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"Bachelor Ben episode 3"

Posted by Round Robin on 01-16-12 at 04:48 PM
Won't see the show tonight, but I'm instigating the thread for you guys to spill the beans as soon as they show it. Use this like an East Coast thread for any of the other shows. I'll catch the show On Demand when they put it up here. Hoping I'll have some posts to read later tonight.

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"RE: Bachelor Ben episode 3"
Posted by Round Robin on 01-17-12 at 04:07 AM
I unexpectedly got to watch the show after all tonight, and it still amazes me the lengths to which ABC will go and the depths to which they will stoop to get ratings. Did they REALLY need to have two scared-$hitless people climb up the GD Bay Bridge? And did they REALLY need to bring back one of Brad's rejects and pi$$ everybody off in the process? I'm sure they wanted Ben to keep Shawntel to get more good ratings next week, but I'm also quite sure that A) they would have had multiple quits and therefore a ruined season had he kept her and therefore they had to drop the idea, and B ) if they had insisted, Ben would have told them to f--- off for fear his favorite would be one of the ones who would quit. Do they really need all the drama this bad to keep ratings up? Has the Bachelor franchise jumped the shark?

"RE: Bachelor Ben episode 3"
Posted by mrc on 01-17-12 at 09:51 AM
1. I liked Shawntel on Brad's season, but apparently she's a DAW like everyone else tied to this franchise.

2. Courtney has a weird mouth.

3. I like Emily.

4. Where were Blakeley's boobs last night?

A Slice of Manga

"RE: Bachelor Ben episode 3"
Posted by samboohoo on 01-17-12 at 10:16 AM
1. Agree.

2. Agree. There is something very strange looking about her. She looks really hot on the cover of Fitness magazine. She needs that editing IRL. There are glimpses of her from the side, unmade up, and she has an odd look to her. Almost a dirty look or a manly look or a dirty, manly look.

3. She's okay. She looks fun. Not sure they are a match.

4. Less is more.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Bachelor Ben episode 3"
Posted by samboohoo on 01-17-12 at 10:13 AM
After last night, I wonder if this season will be nominated for Best Comedy.

My, my, my. Where to even start.

Date with Emily: No way I would have or could have done that, so props to them both for doing it. I would have panicked, and it wouldn't have been pretty. She seems to be a fun girl.

Group Date: That looked like a lot of fun! I would have loved it. And I loved all of the expressions on the faces of the locals.

There was one thing in there that was interesting. I wonder what happened between Monica and Blakely. Night 1, Monica is all over Blakely. Then in the car last night when Blakely's picture was up, Monica said something to the effect that she'd rather not look at her?

The Brittney thing was odd from the beginning. The whole Grandma thing. I don't know that she and Ben ever had any kind of connection or attraction, and I wondered why he was asking her on a one-on-one until he kind of explained that it was to give her a chance. I think she would have been sent home had she not opted out.

Lindzy gets the leftover date. Looked like a fun date. There is something odd about her to me. Not sure. She looks a little like Tenley from Jake's season, but she's always got that goofy look on her face kind of like Ryan from last year. Oh, and I'm glad Lindzy knew who that singer was because I sure didn't.

Shawntel. WTF. Apparently from spoilers, Ben and Shawntel have talked before and may have even gone out once or twice. That whole thing was completely out of left field. She's going to just drive to San Fran to try to join the show? And there was never any explanation given to the girls that they knew each other at all. Just bizarre. I wish he had kept her just to see some of the others leave.

Shawntel seemed much more put together during Brad's season. Last night she seemed to be just another nutty chick. Really, she would have fit right in this year.

Glad Jaclyn is gone. I had to LOL at her calling Shawntel unattractive, as I think Jaclyn was one of the most unattractive girls there.

Loved the outtakes of Erika showing Ben her inner-lip tat. Ewwww. I think we know why she's gone.

I still like Kacie B.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Bachelor Ben episode 3"
Posted by Round Robin on 01-17-12 at 11:53 AM
The trouble with keeping Shawntel is that I think there was a real risk the number of quits would have been so large that they would have lost the season at that point. And from Ben's POV, there was also a real risk that the girl he was most interested would have been one of the quits. Shawntel and Chris and the producers should have all known her late entry would go over like a f@rt in church with everybody who started from the beginning, and they should never have tried such a thing.

"The first rule of Bachelor twists."
Posted by Estee on 01-17-12 at 12:34 PM
'All this could have been avoided if anyone involved had the self-awareness of your average radish.'

"RE: Bachelor Ben episode 3"
Posted by Ants on 01-17-12 at 12:42 PM
I was going to keep you abreast of the action last night, but I couldn't log on for some reason.

Shawntel? I wish Courtney had refused the rose. She's not very good looking, but she thinks she is and she's also nasty. To be fair, I'm not certain that she's not an ABC plant, though (like Michelle Money was).

Jaclyn just isn't very good looking. I like Emily, but the other girls just went nuts over Shawntel's return. Bad girls being bad girls. I would have done Emily's date back in the day (25 years ago). The view must've been spectacular.

"RE: Bachelor Ben episode 3"
Posted by Round Robin on 01-17-12 at 04:33 PM
I don't know if Courtney is an ABC plant, but she has dated showbiz type people before. IIRC, I have read that at least one of Courtney's old boyfriends is dating/has dated one of Ben's old girlfriends. Many of these people already know each other before they even get cast together, and I have read suggestions that Ben already knew both Courtney and Shawntel before this series ever started. There is no doubt in my mind that ABC's concern, first, last and always, is ratings, and fairness to the cast be damned, and I'm quite sure their casting is done with ratings and the drama needed to produce them in mind.

"RE: Bachelor Ben episode 3"
Posted by Ants on 01-17-12 at 08:36 PM
Both Ben and Shawntel did say that they met at least a few times before Ben's season. She says that they developed feelings for each other and she decided to pursue those feelings, so Chris invited her to be on Ben's season. They knew it'd stir up drama and they were right.

"RE: Bachelor Ben episode 3"
Posted by JoeGazillionaire on 01-17-12 at 11:30 PM
How do you guys watch these episodes so fast? They're like 2 hour blocks... I barely got through the first one and first 30 minutes of the second one... unfortunately, that means I hear spoilers from everyone I know that have seen them and are ahead of me.

I think some of the inexplicable behavior or at least bizarre behavior may have to do more with "ideas" that producers get and then goad the contestants to do. Shawntel doesn't need to go get Ben right in front of the cameras...she can do that at any other time... My suspicions are that she did it because the producers probably have her in mind for future shows....most likely the Bachelorette. I mentioned 6 months ago or some time ago that I thought Emily's weird on camera crying explanation of her breakup seems illogical unless it was to give the audience closure because she had already been considered the bachelorette....and it turns out she is the next bachelorette.

There's a huge disparity between glammed up Courtney and Courtney when she's wiped her makeup off and is doing the confessionals. She should keep that glammed look at all times. When glammed up, she's a knockout as she was the Caesar's palace girl in the commercials. It's obvious that she's here to elevate her career... she's dated Jesse Metcalf and already has the LA scene down...she doesn't need a show to find a guy who lives in Sonoma.

Unfortunately, with Jenna and Britney gone... there leaves very few of the more attractive girls left in the house. The only other girl that I think is cute is Casey.

"RE: Bachelor Ben episode 3"
Posted by Loree on 01-17-12 at 11:40 PM
It says alot about Ben when he judges women by their careers. He was talking to his sister and acting shocked that an accountant, etc. could be attractive. No wonder he hears "model" and thinks Courtney is attractive.

It was convenient that all the girls on the group date just happened to be wearing their bikinis under their clothes.

This show really is a comedy. I was laughing at how ridiculous it was. Women were crying and fainting over Ben. Really? And their nasty side really came out when Shawntal showed up. They called her Brad's leftovers. Then why are they fighting for Ben? He is one of Ashley's leftovers. And she was one of Brad's leftovers too. I hope at least some of them are embarressed when they see themselves on TV. Ben said he did like Shawntal and hoped the other women would be kind to her. But didn't his beloved Courtney call Shawntal out just as Ben was walking her out? Ben is no prize.

I have a feeling Britney's grandma might have been the one that wanted Britney to go on the show. Britney was at least smart enough to get out before she lowered herself with the others in the attack on Shawntal.