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"Bonnie's Chat Transcript"

Posted by dreamerbeliever on 03-31-04 at 05:19 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-31-04 AT 05:26 PM (EST)

MMHBonnie: Before we start, I want to thank everyone who wrote in after last week's show. Your messages meant a lot to me. I'm ready to take your questions now.

ChatMod: Bonnie, you cemented your roll as my favorite guest when you made your defiant 'Goddess' comment. I was wondering if you felt if, like the Alts believed, that you had gotten enough out of the experiences and how has that translated in your everyday life.
MMHBonnie: I know all of the Alts were delighte with my win of that contest. And I do know that after that, they all commented that I'd growm a tremendous amount. Truthfully, I did feel myself burst beyond some barrors that I've had insidd and I"m still feeling that today.

ChatMod: What was your first reaction when you saw the alts?
MMHBonnie: You may not believe this, but I was delighted. I've always been fascinated with VAmpires, Witches and every other individual that populates fantasy and Science Fiction.

ChatMod: Bonnie, after deciding not to take Avacado's challenge and seeing how things went- do you wish you would have participated?
MMHBonnie: IN hindsight, I wish I'd played the game, but at the time I was concerned about how it would be portrayed. I know now it was entirely innocent.

ChatMod: which Alt do you feel you had the most connection with during your time at the house?
MMHBonnie: I connected to each of them strongly at diffrent times. Fiona and Iya helped me see my potential as a woman. Don and Art were constanly giving me love and affection. Avo was the one who forced me not to think of what other's would think of me. I felt close to all of them.

ChatMod: Fiona made the comment that MMH is more than a game... it is life. Do you agree with her statement based on what you learned while staying in the house?
MMHBonnie: Absolutly, 100% and them some.! The camera only captures a fracture of what went on in the house. WE learned so much from each other and shared so much that it becmoe one of the most powerful experiences I've ever had.

ChatMod: First, let me say that I think you are a wonderful person and you are my favorite of the guests. Next, I would like to ask you how much you feel your experience has impacted your life and how much you think you will pursue and carry with you in the future.
MMHBonnie: First of all, Thank you. It has impacted my life a great deal. I am more open to taking risks, I am more open to other individuals, no matter what they look like and I have friends now that I never thought I'd have and I never intend to loose them either!

ChatMod: What was your favorite experience at your stay at the house, by the way, what did you think about the house?
MMHBonnie: The house was fantastic. It was like living in the Adams Family mansion and I loved it! My favorite experience was a double. It was the godess ritual followed by the voodoo contest. That was the day I brok free from anything that was holding me back. Also, during the godess ceremony, Fiona had honored me as great godess and wise crone and made me feel fantastic about being a woman and being a 50 year old woman.

ChatMod: Do we see what really went on and a true represntation of the Alts and Guests? Or is there a lot of creative editing going on? Kelly came off in a harsh light- is she really that caustic?
MMHBonnie: It is a mix of getting a good sense of what the house was like and creative editing. Kelly certainly did the things you saw. But she's not a bad person either. Tim actually had a very sweet side. He made breakfast for all of us, gave the girls little gifts, but you never saw that.

ChatMod: how long were you in the house?
MMHBonnie: 10 or 11 days.

ChatMod: What was going through your head as you were leaving?
MMHBonnie: Shock certainly! But, I was very much feeling the love and affection and respect of everyone in the house. I also felt strangely happy. Fiona had even sung a song over me before I left. Don had given me a personal gift.

ChatMod: Being a woman over 50, did you ever feel out of place within a group of younger competitors? You seem like you'd do great in any situation
MMHBonnie: The first couple of days I felt very out of place. Like I'd been thrown into the middle of a fraternaty party. But then, as we shared the experience together, age disappeared entirely and I became best friends with almost eveyone in the house.

ChatMod: Bonnie, hello from Florida! What did your kids/family/friends think of your being on MMH?
MMHBonnie: My kids loved every second of it! Everytime I come home, one of them says "It's the TV star"! Most of my friends thought it was terrific. Only a few thought I was crazy.

ChatMod: Did you like it when pizza was brought out when you were in the cage?
MMHBonnie: It didn't bother me at all Donnie!!!

ChatMod: Can you tell us about the gifts that you received? i.e. the flute from Iya Ta'Shia and the gift you mentioned from Don?
MMHBonnie: The gift from Iya Ta'Shia was an African flute. I was touched because it was the first time a gift had been given to anyone that was leaving. The gift from Don was a peice of jewelry. He said it was a keepsake, not a gift because a keepsake meant we'd see each other again.

ChatMod: Did you feel that you were kind of the mother in a way over the rest of the guests?
MMHBonnie: Certainly at the beginning I did. Several of the guests put me in that role pretty quickly. But after a few days we were all just friends.

ChatMod: What was your reaction to Noel and Avacado's "wake-up call"?
MMHBonnie: I wondered who these naked people were in my room, then I just started laughing. I thought we'd been invaded. Hello Don!! I see you out there and I love you!

ChatMod: How was your date/ dinner with Eric, when you guys picked cards?
MMHBonnie: We had a great time. I would have gone out with him for real because he was so much fun to be with. At the dinner that night I actually chose him when Avocado asked who we'd choose. I said we'd go to an amusement park.

ChatMod: Bonnie how did you hear about the auditions for MMH?
MMHBonnie: It was an accident. I saw the notice in the paper one day and called in for my 19 year old son. He was too young, so they asked me if I was interested. I thought, what the hell?! What better way to turn 50!

ChatMod: What were your feelings about the other guests conspiring against Nichole?
MMHBonnie: I didn't konw it was going on.

ChatMod: Bonnie, several people are asking if you'll marry them
MMHBonnie: Nichole and I actually had a very good relationship. HAHAHA. I'll have to ask my husband!

ChatMod: what was going through your head when avacado explained the matching nature game?
MMHBonnie: Should I do it? Shoulnd't I do it? But I want all of you to know that I had no problem with the nudity. In fact, I sunbathed next to Avo and Art when they were nude. And shared a jacuzzi with Avo when didn't bother with a suit.

ChatMod: Bonnie, I'd like to give a warm southern Hello from Louisiana! I wanted to know if you would tell us what all you and the rest of the people in the house ate the night you had a RAW meal.
MMHBonnie: We concocted the mother of all salads. Avo put together one of the most delicious salad dressings I've ever had. but I was still glad when midnight came and I could have a sandwich.

ChatMod: Did you ever stay up with Don and if so what did you do all night?
MMHBonnie: Yes, the day before the nature hike. I stayed up by the pool talking with him until 3 or 4 in the morning. He told me about himself, the Vampire community and many other things that he was interested in. He taught me how to see the ether and talked about how he could leave his body at night.

ChatMod: Bonnie, what is your most memorable experience from MMH? Is there a specific event that you hold near and dear to your heart?
MMHBonnie: Being covered with animal intestines and being able to laugh. Seriously, winning that competition was the biggest high I've ever had.

ChatMod: Bonnie, did you ever meditate alot with either Fiona or Art more often than the other?
MMHBonnie: Actuyally, what I did was yoga for an hour or two every day. The person who really helped me look inside myself was Iya Ta'Shia.

ChatMod: What did you guys do for recreation in the house when cameras weren't filming?
MMHBonnie: There was no TV, radio, books, music, magazines. So we talked, played cards and played endless rounds of UNO. Eric Noel and I also played a lot of Mancala.

ChatMod: How did the white clay feel, at the goddess ritual?
MMHBonnie: It was warm and smooth. The ceremony itself was lovely.

ChatMod: What do you thikn about the Aliance Eric if forming?
MMHBonnie: It was much more spiritual than it was protrayed on TV. I was surprised because I didn't know it was going on. Yet, not surprised, because I know there were some issues between him a couple of the other people.

ChatMod: Did you ever get a chance to talk to the alts about why they chose their lifestyles?
MMHBonnie: For the most part, relationships in the house were extremly warm and affectionate. There were exceptions of course. Yes, I did. Iya Ta'Shia began following it as a way to reconnect with her heritage. Fiona had tried many spiritual paths, and found this one made her happiest. Art is a cancer survivor and now celebrates his body. Don is what Don is. Avo is into all things healthy and natural.

ChatMod: Bonnie, I am dying to know if you are thinking of getting a tat or piercing.
MMHBonnie: Ha, Ha. I did consider a tatoo Fiona designed one for me that represents the 3 stages of woman. It's the rising moon, the waning moon and the full moon.

ChatMod: Did you ever think at any point that maybe the Alts are well-paid actors like eric and noel said in the first episode?
MMHBonnie: Early on , that was my fear. It soon became clear they were exactly whom they appeared to be. Ironically, Don once told me he was afraid we guests were actors!

ChatMod: Bonnie, First of all. I Love Don. Second, What was it like to get to know and interact with him?
MMHBonnie: Probably not what you'd expect. He is a tremendous amount of fun and a sweet, sweet person. Sorry if I'm ruining your image Don!

ChatMod: During the scroll burning ceremony, what was on your scroll?
MMHBonnie: It had to do with some frustrations I was having with my career. Not nearly as interesting as what the other's had to say.

ChatMod: Would you ever do reality tv again?
MMHBonnie: Yes. Probably as soon as they could put me on a plane. I had a great time.

ChatMod: Bonnie, How do you feel about viewers of the show imitating the Alts?
MMHBonnie: I think they need to be very careful. The Alts are very intelligent people who've made very careful choices concerning their lives. These choices aren't something to be made on a whim.

ChatMod: Blessings to you bonnie! I wanted to know what kind of yoga you performed
MMHBonnie: YOu'd have to ask Avo, I don't remember the name, but I do now know the sun salutaion.

ChatMod: Bonnie, did the mixed gender Alt-Guest roommate assignments ever become awkward for anybody in the house?
MMHBonnie: I don't think so. The Alts I roomed with always showed me the greatest concern and respect. When I roomed with Art, he could not have been kinder or sweeter, or more thoughtful, which is how he is in every situation.

ChatMod: Bonnie, what was Fiona's ball pythons name?
MMHBonnie: Oscar.

ChatMod: Hi Bonnie-- greetings from Arizona: I am wiccan and LOVE to teach what i know - did Fiona offer to teach any of the guests her beliefs?
MMHBonnie: I was the first guest he allowed to hold him. Later on, I also adopted a mouse that Oscar refused to eat. All of the Alts taught us as much as we were willing to learn about their beliefs. Fiona gifted me with a long talk about her beliefs. They also asked about our beliefs. Iya Ta;Shia and I spoke a long time about my Judaism and we found that our beliefs had much in common. We had a great deal of respect for each other. Iya also encouraged me to follow through on what she called my gift and thanks to her I've returned to work on a young adult novel that Iv'e been nursing along for quite some time.

ChatMod: From the people of Illinois, hello, do you have any advice you would like to give to future guests?
MMHBonnie: Be open to the experience and enjoy every second. Also, be true to yourself. You can be who you are and still have a great time.

ChatMod: Goddess Bonnie.... would you consider yourself a more "open minded" person having been on the show?
MMHBonnie: I always have felt I was open minded, but now I think I was 5x's more. Now I feel a rush of affection when I see someone with tatoos.

ChatMod: Bonnie... Last question... Obviously we're entertained by MMH...Do you think those of us watching will learn something from the show?
MMHBonnie: I certainly hope everyone learns to never judge anyone except through their actions and by the way they treat others. You should never be afraid to share the joy of someone elses beliefs. Thank you all for all the affection you've shown me. I had a great time tonight.

ChatMod: Our hour is about up. Thanks Bonnie for chatting. Remember everybody -- tomorrow evening at 9PM ET we'll be chatting with MMH Alt "Avacado." Good night. Night Night Bonnie! Thanks

*** I did do a little "cleaning up" of this chat transcript. I tried to make it a little bit easier to read and flow. The chat transcript can be found in its original format at http://www.scifi.com/madmadhouse along with many other chats from the alts and eliminated contestants. It's so nice to have the SCIFI channel getting behind this new reality show 110%

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"RE: Bonnie's Chat Transcript"
Posted by SilverStar on 03-31-04 at 05:34 PM
Thanks for posting this Dreamer! It's too bad we don't get to see the Don that Bonnie is talking about and obviously has so much affection for! I would love to see that side of him.

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"RE: Bonnie's Chat Transcript"
Posted by Swami on 03-31-04 at 05:44 PM
Thanks for posting this, dreamerbeliever. I've read the chats over at scifi.com and considered posting them here, but it always seemed like too much work to clean them up. I hate the way they present their chats!

Bonnie is such a neat person and was such a good contestant--I wish she could have won!

"RE: Bonnie's Chat Transcript"
Posted by AugustGirl on 04-01-04 at 06:51 PM
Thanks for posting this dreamerbeliever. It confirms for me that Bonnie is a wonderful person. I too would like to see more of Don's fun side.

a JSlice original. isn't she something?

"RE: Bonnie's Chat Transcript"
Posted by Silverado on 04-20-04 at 01:43 PM
I missed that transcript. I like her all the more. I am surprised that she was only there for 10-11 days! Wow, that changes my percpetion like crazy