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"Brent Butting in"

Posted by janda3 on 05-30-06 at 06:13 PM
Is it just me, or was anyone else really annoyed by Brent butting himself in every forseeable camera angle when Lee was choosing? He even had the chutzpa to interupt Lenny's confab with Blondy (don't know what her name was). And what's with carrying his coat all over the place? Doesn't the suit have hangers in the closets? Do they have closets? Or was Brent afraid that someone would put a toad or snake in his coat pocket? It was just soooooooooooo annoying! Did he really think he had a chance in being chosen?

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"RE: Brent Butting in"
Posted by Estee on 05-30-06 at 06:28 PM
It's pretty simple. Basically, there is no part of DAW that Brent doesn't understand. Unfortunately, that's all he understands...