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"scoring of competition and likely finalists"

Posted by esquire on 06-27-05 at 03:02 PM
Using a little bit of logic and the facts we know about the judges scoring and who the bottom 2 are each week, it looks like to me, that for each of the last 2 weeks, the likely order of popular vote was Kelly, Joey, John and Rachel. If that is true and the vote order remains the same, then:

1) Kelly is going to the finals. The winner of the popular vote in the semi-finals will automatically go the finals.

2) Unless John finishes first among the judges and Joey finishes third, she will be facing Joey in the finals

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"RE: scoring of competition and likely finalists"
Posted by PhoenixMons on 06-27-05 at 04:19 PM
I'd say it's up in the air at this point - I think the people who were voting for Rachel might have also ben voting for John (and vice versa) so will Rachel out, it'll be interesting to see what happens.

I'd say Kelly is the most assured in the finals since she probably isn't sharing votes with anyone else. I'd say that the other spot will depend upon the performance this week. The audience seems to be pretty good in determining the better performances on the men's side...

I'd say last week was a toss-up (Joey was better in the Samba, John better in the Waltz) , so it'll probably depend on the judges' scores this week and who gets Rachel's votes.

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