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"Apprentice Loathe List 5.4: The Great Gravel Chug-Out."

Posted by Estee on 03-21-06 at 08:40 AM
'Cast to be fired.' Also cast to be at the bottom of the list for, well, as long as he lasted. Nice work, Markie-Mark. If you're going to bring the drama, why don't you bring it to a dramatic series? No one's buying Brent as a legitimate contestant. We all know you brought him on to see him go. Just like the vast majority of this group. Stop it.

From least to most loathed:

1. Andrea. Let's just call this the 'Shut up, Brent' position.
2. Bryce. Not a bad idea at all, which makes two decent performances in a row, which means he's doomed. Does realize that everyone else is looking to throw him under the bus the instant anything goes wrong, so gets a bonus bump for perception. Probably in huge trouble next week. Too much camera time, too early...
3. Dan. Nice scarf. Really. It takes a bold man to pull that one off. Not sure how it'll go with Donald's tie, but still: nice scarf.
4. Tammy. 'Shut up, Brent' part two, but that's really all that's placing her here. Didn't accomplish much of anything, and having one group work on the photos and the other on logos with no contact between them was idiotic. The right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing, and next week, the right hand probably drops to the bottom half of the list.
5. Michael: Did you see the look of absolute panic on his face when he was back in the Boardroom again? Poor, poor Michael. Imagine if he'd actually done something wrong...
6. Charmaine. Gets a bump for winning the task and not driving her team into the dust during a pressure situation, but she's not going any higher this week because it's hard to figure out what she did. As far as PMs go, she seemed less like the take-charge type than the 'Okay, I like that. Go do it while I watch' sort that tends to coast into the final six.
7. NickLeslie: No, really. Who?
8. Lee. Just didn't make much of an impression this week.
9. Tarek. What's your story arc? Redemption edits are few and far between in this genre, but it almost feels like you're on the receiving end of that rarest portrayal. The problem is that in order for it to work, you pretty much have to win -- and that's pretty much impossible.
10. Roxanne. About your taste in men...
11. Allie. Ibid.
12. Sean. Finally proved there's something his accent can't cover. Not so good at presenting, are we? No, we are not. We can look semi-cute and we can fumble our pages and we can be the meat in a contestant sandwich, but we can't make a speech in front of executives worth a ha'penny. Twit.
13. Lenny. You just knew he'd be an autocondimentor, didn't you? There's never so many chefs that Lenny can't drop by to add more pepper. Or vodka. Lots and lots of vodka. Note to Lenny: when you see the stereotype looming, the wise thing to do is walking away. However, getting you and 'wise' in the same concept is going to be a problem.

Fired: Brent. There's delusional, and there's bitter, and there's raw steaming hatred seeping from every pore, and then there's seeing them all staining the back seat of a taxi at the same time. I could feel sorry for you, I really could. You never should have been on this show. But you took your chance and gave Markie-Mark exactly what he wanted. It's not a forgivable crime. See you at the reunion show. I'm sure you'll be easy to spot, because no one else will have a gag in their mouth.

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"RE: Apprentice Loathe List 5.4: The Great Gravel Chug-Out."
Posted by jackandjill on 03-21-06 at 11:42 AM
There's not enough Lysol in the world to decontaminate my cab. Maybe Trump will buy me a new one?

"RE: Apprentice Loathe List 5.4: The Great Gravel Chug-Out."
Posted by buckeyegirl on 03-22-06 at 08:52 AM
Jack and Jill-Please keep all Be the Apprentice like comments in that thread. I know I was late starting it, but please wait for it to be started before starting posting.

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