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"PR 5, episode 11"

Posted by arkiegrl on 09-24-08 at 10:18 PM
Rock ‘n’ Runway

Just a heads up to everyone… this thread will contain spoiler information for this week’s episode. If you don’t want to know who got auf’d, don’t read any further.

After the recap from last week, Heidi tells the designers they get to repick their models, and brings out the remaining eight models. As the winner, Jerell gets first pick, and he chooses to keep the model he had. Kenley elects to take auf’d Joe’s model. Leanne decides to take Suede’s model, which doesn’t sit well with Suede. Suede makes his choice, and then Korto makes her choice.

To find out their next challenge, the designers report to the work room to meet Tim. This week’s challenge is to design for each other. After each designer learns who his/her client is, Tim announces there is a twist. The look they are to design is to be inspired by a specific musical genre.

The pairings are:
Jerell designing a pop-inspired look for Kenley.
Suede designs a rock’n’roll look for Jerell.
Kenley designs a hip-hop look for Leanne.
Korto is to design a punk look for Suede.
Leanne is to design a country look for Korto.

After one hour of meeting with the clients, they are off to Mood to spend their $150 budget, and then back to the work room to work until 1:00 a.m. The other designers are laughing at Kenley behind her back because of what she thinks hip hop is.

Now, for the runway:
Leanne’s design

Jerell’s design

Kenley’s design

Korto’s design

Suede’s design

Judges comments: Leanne’s design was subtle, needed glamour. Jerell: sexy, but not vulgar. Kenley: most unflattering pants they’ve seen. Korto: right on the money. Suede: vest is cool, but pants are “expected”.

The winner is… Korto. Jerell, who was hoping for 3 wins in a row, had to settle for leaving the runway in second place. Leanne is also safe.

Kenley is in, so Suede is out.

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"RE: PR 5, episode 11"
Posted by Fishercat on 09-24-08 at 10:48 PM
Let's see

Model Selection: WOW! Maybe Leanne is as cut-throat as some suggest. She gave up Karalyn for Tia (a lateral move for her, but a HUGE hit for Suede who hasn't done anything worthwhile for anyone else), causing her to get eliminated. Kenley swapping out was no surprise, but man, that's a stunner with Leanne. I want to see Kara's blog. Strategically though...that was the right move for her.

The Challenge: As awesome as the challenge is (this is so much better than the last makeover challenge), it was at the wrong time. There's no excuse to have two straight challenges without the models, and this would have been better suited for, say, a F8 challenge instead of the AG. It allows designers to have the helper to do measurements and basic skills without having to do everything at once. I'm disappointed it was Final 5 and that the models only have one say (next week I'd assume) in a challenge from F6 on.

The Selection: That was probably best case scenario for the producers. Suede had to do menswear, Kenley had to do hip-hop, Korto had to become country, Leanne has to do country, and Jerrel...well, he got lucky.

Confessionals: This was one of the all-time great episodes for confessionals, specifically about Kenley from everyone not named Suede. Leanne's rap may rank as one of the ten best confessionals ever just because it's her rapping (she can pop-and-lock too!), Korto's constant faces and comments about Kenley's hip-hop culture, Jerrel in general.

The Outfits:

Korto: Spot. Freaking. On. Punk could have gone too far or too modest, and she nailed it. Perfect outfit, superb jeans, great top, amazingly done and a well deserved win. To Suede's credit, he rocked it down the runway like no one's business.

Jerrel: He probably had the easiest assignment, but "sexing Kenley up" was probably the most hilarious and best strategy he could have gone for. Pop princess indeed, plus he made it so no wardrobe malfunctions could occur. It made the back sexy and risque while preventing possible disaster.

Leanne: I honestly thought she did her job, though she was lucky to have Korto who sold it with the look and actions on the runway. It looked country, and it fit her really well (honestly, that should put to bed that Leanne can only design for stick figures). If there was a middle group, she'd be it, and she was perhaps the clearest third place possible. I liked it though, she avoided the very dangerous costume land.

Suede: I thought his auf was undeserved, and I kind of liked it. Unoriginal yes, and this may have been a production (can't risk him winning F4) and "career" boot (for many bad pieces in a row), but it fit well, it was "rock" (he was hurt by Jerrel being so far out there to beign with), and I don't think he deserved to go.

Kenley: Speaking of deserved to go. My goodness, that was wretched. It SORT OF reminded me of Fergie in the "My Humps" video in a specific outfit, though Fergie filled her better outfit out a lot better. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Fergie was the inspiration for that. The bad part is, Fergie isn't hip-hop, maybe R&B/Pop hybrid. BEP you could roll into hip-hop, but Fergie wasn't the hip-hop portion of the act. The outfit was atrocious and those jeans may be the "broccolini" of this season, it really was that bad. Mom jeans for a hip-hop artist. And the deflection of blame to Leanne for not working it was completely asinine. She had a tough assignment genre to model wise, and genre wise, but not model wise (Leanne's the closest you're getting to model).

I'm not surprised Kenley is still here, but I am very disappointed. Suede probably should have been gone a while ago, but not this week.

With all that said, I understand why Kenley was saved, and she had a huge uphill battle on this one. While male hip-hop fashion has certainly progressed to a fantastic level (Diddy, LL Cool J are two that come to mind), the fashion of the women of hip-hop is sorely lacking. Missy Elliott was probably the main person I could think of to emulate without looking absurd (Lil Kim, Tweet, etc.). The jeans were torturous, but jeans like them aren't completely unseen in theory.

1. Korto
2. Jerrel
3. Leanne
4. Suede
5. Kenley

"RE: PR 5, episode 11"
Posted by realitytvfan07 on 09-25-08 at 00:21 AM
LAST EDITED ON 09-25-08 AT 00:26 AM (EST)

I think most people think of male fashion when they think of hip hop but there are some very well dressed female hip hop artist Kenley could have emulated and even some R&B artist she could have gotten inspiration from. To name a few: Mary J Blige, Beyonce, Eve, Alliyah, Ashanti, and Keysha Cole.

Kenley probably has no idea who most of the ladies I named are and that is part of her problem. She is so into her own 50's style she is not flexible enough to do anything else or even try to mesh her sense of style with other styles.

IMO, she had one of the easiest styles. Hip hop fashions are everywhere. Michael Kors got it right when he said she needed to think of luxuriousness, in other words, bling, bling. An outfit that screams money money money and has a bad ##### "all that" type of attitude with it.

"RE: PR 5, episode 11"
Posted by Fishercat on 09-25-08 at 00:26 AM
Maybe it's just me, but out of that list, the only real hip-hop artist to me is Eve (who would have be a fantastic template). Beyonce is R&B/Pop, I'd say the rest are close to that R&B aesthetic as well.

I think the judges would have gotten pissy if she went R&B, seeing it as a copout.

Of course, Kenley being stuck in the fifties doesn't help, and what resulted was Alanis' My Humps outfit (hilarious video)

"RE: PR 5, episode 11"
Posted by realitytvfan07 on 09-25-08 at 00:29 AM
LAST EDITED ON 09-25-08 AT 00:54 AM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 09-25-08 AT 00:52 AM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 09-25-08 AT 00:51 AM (EST)

Some of them are R&B BUT like I said she could have used them as inspiration. I don't know what she was thinking with the outfit she made.

And in case you didn't know Mary J Blige is the "Queen of Hip Hop Soul". So yea Kenley would not have gone wrong emulating her. And Ashanti is the "Princess of Hip Hop Soul" another one she could have emulated.

The challenge was about a "style" of dress.

Mary J Blige when she first came out in the 90's was all the way hip hop in her style of dress. So was Alliyah. Like male hip hop artist such as Kayne West and P Diddy there style has changed over time to be more refined and put together but they still have an edge and they still represent hip hop. And Keysha Cole is a younger version of Mary J Blige.

Beyonce is R&B but she is probably the only black musical artist Kenley knows. So she could have used her as inspiration to make a more believable hip hop outfit.

"RE: PR 5, episode 11"
Posted by alexanderrobertson on 09-25-08 at 03:27 AM
Project Runway fans around Cleveland shouted 'wackadoodle!' tonight as Seven Hills' native Suede - a k a Stephen Whitney Baum - was eliminated from Bravo's hit reality series.

In his final challenge, he was assigned to make a rock 'n' roll look for fellow contestant Jerell, which was criticized by the judges for being too safe. Ironically, the look he was sporting, designed by Korto, was deemed the winner of the night.

The Kent State University graduate got as far as the bottom five. Suede won a challenge early in the season that saw his winning dress produced and sold on Bluefly.com, where it sold out quickly. It also won him raves from a stylish guest judge, actress Natalie Portman.

But it was his habit of incessantly referring to himself in the third person that eventually got more attention from the show's fervent fans than his designs. Yet that affectation didn't wholly detract from his polite, Midwestern manner, which kept him removed from the often catty squabbling of the other contestants.

Polite to the end, he thanked the judges for the opportunity for being on the show, and then proclaimed, "Suede is gonna rock it!"

Third-person to the end, too.

It was a tough challenge all around, as not only were the remaining designers asked to create a look for one another, the look had to be in a specific musical genre -- not of their choosing.

So retro-queen Kenley had to come up with a hip-hop look for bookish Leanne, Leanne did a country look for the diva-licious Korto, Korto did Suede's winning punk-rock look and Jerell did a pop look for Kenley.

"RE: PR 5, episode 11"
Posted by realitytvwatcher on 09-25-08 at 09:30 AM
>And in case you didn't know
>Mary J Blige is the
>"Queen of Hip Hop Soul".
>So yea Kenley would not
>have gone wrong emulating her.
>And Ashanti is the "Princess
>of Hip Hop Soul" another
>one she could have emulated.

Wow, I did not know there was such royalty in the Hip Hop world. Gotta love their self proclaimed titles.

I don't care for Kenly's designs but I do think she had a rather difficult genre. Only because I don't think, these days at least, that Hip Hop has a specific fashion style. Those artists seem to be all over the place with what they are wearing. Especially the men, some of them dress like they work at the Gap one day and the next they are loaded with bling and furs. Some of the Hip Hop women dress like pop stars.

With that said though, she still designed a horrible outfit. The pants were hideous and not made well. I think she was only kept because she adds some drama to the show with her meltdowns and her lack of being able to be critiqued.

I'm not a fan of Suede but I think his design last night was good. The judges said the pants were expected - what exactly did they expect him to do for a rock star? If he would have dressed Jarrell up in spandex then it would have been too costumey. Heidi said that Jarrell looked like Jarrell. Is that a bad thing? Is it Suede's fault that his model already dresses in that kind of style? I thought he designed a wearable "rock" outfit that didn't look like he was trying too hard.

Just my opinion.

"RE: PR 5, episode 11"
Posted by aquariaqueen on 09-25-08 at 10:13 AM
ok....let's see.

Why did they choose models when they weren't used? And Leanne taking Suede's model becomes a non-event now.

I am not too sure about the bunching on Korto's backend....unless it was intentional. I was expecting more of a Grand Ole Opry look, this was a more sedate version. But not deserving to be auf'd at all.

I sure would have had a tough time picking between Jerrell and Korto as the winner of this challenge. They were both spot on.
I loved the bleach comments!!!!

I loved how they egged Kenley on about her outfit being hip-hop....too funny. But Kenley has done plenty to ostracize herself. I can actually see the other remaining three still helping each other until the end, but of course, still wanting to win it all.

Is there anything we can do to get Kenley off next week? Can you imagine her arguing with the crowd at Bryant Park? Her attitude, how she holds her mouth is so unattractive. She really needs something tragic in her life to happen to learn to appreciate things. She has a wonderful opportunity, and does she take advice? ummmm NO! There are so many people who would sell their first child for such an opportunity.

Here's for a Leanne, Korto, Jerrell finale'.

JSlice special!!

"RE: PR 5, episode 11"
Posted by anotherkim on 09-25-08 at 11:08 AM
LAST EDITED ON 09-25-08 AT 11:23 AM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 09-25-08 AT 11:19 AM (EST)

This was the first episode that truly made me drop my jaw. HOW ON EARTH DID KENLEY GET SPARED???

Suede--boring outfit. Yes, but it does look like a rock outfit more than a costume. The fit wasn't perfection, but the vest looked really cool in the back, IMO, and it was certainly better fitting than


Holy Mother of God, where on earth did she come up with the idea that high waisted jodphurs with a straining fly were hip hop??? And that jacket? Gah....at least it covered the hideous top. Those pants are the single worst item of clothing that I can remember seeing on PR at this stage of the game. Unbelievable. And the fact that Jerell liked his outfit and LeeAnne clearly hated hers? Why didn't they take that into account? They have before.

I hope Heidi smacks Kenley's whiny arse right off the runway--that's after Tim refuses to give her any critique in the workroom.

If Kenley makes it to Bryant Park instead of Jerell, I will go insane.

Coming back to add comments on the other outfits:

1. Korto---where was the innovation? If they thought Suede's rocker was a snore, her punk outfit was coma-inducing, IMO. "Let's see, hang some chains from a sleeveless tee. No, that's not punk enough. Better make the tee have some claw-markey stripes. Okay. Well, still not really 'punk', so let's make some jeans. Eh. I know, I'll be super innovative and BLEACH the jeans. Wow. Maybe I can trade mark the look....what? Oh, you mean that this has been done for the last thirty years or so? Uh, okay, but I still have chains!" The hair and makeup that she chose for Suede were not in keeping with his look either, IMO. I've seen punk in London and that outfit was not punk.

2. LeeAnne--Speaking of something not being it's genre..ouch. The get up she stuck Korto in was just Bad. Bad, bad, bad. I guess no one has bothered to tell he that gingham is a wee bit dated...and in a neckercheif?? WTF? I did love the top, but it did not read country until you looked at the cut-out in the back. The belt, however, just undid the country efffect and made her look ridiculous. The skirt was nice enough, but it was nothing special, nor was it country in the slightest. I was also suprised to hear the judges praise the fit because there was a bunchy place in the front and when Korto showed the rear view, the skirt was riding up across her booty.

3. Jerrell--this was the winner, IMO. It was nothing breathtakingly innovative, but it conveyed the message of 'pop star' and looked as if it could be worn on stage unlike every other outfit up there. I thought that the use of fishnet was great and while I didn't love the blue jacket, I thought it did give the dress two different looks.

I suppose next week is an evening dress/formal challenge. I'm going to go find the slides from their shows and see if any of them look like dogs.


"RE: PR 5, episode 11"
Posted by aquariaqueen on 09-25-08 at 11:18 AM
>after Tim refuses to give
>her any critique in the

I can't remember the word, but I loved it when he stumped her with an adjective, and she laughed awkwardly!!! I remember sarcastic and fececious...the other I think started with a "p".

Next week's previews shows them all exhausted and crying....this will be interesting.

Posted by nailbone on 09-25-08 at 03:32 PM
LAST EDITED ON 09-25-08 AT 03:32 PM (EST)

I forgot that PR was on last night! I'll have to catch a rerun soon!

But from the pics, Leanne looks GOOD madeover (she herself, not that hideous outfit). And Kenly is smokin' hot!!

"RE: CARP!!!"
Posted by Sunny_Bunny on 09-25-08 at 06:19 PM
Oh yes, her makeover was great. But then she spoke and ruined the illusion. LOL

I came late, so all the good snarking is done. *pout*

I'm with Kim: Jarell should have won last night. Suede looked good, but it was pretty de rigor. Kenley screamed teeny bopper pop star.

Leanne/Koroto's outfit ... wow. Just what I want, a plain tied shirt, a big ole belt to make my waist look big and comes to a point in front to make my hips look bigger. Oh yeah-- throw in a skirt that makes me look like I have a butt the size of Texas. Weeeeeee!!

Suede/Jarell: The outfit wasn't that bad. It was sort of Areosmith meets the Valium Fairy. It needed more umph. Meh.

Kenley/Leanne: Poor little white stuck-in-the-50s Kenley. How can someone who lives in New York not know what Hip hop looks like?! She kept saying that she didn't want Leanne to look foolish - You failed honey.

Suede was close; Kenley missed completely. Suede is annoying with his 3rd person schtick; Kenley fights with the judges, insults Tim, and is in total denial about her lack of fashion sense. She should have gone home last night.

"RE: PR's final 5"
Posted by mindy23 on 09-26-08 at 09:41 AM
Not much to add, except that besides the costume that Kenley designed, that make-over for Leanne was one of the most hideous things I've EVER seen!

She looked like a 12 y/o Elvis immitator, who somehow lost track of what to do with her hair. It was AWFUL, thanks, again, to our fair Kenley.

"RE: CARP!!!"
Posted by Fishercat on 09-26-08 at 05:24 PM
To be fair, Korto does have a butt the size of Texas. I agree with the rest though.

"Official GWDKFBLHG update"
Posted by nailbone on 09-26-08 at 09:48 AM
OK, I finally got to watch via rerun last night.

Kenley looked HOTTT!!!! As much as she annoys, I'm glad that she got to stick around long enough for this challenge, so I could see her in that outfit. Wowsers!!

Now she can go home.

I did feel kinda sorry for her, though. Not only was she completely unfamiliar with what hip-hip is, and how to translate that into fashion, but her model was Leanne. Is there a more white-bread, NOT hip-hop person in that bunch than Leanne? She seemed to at least sorta attempt to try to look hip-hop with her facial expressions and hand gestures, but ended up just looking silly.

She's still my favorite designer though.

"RE: Official GWDKFBLHG update"
Posted by Fishercat on 09-26-08 at 11:51 AM
Kenley could have had to design and outfit of hip-hop for herself, so there is one person whiter than Leanne...not by much though.

Posted by moonbaby on 09-26-08 at 01:00 PM
is next. I cannot believe the attitude on her! I hope she has the sense to be embarrassed when she sees herself acting that way on the replay.

Oh, and Kenley? Lucille Ball called from the great beyond. She wants credit for that whole "I Love Lucy" thing you have going on.

"RE: Kenley"
Posted by arkiegrl on 09-26-08 at 02:11 PM
A co-worker had showed me a site a couple of weeks ago that she found that was predicting the winner. This site (which I don't remember the name of) was predicting this based on the number of searches for each contestant. They predicted Joe as the winner(who was voted off that next night), Suede as second (gone last night), and Kenley for third. So, if the pattern holds, it's bye-bye, Kenley.

*crosses fingers*

"RE: PR 5, episode 11"
Posted by mattben on 09-26-08 at 10:28 PM
1. Jerell/Kenley. Should've won. Teen-hot bubblegum pop star, sexy and safe at the same time. He hit right on every aspect.

2. Koroto/Suede. Well done, but standard issue. Nothing seriously creative, but I liked the steel all around and the bleached jeans. Suede sold it on the runway. Unlike Leanne, who clearly didn't like what she was in.

3. Leanne/Koroto. You're just not ever gonna hide that big caboose. The top and accessories were solid country without being a costume. I think the dress should've been a bit more walkable; she's not gonna wander around the stage in that.

4. Suede/Jerell. Almost the fairy gay-mother rock star. No accessories. Dull. A phone-in job, which contributed to his losing, but not as off-point as Kenley's miss. I can see the producers praying "God, please don't let this guy make it to Bryant Park."

5. Kenley/Leanne. Whatever hip hop fashion is, that wasn't it. Elvis Kim-possible hair and too-tight clothes; how's she gonna move and rap? At least make it loose and overboard with the glitz (she did try some of that overdoneness). She lucked through despite her bad myopic attitude, I think, because the producer/advisors overruled the judges to finally get perennial bottom of the pack lame-o Suede off the runway for once and for all.

"RE: PR 5, episode 11"
Posted by BOYmeetsREALITY on 09-27-08 at 08:53 PM

I really can't believe the kept Kenley over Suede!

Suede may not have gone above and beyond what Rock and Roll is, but He certainly hit it head on!

Kenley's was just plain awful, from design to exectuion.

Truly funny moments from all when talking about Kenley though!

On the other outfits, I thought Korto and Jerrel hit it right on, but REALLY disliked Leanne's version of "country" for Korto. She should have gone with a more "Dolly Parton Country Chic" instead of a "Ponderosa Restaurant Waitress Not-so-Chic" design.

Whatever happens...Please let Kenley go next!

"RE: PR 5, episode 11"
Posted by Silvergirl1 on 09-27-08 at 11:10 PM
LAST EDITED ON 09-27-08 AT 11:14 PM (EST)

I think Jerrell made Kenley look amazing, and really deserved to win this week.

Korto did do a good job on the punk outfit. That heavy denim and chains were probably hard to work with. I liked the bleach pattern on the pants.

Leanne's country look for Korto just didn't do it for me. I thought she needed some sleeves and maybe jeans instead of a skirt. I'm not sure what she was thinking. The skirt accentuated Korto's behind, which is not a good thing when you have a big booty. Jeans would have shown off the cowboy boots much better, too.

I really didn't think Suede deserved to go this time. His outfit was not that bad, and seemed to be well made. I could see Mick Jagger wearing that outfit.

Kenley needs to be put out of there. She can't win this thing with designs like this week. Those high waisted jeans were just awful.

I really loved all of the footwear this week.

~ Silvergirl ~

"RE: PR 5, episode 11"
Posted by toddE on 09-29-08 at 06:33 PM
Will there really only be three this year at Bryant Park?

It is hard for me to see any of them leaving at this point. If they didn't want to have Kenley in the finals, this would have been the week to auf her. Either her or Suede could have gone this week, and Suede would be less likely to come up with something good next week. So Kenley staying actually firms up my theory that she is the villain who will meet her demise in Bryant Park.

Jerrell was the best this week, I agree. Used to hate him, but he's done some good ones lately. Still seems like a likely boot, if they are going with three instead of four.

Leeanne was pretty bad this week. But since she's been so good overall, no chance she was leaving with her dreadful country outfit this week.

Korto deserved her win, I guess. Her and Jerrell both did well.

So final 3 would be Korto, Leeanne and.......got to think it'll be Kenley, except no men in F3 also seems unlikely. We'll see this week.

"RE: PR 5, episode 11"
Posted by BOYmeetsREALITY on 10-05-08 at 01:16 PM
>Will there really only be three
>this year at Bryant Park?

>So Kenley
>staying actually firms up my
>theory that she is the
>villain who will meet her
>demise in Bryant Park.

Your suspicions were correct TODD!

I had been thinking earlier about the possibility of them sending all 4 like they did last year but figured "It's been done" and they'd lop off Kenley for America's collective relief!

Still, I am guessing She will be the one to go when they bring them back to NY next week and that LeeAnn, Jerell, and Korto will be the 3 showing at Bryant Park.

My bet is a final two of Korto and Jerell with Korto winning.

"RE: PR 5, episode 11"
Posted by jbug on 09-30-08 at 11:48 AM
wrong wrong wrong
It was Kenley's time to go.