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"Meeting Boy Meets boy ex-mates"

Posted by jeffred on 08-27-03 at 01:29 AM
Okay, so tonight I had the distict pleasure of meeting both Chris and Jason. It was at a showing of Boy Meets Boy at a local bar here in San Diego. I have to say that I was pleasently surprise at how NICE, Polite, genuine guys, and down-right sexy both of these guys were. While I wasn't initally attracted to them, on the show, tonight definitely changed my opinion. I think they enjoyed their exposure on the show, even though they didn't get enough time. I think they've both got plenty of time to meet the love of their lives. James' loss.

The crowd was really into the show, I know for sure that none of them were offended that one of the guys might be straight. While I couldn't hear much of the show over the crowd, I'm glad I taped the episode for later viewing.

I still love Andra over all, that girl deserve a medal for putting up with those producers. We should all send a little love her way, I'm sure none of us hold anything against her, we all love her!!!!

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