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Posted by mothercook on 01-25-07 at 10:13 AM
His food is good but if he wins this competion it will just PROVE you have to bean arregont bastard to be a good chef. At least now Sam has the reconicon of being a GREAT chef without all the hoopla of this show and what will be required afterwards. My bet was on Ian and Sam so you go Ian kick Marcel's ****.

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"RE: Marcel"
Posted by Pretty_Kitty on 01-25-07 at 12:01 PM
I am THRILLED that Marcel is in the finals. He put up with a lot of S**t from the others and still managed to focus on the competition. the "adults" acted like fricken bully's on the playground. I still dont understand why everyone raved about Sam. What did he do that was so special? oh right he told us he was the best so it MUST be true. NOT! good riddance Sammy boy!!!!!

Elia its not attractive for a grown woman to be a tattle tale grow up!!!

Even if Marcel doesnt win the whole thing he gets the satisfaction of beating out all the others and thats gotta feel good!!!

Ilan eh I could take him or leave him but I'd much rather he be there than Sam or Elia

"RE: Marcel"
Posted by tac_2 on 01-25-07 at 08:19 PM
Since I'm one doesn't believe the remaining four were Top Chef material, I'm thrilled too, Marcel is in the final.

Ilan vs. Marcel
or is it
Marcel vs. Ilan?

One more round. Maybe we haven't even seen the last of Elia and Sam. In fact, I'll bet we haven't, just based on the drama the producers are creating.

"RE: Marcel"
Posted by pinksparkleguitar on 01-25-07 at 09:42 PM
I absolutely agree that Marcel had to put up with so much crap. I never saw anything that made him look as bad as everybody made him out to be. Even at the end, when it was just him and Ilan, Ilan was the one who said the catty, arrogant, full of himself remark, not Marcel.

I hope he wins. I couldn't believe the crap Ilan and Elia tried to pull, with their lame 'We feel someone does not respect the kitchen....blah blah blah." Talk about trying to save your own a$$.

Tribe rocked me!

"RE: Marcel"
Posted by POETSMOMMY on 01-25-07 at 10:57 PM
I too was thrilled Marcel made the finals...I thought they were all much too hard on him all season...he focused on the cooking which proved to be the most important factor...I was so sick of the whining especially by Betty and Ilan...My 11 year old daughter whines less...

"RE: Marcel"
Posted by villager22 on 01-29-07 at 05:54 AM
Well, add me to the Marcel bandwagon. I am ill that he is up against Ilan though. Whiney, backstabbing little weasel just tossed the equally whiney wacko Elia under the bus. I do think Sam seemed better qualified than Ilan.

I say "seemed" because we all know half the game is in the editing. I kept hearing what a rat Marcel was but they showed him helping people and being nice a number of times. Most of the arguements I saw him in were started by other people.

Betty and Mia were screaming, cursing shrews. Cliff and Frank were order-barking snakes. E&I were two whining idiots who never cooked anything that wasn't what they were used to doing. Her voice drove me nuts and she was definitely crazier than Suyak or whatever her name was that had the first week's meltdown.

And talk about playing it safe. Ilan repeatedly produced Spanish dishes. Well he is a line chef in a Spanish restaurant, big challenge. Elia put together strange combination after strange combination. When questioned or it didn't work, she whined that that was how they put it together in her country. Then she would pout, whine, have another sniveling meltdown and be pissed when someone else won the challenges. She curled her nose at the Velveeta (rightly so) but what was that hideous thing with Oreo cookie crumbs and lemon pudding?

I did think that Sam and Marcel seemed the most innovative and creative in their dishes and both got called to task on it several times. LOL the one time they yelled at M for his foam, I actually thought it was appropriate. He was depicting lust with plump, juicy cherries, a red gelee and a white/pink foam on top. But then again maybe the judges don't have my evil mind.

I am kind of sorry that Sam won the fav though because I voted for Mike. He has a wife and kid and even though he wasn't top chef material, he hung in there and made it a lot of fun while he was there. I figured he earned it in entertainment value alone plus I think he could have used the money more than any of the prima donnas.

And BTW, that was not a "chemical" that M used. It was a powder and I believe it is a vegetable derivitive. Much like using cream of tartar or cornstarch as a thickener. Many newer chefs have been experimenting with a number of food derivitives that do not change the flavor of the foods but add to their stability or form in order to make more pleasing presentations.

"RE: Marcel"
Posted by Snidget on 01-29-07 at 06:17 AM
I just find it funny that food additives used in processed food is now the big thing in high-end chef food.

That sort of stuff has it's uses, but anyone that wants "natural" foods will always see any food additive like that as a "chemical" even if it at some point some part of it was pulled out of a plant.

I wonder what the foodies that turn up their noses at ice cream from the supermarket that uses that gum will think of it in their expensive high end food.

"RE: Marcel"
Posted by villager22 on 01-29-07 at 07:00 AM
"I wonder what the foodies that turn up their noses at ice cream from the supermarket that uses that gum will think of it in their expensive high end food."

You are probably right. Then again the true nut cases like myself will just stay home and churn their own LOL. We got a little bit of snow yesterday. I am waiting for daylight right now so I can go out and feed the animals and also scrape up a bowl of snow. I am going to have a bowl of snow cream before I head to bed

"RE: Marcel"
Posted by tac_2 on 01-29-07 at 11:49 AM
We've seen Marcel packing up his baggies full of little helpers. Wondering, would MSG be something allowed on Top Chef? Also, anyone ever see one of these contracts the contestants sign? That, to me, would be most interesting.

I remain neither for or against Marcel. Same goes for Ilan. Either/or - I'm underwhelmed but I suppose since they have to choose a winner the just desserts should go to Marcel.

Padma: "I have a scratchy hard palette".

yeah me, too, Padma. Only not from the poi but from the chefs who cooked it.

Top Chef this season: Fingernails scratching across chalkboard.