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"Theresa And Tom"

Posted by Seyz on 11-29-01 at 03:52 PM
The more I think about it, the more I think TOM might be the one to switch his vote. Why? Because Tom lets um.. another part of his body does the thinking, while his brain rots.
Think about it, why on earth did he vote for Clarence with Jessie? Because he and Jessie had an alliance? But wasn't he in the LET alliance? Which means he's easily persuaded by women he's attracted to. He would rather vote with Jessie than Lex and Ethan. And I'm beginning to think that he's the outside of the LET alliance.. if he had to ASK for who to vote for. It seems like Lex and Ethan decided b/w themselves to vote for Clarence.
So if Theresa turns up the charm, Tom could defect.. ESP. if Theresa wins the RC and brings Tom or along or vice versa.

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"RE: Theresa And Tom"
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 11-29-01 at 04:02 PM
It's a possibility that Teresa might do something like bring Tom along on a RC trip, but I don't see it. I think Teresa is sophisticated enough (real estate agent, flight attendant) and has a husband, so I can't see herself putting up with Tom's antics long enough when he's got all the subtlety of a rutting moose. I suppose she might do anything out of desperation if she feels the oldBorans are going to pagong off the oldSamburus.

I think this has been touched upon several weeks ago, but it is worth discussing again. My feeling is that Lex-Ethan-Tom were a tight group back then (not so sure about that now) and Lex/Ethan KNEW they had enough to boot Diane and Jessie in the first two episodes and they KNEW that Tom went off on Clarence big time, so why not throw some people off the track by having Tom vote for Clarence? Stack the votes nicely in case it's ever needed (turns out it was never needed).

I believe that Lex or Ethan knew in S2 that Tina succeeded because of an unrevealed alliance with Colby, so they wanted to see if they could start developing such a thing with Tom to hide from the other Borans, see how far that takes them. Of course, MB is hiding a lot of alliance talk amongst the oldBorans so it is difficult to know what's going on and who's really with whom -- but this likely has everything to do with deciding who the final three is or we'd see some sub-alliances by now.

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