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"This show is great!"

Posted by ttnoodle on 07-25-07 at 10:30 AM
I think this show may have something and I say it's about time. I am so tired of double standards. Look at some of the couples that the male is younger. They have been together for sometime.

Goldie Hawn, 56, has happily cohabited with Kurt Russell, half a decade her junior, for 19 years. Geena Davis, 46, is wed to 31-year-old surgeon Reza Jarrahy. Julianne Moore, 41, has settled down with director Bart Freundlich, 32. Even Madonna, 44, married 34-year-old director Guy Ritchie.Tim Robbins & Susan Sarandon and new couple Ashton and Demi.
Back in the 1970s Burt Reynolds, then a major sex symbol, had a four-year romance with singer and TV-show host Dinah Shore, who was 20 years older. Heartthrob John Travolta, then 22, similarly raised eyebrows when he proclaimed his love for actress Diana Hyland, 18 years his senior.
Forever men have always had younger women and no one says anything.
In fact the wives of these men have been dumped for younger women.
Geriatric men like Michael Douglas and Harrison Ford ,Donald Trump, Larry King. They look good on screen but their no spring chickens. No one thinks to says anything about a 70 year old man being with Catherine Zeta-Jones who is 37. You don't hear things like how can she be with that old geezer. Why would a young woman pick an old man. Money, security, big life insurance policy.
Remember that Tony Randal was married to a 20 something girl and had two babies with him. He was almost 80 and now he is dead and she is rich.
I think men may want the same things a woman does. Money security and someone to love them and an older woman has experence.
I say give the young girls all the old geezers and a lifetime supply of viagra.

It has been proven that women live longer then men. An average of 10yrs or more. So really they are closer then you may think. So instead of leaving a widow behind you can croke together. Lets face it now days women take care of their skin and look great. Hay and what's a little botox among friends.
I don't think many men would turn Christy Brinkly away or Cindy Crawford. Lets get into senior women Cher, Goldie Hawn they look wonderful. Maybe so many young hot babes are settling for older men for the security.
Life insurance and worldly goods can make the viagra worth it. Let them deal with their poo poo undies.
After their old man is pushing up daisies she still has enough of her good looks to have fun, More then likely they will go after another geezer.

I have been married to a man 10 years younger then I. This is the best relationship I have ever had. We were married when I turned 39 he was 29.
I had been married before and he had not. I am also proud to say we have two beautiful children that we needed no help to conceive. I had a daughter when I was 40 and my son was born when I was 46. Both healthy and happy.
We have been married almost 9 years. It just keeps getting better.

I hope Mark picks an older woman in fact he seems to have the most chemistry with the oldest lady. I say let the younger gals have our older left overs and the hot water bottle the poo poo undies and viagra.

This is a great read! http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/names/celebrity/older-women-younger-men-nov02

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"RE: This show is great!"
Posted by Agman2 on 01-27-16 at 01:50 PM
Do you seriously believe all the BS you just wrote??

"RE: This show is great!"
Posted by Agman2 on 01-27-16 at 01:51 PM
And then you only post once?????

"RE: This show is great!"
Posted by Agman2 on 04-07-16 at 10:37 AM
I'm still shocked by that!