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"There's something about Andrea"

Posted by teddymcfreddy on 03-27-06 at 06:14 PM
Am I the only one that thinks she looks/acts like a guy? Don't be hate'n - I'm just making an observation.

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"RE: There's something about Andrea"
Posted by LIVEURBESTLIFE on 03-27-06 at 06:34 PM
She definitely looks like a man in drag...lol.

hehehe..I thought I was the only one who thought that.

She acts kind of weird too.

"RE: There's something about Andrea"
Posted by Estee on 03-27-06 at 08:58 PM
Oh, gawds. A tall woman with a fairly strong personality and direct way of speaking has been accused of possessing a Y chromosome. Would it save everyone a lot of time if I just pulled up all the old threads with the name 'Pamela' in the title and did some bulk editing?

"RE: There's something about Andrea"
Posted by teddymcfreddy on 03-27-06 at 09:11 PM
It might since I have no idea what you are talking about,

"RE: There's something about Andrea"
Posted by Estee on 03-27-06 at 09:35 PM
S'okay: that just means you're new to the show. This was a few seasons back, when we were still doing males vs. females. Shortly after Donald did the division, he told one male to move onto the female team, and one female went to the males. That person would be Project Manager on the task. Pamela, a tall, forceful, outspoken personality, wound up heading the males. The 'anyone check for an Adam's apple?' questions started about five seconds later, and most of that was for typing time. (It didn't help that the first task was for Mattel and Pamela did not understand the concept of 'child focus group'. Skill at relations with juniors=zero.) This continued until Pamela was fired, and the theme never varied much.

In fact, it happens pretty much every time a forceful, outspoken woman makes it onto a really show. 'Tall' is optional, but helpful.

So for those of us who've watched a bit more of the run, deja vu all over again...

"RE: There's something about Andrea"
Posted by teddymcfreddy on 03-27-06 at 10:02 PM
Gotcha. What I meant about Andrea doesn't have to do with what she says or how she says it. It's more the way she carries herself, almost as though she's been coached on how to be female. Maybe it's because she is tall that she tries harder to be feminine. As I said, just an observation.

"Agree, totally, Estee..."
Posted by singer on 03-28-06 at 09:11 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-28-06 AT 09:20 AM (EST)

The subtext, at least for me, is that a woman with the same qualities that would possibly be lauded in a man must be gay.

I have to admit that I don't like Andrea's personality, but I wouldn't like the same traits in a man. I think she treated Brent horribly. That being said, she is apparently v. analytical and concise. That doesn't necessarily mean that she is a guy or a guy wannabe or even gay.

Oh, and this whole thing reminds me yet again of how Mark Burnett negatively edits by stereotype or perceived stereotype. He uses race, gender, body size, perceived sexual preference, anything at all, to create negative images of perceived "types" of people that he wants to portray on the show. I don't like this editing approach at all, and that's why I complain about it so much.

There had to be more to Brent than we saw on the show--both good and bad. The same must be true of Andrea. And Lenny. And last night's firee. Even Tarek can't be as bad as The Donald is trying to make him. I just think that "bashing the smart guy" is this season's "flavour of the week." This editing approach is what is ruining the show, not the candidates. At least that's my opinion.


"RE: Agree, totally, Estee..."
Posted by LIVEURBESTLIFE on 03-28-06 at 12:37 PM
For me it is not editing or her personality traits. She really resembles a man in drag to me. Now of course she may just be an unattractive woman (unattractive in my opionion) and that is fine but she looks very manly to me. And her mannerisms seem stiff like she is uncomfortable with herself. They are not natural. She is weird imo.

"RE: Agree, totally, Estee..."
Posted by sassynaye23072004 on 03-29-06 at 07:29 PM
She is an unattractive person whether be it man or woman. She's not only unattractive on the outside. She's fake an phony on the inside. Do you remember a few weeks ago when Brent came back from the board room and she went into the bathroom as if she was throwing up...all because he came back. Please!!! Then in last weeks board room she got an attitude with Roxanne because she said Tammy was the best PM they've had so far. So what, Roxanne is intitled to her opinion.

Was it just me or did it seem that she was very negative on the task w/Roxanne as PM and at times appeared to be unminding her. When Roxanne's back was turned she was telling the director to do the exact opposite of what Roxanne told them to do...I can't wait for her to be fired.

"RE: Agree, totally, Estee..."
Posted by LIVEURBESTLIFE on 03-30-06 at 12:04 PM

It wasn't just you she was trying to undermine Roxanne. She was mad because Roxanne said Tammy was the best PM they have had so far. She didn't like the fact that Roxanne stated that Tammy made people want to go the extra mile and of course she took it personally.

She also had some negative comments about Roxannes management of the task. I don't think she would have been so negative if she wasn't already mad at her. Petty and immature not very good traits for an Apprentice to have.

Her firing can't come quick enough for me. I really don't see her lasting.

"RE: Agree, totally, Estee..."
Posted by LisaPles on 03-30-06 at 09:11 AM
>For me it is not editing
>or her personality traits. She
>really resembles a man in
>drag to me. Now of
>course she may just be
>an unattractive woman (unattractive in
>my opionion) and that is
>fine but she looks very
>manly to me. And her
>mannerisms seem stiff like she
>is uncomfortable with herself. They
>are not natural. She is
>weird imo.

I totally agree! I can't stand her personality. She inflates herself and acts like she is in disbelief when someone criticizes her, even if they are kind about it.
Something about her reminds me of a squirrel! I can't wait for her to take her taxi ride!