randal-Rebecca finals pairing was more glaringly uneven. My position has to do with the win-loss records and what candidates achieved as team members leading up to the finals, as well as their academic and professional experiences prior to entering the competition.

Again, I will never believe that Randal willingly gave Rebecca the chance to be project manager. From a game theoretic standpoint, it was against his interests to do so. Such a move made absolutely no sense on the game theoretic chess board.

As far as Lee and Sean are concerned, I think that Lee did in fact step up more times to be project manager, but he also lost more times. So Sean's win record was higher than Lee's statistically. Also, Lee did not participate in 2 tasks. So the final match-up was uneven, but not as uneven as the final match-up between Randal and Rebecca.

Again, my observations go to where the candidates were at the beginning of the final challenge.


"RE: Mismatch..."
Posted by iltarion on 06-09-06 at 02:37 AM
No, speaking prior to the final task, then yes, you are absolutely right. Randall vs. Rebecca WAS the biggest mismatch, which is why Randall could afford to be outplayed in the final task and still win. I am referring to the final task itself. I believe Lee put up the worst final task performance in show history.

"RE: Mismatch..."
Posted by geg6 on 06-09-06 at 08:36 AM
Agreed. It was the most pitiful thing I've ever seen.

Goddess of the Steeler Nation

"RE: Mismatch..."
Posted by singer on 06-12-06 at 09:54 AM
LAST EDITED ON 06-12-06 AT 09:57 AM (EST)

Agree with both of you on the final Sean-Lee butt-whipping.

Also want to remind everyone of the fact that Randal made much more $ than Rebecca in the final task. This is why it is hard for me to accept the idea that Rebecca did better than Randal, since business bottom lines are always numbers-driven, rather than qualitative.


Edited to use nicer language with reference to Lee's hiney-parts.

"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by MsDeeVeeAns on 06-09-06 at 08:47 AM
>I disagree with you big time
>on that...and we have had
>arguments about it. Randal
>did not kill Rebecca on
>the last task that is
>for sure. It was
>fairly close. Also, Donald
>was so impressed with Rebecca
>he also REALLY wanted to
>hire her. he knew
>Randal was the winner...so he
>picked Randal initially over her.....but
>not in my eyes or
>not in Donalds eyes was
>this as big of a
>win as Sean had over

WJ, I have and always will rmain that Rebecca beat Randal hands down. Randall should have been fired on that very stupid thing on a wrong date for an event. Come on it does not get anymore inept than that.I have no doubt TRump did that to annoy Omarosa.

"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by Rothschild on 06-07-06 at 02:53 PM
It's great to see a LEGAL alien find success.
Wonder how many other talented people will be
denied the opportunity because of the selfishness
of those who believe they are above the LAW.

"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by singer on 06-07-06 at 03:26 PM
There are plenty of legal non-aliens who would never be hired by The Donald, based on what we know about the demographics of people in the top levels of his company.

There are at least 5 legal non-aliens who were on the show this season that would have given Sean a run for his money, had it not been for bad luck and other editing shenanigans by the producers of the show.

There are plenty of legal non-aliens who have hiring power in this country and who think they are above the law when they hire non-citizens for slave wages. And plenty of them are real estate moguls. They are the selfish ones, because they insist on trying to step around minimum wage requirements that are set by our national legislature--an ostensibly LEGAL institution.


"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by Deekeryu on 06-07-06 at 03:54 PM
Won't agree with you with Rebecca there Singer. I thought her resume was pretty impressive given her age, was a good leader, and deserved to be in the Finals. Well actually, I prefereed Alla to be there, but Rebecca still earned her place fair. Though in no doubt that Donald wouldn't give the Apprentice to Randall unless he screwed up the final task royally.

As for Lee-Sean:

Lee sucked, his team sucked. Enough said

Sean rocked, his team rocked. Enough said.

Great boardroom battle. It was funny how Donald kept saying no one was helping out with the decision like his son and Ivanka and George.

Glad that Sean gets the girl, and loved how enthusiastic he was throughout this whole process.

"RE: Lee Looks Like an Intern; Sean Looks Like a Winner... "
Posted by iltarion on 06-07-06 at 07:47 PM
Singer, I have to disagree as well about Rebecca. I'm not going to respond to the editing-conspiracy-theory of which I have no insight or opinion. I just know from what was shown that Rebecca was intelligent, accomplished, and well-liked. I had no problem with her being in the final. Randall was clearly the better candidate, however, as he would have been against anyone from that season, and I agree that he was obviously going to be the winner as long as he didn't completely fail in the final task. I do agree as well that Rebecca was somewhat overhyped and didn't deserve to be a second Apprentice that season. Randall chose rightly by refusing her that honor. Rebecca did outperform Randall in that final task, and Trump liked her, which I believe is why he made the offer, but Randall was still the best candidate, of course.