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"Ten ways Lee can win."

Posted by Estee on 05-30-06 at 05:58 PM
10. Gee, who knew the first symptom of that incredibly deadly, highly contagious disease was coughing up blood?
9. Friend of uncle's second cousin's cameraman knows someone who assigns the U.S. Open sites.
8. Finale held on British national holiday. Sean fails to attend.
7. Donald's secret jealousy over not getting the first chance to win Tammy comes out in the wash. Also the Boardroom, the private hit contract, and the subsequent trial.
6. Lenny's surplus Red Army mind control device starts working again. (How do you think he made it through that many episodes?)
5. Tarek inducts all of Synergy into Mensa.
4. Special guest task judge: Brent!
3. Lee and Sean share the flight to the New York City finale with Leslie Nielsen. Lee doesn't order the pork.
2. Melania pleads Lee's case with Donald. Since Donald controls the results, Lee wins. The affair starts four days later.

And the number one way Lee can win this season...

1. Surprise! Apprentii!

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"RE: Ten ways Lee can win."
Posted by qwertypie on 05-31-06 at 01:23 AM

Yes It's Vintage Tribephyl!

"RE: Ten ways Lee can win."
Posted by Deekeryu on 05-31-06 at 03:52 PM
Haha, I'm pretty sure also that Trump used the word Apprentii last episode. I had to do a double take. It's a new word now!

Actually, I don't think Lee will completely fail the task. Editing may have made it seem that way as compared to Sean, but perhaps that's just misdirection. I do think Lee still has a big hill to climb though.

"RE: Ten ways Lee can win."
Posted by buckeyegirl on 06-01-06 at 02:09 PM
Can't.stop.laughing. You really are a genius Estee!

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