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"Get over it Rebecca supporters"

Posted by savemeLord on 12-22-05 at 04:08 PM
Randall IS "The Apprentice". If anyone should be blamed for last Thursday's shanigan, it would have to be Mr. Trump. He should have NEVER placed Randall under the radar with that idiotic request to hire Rebecca. Just as he says, "you're fired", he could have said, "you're both hired." I truly believe that contrary to Mr. Trump's statement on Larry King, regarding his "last minute" decision to offer Rebecca the job along with Randall, I honestly feel it was contrived from the moment he felt that Rebecca would be and additional asset to his project(s).

Mr. Trump is brilliant, has integrity and has worked hard to his credit. I think Rebecca's LOYALTY found it's way to his compassionate soul, yet he didn't have the guts to offer the job to her from his own mouth. He worried about what African-Americans would feel, "When a Black person wins, we must share with someone else." Mr. Trump is very much PUBLIC RELATIONS whether or not we believe it. I believe he was concerned with how he would be viewed if he offered the job to both candidates. Therefore, he threw Randall UNDER THE BUS!

Rebecca is sharp! There is absolutely NO QUESTION about her winning attributes. Rebecca, however, did not shine until most of the candidates were let go. It took her forever and a day to become a Project Manager ,and RANDALL made sure that she had the ardent support to win.

If you remember a few weeks ago, REBECCA STABBED RANDALL IN THE BOARDROOM AND DISCREDITED HIM. He seemed hurt, yet held his tongue. Loyalty ended there, and Rebecca saw and felt the ghost of it as she was NOT HIRED IN THE FINALE.

No, Randall didn't PAY HER BACK. "Karma" did. I'm a Christian, so I'll go by the Scripture which reminds us that"...you reap what you sow."

Congratulations to Randall. He had no need to "worry" about the potential for her to outshine him. God is on his side and He's more than anything that is AGAINST Randall.

Merry Christmas and be open to Him!

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"RE: Get over it Rebecca supporters"
Posted by Phat Girl Slim on 12-27-05 at 11:36 AM
Well said. Thank you!!!

"Duplicate topic"
Posted by IceCat on 12-28-05 at 01:32 AM