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"New Season"

Posted by ctabor2 on 02-28-06 at 11:23 AM
The new season has shown how pourly Trump and his two board room brown nosers do not gather the proper information before they bring in the team that lost. It also shows that non of them ever really worked in the food industry! I have been in the industry for more than 15 years and if Trump himself called me during the dinner rush I would tell him to F$%#$% off! Now the next brain fart is bring in his daughter! Give me a freaking break. Sure lets have a person that probally never worked a day of her life and has no idea what it is like to go with out. Do not forget Trump almost went brankraupt if it was not for a bank that gave him "only 1 million per month"! I might be the only person that feels this way but screw the rich and their freaking spoiled rich fing brats and its time for a real show and not this tras they call a "show".

If I would ever meet Donald Trump all I would have to say to him and people like him is screw you and your money. It is easy to who he is when he is rich and shows how pourly he thinks of us graunts while takes a dump on us without a care. I would like to see him go though like what I have been and then see if he would still have his empire. Not like people like him care about the peole like me that was abused for 13 years and sexualy abused. I could go on forever on how I hate the rich and how it most be nice to have money when you are born into money, but for us magots the rich steps on is another story!!! SCREW YOU TRUMP AND EVERY FREAKING RICH SCUM BAG ALIVE!

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